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Arnold Horner graduated with first class honours in Natural Sciences (Geography and Geology) from Trinity College Dublin. He was subsequently awarded his Ph.D from Trinity College. In 1971, he transferred to UCD from the University of Liverpool where he had worked as a full-time Tutor in Geography. In UCD he has taught a wide range of course in Geography including economic geography, regional development, and cartography. His current modules relate to population geography, Europe, ideas in Geography, and cartographic ideas. Dr Horner has published widely in Irish and other journals. In recent years, some of his research has focussed on the maps of early nineteenth century Ireland with particular reference to the work of the Bogs Commissioners, road maps, and the county maps of William Larkin.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2008.
Title: UCD Seed Funding
Year: 2003.
Title: UCD Presidents Research Fellowship
Year: 1993.
Title: UCD Presidents Research Fellowship
Year: 1980.
Title: DAAD (German Academic Exchange) Travel Fellowship
Year: 2004.
Title: Heritage Council Publication Grant
Year: 2003.
Title: Heritage Council Publication Grant
Year: 2002.
Title: Heritage Council Publication Grant
Year: 2004.
Title: IRCHSS Small Projects Grant
Year: 1982.
Title: NBST Research Grant
Year: 1980.
Title: NBST Research Grant


Association: The Geographical Association, Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Horner, A.; (2011) Pushing back boundaries in time and space - forty years of settlement study by Rolf (and Magda) Loeber. [Oral Presentation], UCD Print Culture Symposium 5: The new scientists in Ireland - a tribute to the Loebers, Humanities Institute of Ireland, UCD , 18-MAR-11 - 18-MAR-11.
Horner, A.; (2010) In the shadow of the FitzGeralds? The development of Maynooth 1700-1900. [Invited Oral Presentation], Centre for the Study of Historic Irish Houses & Estates Conference on Carton and the FitzGeralds, Carton house, Maynooth, Co. Kildare , 29-AUG-10 - 29-AUG-10.
Arnold Horner with Richard Webb; (2010) Expressions of Edge City? Using Google Earth to explore land use along the M50. [N/A], Conference of Irish Geographers, NUI, Maynooth , 30-APR-10 - 02-MAY-10.
Arnold Horner; (2010) Agricultural Improvement and its landscape implications for County Meath c.1700. [N/A], Agricultural History Society of Ireland Summer Conference, Termonfeckin, County Louth , 18-JUN-10 - 20-JUN-10.
Horner, A.; (2009) Section 17 - Transport. [Invited Oral Presentation], Maps and texts - working with Irish Historic Towns Atlas, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin , 22-MAY-09 - 22-MAY-09.
Arnold Horner; (2008) Time-space implications of rail infrastructure investment in Europe - with particular reference to Iberia. [Oral Presentation], 2008 Annual Meeting Association of American Geographers, Boston, Massachusetts , 15-APR-08 - 19-APR-08.
Arnold Horner; (2008) William Larkin and his mapping of County Meath. [Invited Lecture], Library Week Ireland Co. Meath meeting, Navan, Co. Meath , 06-MAR-08 - 06-MAR-08.
Arnold Horner; (2008) Idir mhuir agus tir - sean mhapai Chosta Uibh Rathaigh - some old maps of the Iveragh coast. [Invited Lecture], Eigse na Brideoige 2008, Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry , 01-FEB-08 - 03-FEB-08.
Arnold Horner; (2007) West Connacht in the eyes of the bogs engineers. [Invited Lecture], Economic and Social History Society of Ireland annual conference 2007, Dublin , 16-NOV-07 - 18-NOV-07.
Arnold Horner; (2007) Teaching third-level Europe in the era of the EU: an inventory and prospect. [Oral Presentation], Conference of Irish Geographers 2007, Dublin , 11-MAY-07 - 13-MAY-07.
Arnold Horner; (2007) Foreshadowing cultural divides in Ireland: nineteenth century mappings of religion and language variations. [Oral Presentation], Conference of Irish Geographers 2007, Dublin , 11-MAY-07 - 13-MAY-07.


Committee : Editorial committee Irish Historic Towns Atlas (since 1981)
Committee : NCCA Course Committees on Geography


Employer: University of Dublin, Trinity College
Position: Research Assistant, Department of Geography
Employer: University of Liverpool
Position: Tutor in Geography
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Assistant Lecturer, department of Geography
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: College Lecturer
Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Statutory/ Senior Lecturer


Year 1968 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: BA Subject:
Year 1975 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: PhD Subject:



Outreach Activities

Geography subject adviser, Teaching Council (formerly Registration Council), since 1999
Liaison, on behalf of the NUI/CHUIG, with the State Examinations Commission in relation to the annual Leaving Certificate examinations in Geography. 

Journals Edited

Imago Mundi: Reviewer.
Irish Geography: Reviewer.
Irish Historical Studies: Reviewer.

Other Activities

Former member UCD Faculty of Arts Schools Liaison Committeee (1982-1987), UCD Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Structures Committee (1987-1992)

Former committee member, Geographical Society of Ireland (President 1986-88); Irish Branch Regional Studies Association; Group for Study of Irish Historic Settlement, National Committee for Geography

Formerly Reviews editor, Irish Geography (1979-2006)

Book reviews (various years)  in Irish Geography, Irish Historical Sudies, Irish Times, Geography, Progress in Geography, Geographical Journal, Annals of Regional Science, Imago Mundi, Journal of the Royal Anthrpological Society, etc. 



Horner, Arnold; (2011) Mapping Sligo in the early nineteenth century with an atlas of William Larkin's map of County Sligo 1819. Bray: Wordwell. Available Online [Details]
Arnold Horner; (2007) Mapping Meath in the early nineteenth century: with an atlas of William Larkin's map of County Meath 1812. Bray: Wordwell Books. [Details]
Arnold Horner; (2006) Mapping Offaly in the early nineteenth century: with an atlas of William Larkin's map of King's County 1809. Bray: Wordwell. [Details]
Arnold Horner; (2004) Wicklow & Dublin Mountains in 1812: Richard Griffith's Map for the Bogs Commissioners. Dublin: Glen Maps. [Details]
Arnold Horner; (2003) Kenmare River in 1812: Alexander Nimmo's Map for the Bogs Commissioners. Dublin: Glen Maps. [Details]
Arnold Horner; (2002) Iveragh in 1811: Alexander Nimmos' Map for the Bogs Commissioners, Map in facsimile. Dublin: Glen Maps. [Details]
Horner, A., Walsh, J.A. & Harrington, V.P.; (1987) Population in Ireland: a census atlas. Dublin: Department of Geography, University College Dublin. [Details]
Horner, A., Walsh J.A. & Williams, J.A.; (1984) Agriculture in Ireland: a census atlas. Dublin: Department of Geography, University College Dublin. [Details]
F.H.A, Aalen, E.A. Colhoun, D.A. Gillmor, A.A. Horner; (1970) County Kildare: A Geographical Background to Planning. Dublin: Department of Geography, Trinity College Dublin. [Details]

Book Chapters

Horner, Arnold and Loeber, Rolf (2015) 'The built environment of late seventeenth century County Meath - as seen through the eyes of the Trustees' surveyors of 1700' In: Crampsie, A, and Ludlow, F (eds). Meath: History and Society. Dublin: Geography Publications. , pp.245-282 [Details]
Horner, Arnold (2014) 'Creating a landscape: Carton and its setting' In: Patrick Cosgrove, Terence Dooley and Karol Mullaney-Dignam (eds). Aspects of Irish Aristocratic Life: Essays on the FitzGeralds and Carton House. Dublin: UCD Press. , pp.79-91 [Details]
Horner, Arnold (2014) 'Road-making and mapping in early nineteenth-century Cavan: the role of William Larkin' In: Cherry, Jomathan, and Scott, Brendan (eds). Cavan: History and Society. Dublin: Geography Publications. , pp.343-362 [Details]
Horner, Arnold (2014) 'Representing the physical and settlement topography of County Mayo in the early nineteenth century: the mapping and modelling of William Bald' In: Moran, Gerard, and O Muraile, Nollaig (eds). Mayo: History and Society. Dubllin: Geography Publications. , pp.361-391 [Details]
Horner, Arnold (2014) 'In the Shadow of the FitzGeralds: Maynooth c.1700 to c.1900' In: Patrick Cosgrove, Terence Dooley and Karol Mullaney-Dignam (eds). Aspects of Irish Aristocratic Life: Essays on the FitzGeralds and Carton House. Dublin: UCD Press. , pp.158-168 [Details]
Horner, Arnold (2013) 'Transport' In: H.B. Clarke and Sarah Gearty (eds). Maps & Texts: exploring the Irish Historic Towns Atlas. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy. , pp.197-209 [Details]
Horner, Arnold (2012) 'Through the fractured lens of the Civil Survey - an appraisal of buildings across the mid-seventeenth century Dublin region' In: Patrick J. Duffy and William Nolan (eds). At the anvil: essays in honour of William J. Smyth. Dublin: Geography Publications. , pp.215-240 [Details]
Horner, Arnold; (2011) 'Wicklow Uplands, County Wicklow' In: F.H.A. Aalen, Kevin Whelan and Matthew Stout (eds). Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape Second Edition. Cork: Cork University Press. , pp.320-337 Available Online [Details]
Horner, A.; (2010) 'The contribution of Richard Lovell Edgeworth to the reports and maps of the Bogs Commissioners of 1809-14' In: Morris, M. and O'Ferrall, F (eds). Longford: History & Society. Dublin: Geography Publications. , pp.347-378 [Details]
Arnold Horner; (2010) 'What if - Alexander Nimmo had gone to China in 1816?' In: Mary Davies, Una McConville and Gabriel Cooney (eds). A Grand Gallimaufry collected in honour of Nick Maxwell. Dublin: Wordwell. , pp.275-278 [Details]
Arnold Horner; (2009) 'Iveragh and its coast in early maps' In: Sean Mac an tSithigh (eds). Sruth agus Saile: Aibhinte, Locha agus Farraige in Uibh Rathach. Baile Atha Cliath: Coisceim. , pp.55-78 [Details]
A. Horner; (2009) 'Alexander Nimmo and the mapping of Iveragh 1811-12 ' In: John Crowley and John Sheehan (eds). The Iveragh Peninsula - A cultural atlas of the Ring of Kerry. Cork: Cork University Press. , pp.184-199 [Details]
Horner, A.; (2006) 'Developing the Bogs of County Kildare: Reports to the Bogs Commissioners 1809-1814' In: W. Nolan & T. McGrath (eds) (eds). Kildare: History & Society. Dublin: Geography Publications. , pp.461-492 [Details]
Horner, A.; (2006) 'The fate of Feltrim Hill' In: Clíodhna Ní Anluain (eds). Sunday miscellany: a selection from 2004-2006. Dublin: New Ireland. , pp.108-109 [Details]
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Arnold Horner; (2002) 'Anticipating the Shape of the Future Dublin city-regionWhat Development Land Sales Signal About the Urban Footprint in Coming Decades' In: F. Convery & J. Feehan (eds.) (eds). Achievement and challenge: Rio + 10 and Ireland. Dublin: UCD Environmental Institute. , pp.242-250 [Details]
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Edited Books

Horner, A.A. & Parker, A.J (Ed.). (1987) Geographical Perspectives on the Dublin Region. Dublin: Geographical Society of Ireland Special Publication No. 2. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Horner, Arnold (2016) 'Obituary: Stu Daultrey 1947-2015'. Irish Geography, 49 (2):131-135. [DOI] [Details]
Horner, Arnold (2015) 'Obituary: Fred Aalen 1934-2015'. Irish Geography, 48 (2):103-113. [DOI] [Details]
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Other Journals

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Conference Publications

Horner, A. & Andrews, J.H.; (1983) Programme and handbook Tenth International Conference on the History of Cartography [Details]
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Newspaper Articles

Horner, A.; (1982) Recent population change in Ireland. Newspaper Articles [Details]
Horner, A.; (1975) Repercussions of cancelling 1976 census of state. Newspaper Articles [Details]


Horner, A. & Walsh, J.A.; (1981) Agricultural machinery in the Republic of Ireland - a geographical survey. Reports [Details]

Electronic Publication

Horner, A.; (2006) The physical landscape. Electronic Publication Available Online [Details]

Book Reviews

Horner, A (2010) The Queen's Last Map-Maker: Richard Bartlett in Ireland, 1600-3. Book Reviews [Details]
Horner, A (2007) Civilizing Ireland: Ordnance survey 1824-1842, ethnography, cartography, translation. Book Reviews [Details]
Horner, A (2005) Maps and map-making in local history. Book Reviews [Details]


Research Interests

Summary: Geography of Ireland; cartography; history of cartographic ideas; history of cartography in Ireland; geography of Europe.

Preamble: Research is taken here as the generation of original material leading to publication. In my perception, it includes the interpretation, as well as the generation, of such material.

My research interests lie primarily within the general field of human geography and focus especially on the geography of Ireland and Europe. My current interests have centred particularly on the study of certain key series of maps depicting early nineteenth century Ireland (most notably maps of Irish counties, the maps drawn for the 'Bogs Commissioners' of 1809-1814 and the 250+ maps comp[iled about the same time for roads development). A particular focus has been the work of the county map maker, William Larkin. My study of his 1809 map of Offaly was published in 2006, while those on his 1812 map of Meath and on his 1819 map of Sligo appeared in 2007 and in 2011.  Other recent interests have included several ongoing projects on the Irish landscape and on the regional geography of Ireland. In 2005-6 I produced the web-site material for the feature on 'The physical landscape' that is part of the Library Council 'AskaboutIreland' web-site.  

Past work has included the production (with J.A. Walsh and others) of census atlases of (a) population and (b) agriculture in Ireland, studies of the application of location-allocation models to issues about the location of hospitals and airports in Ireland, reviews of the changing nature of Irish regions, two studies on the rapid expansion in the number of golf courses in Ireland, a series of studies on the changing nature of the Dublin city-region, and a resource study of Co. Kildare. My work in historical geography has included an exploration of the dynamics of demesne development (as evidenced at Carton, County Kildare), an in-depth study of Maynooth, County Kildare (published in the Royal Irish Academy Historic Towns Atlas), and several articles on the Irish records of John Rennie, the engineer who built Dun Laoghaire harbour. Other studies have focussed on woodlands, the development of the towns of Carlow and Monasterevan, the 'lost' maps of Sir Robert Kane, the surveyor Thomas Emerson, and the imagery of the cartographer John Rocque.

In relation to the geography of Europe, my main interest has been to produce articles for teachers interpreting some of the far-reaching changes of recent decades. These have included articles on the transformation of eastern Europe (a long-standing  interest), and on the implications of major infrastructural developments such as the Alpine tunnels.

Much of my research is as dependent on the availability of time as on the provision of funding. At various times, however, my research has been aided by welcome grants from the National Board of Science and Technology, the Heritage Council, the Irish Council for Historical and Social Sciences Research, and by various UCD funds.