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John Baker

Emeritus Professor

School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice
University College Dublin
Dublin 4



Emeritus Professor in Equality Studies

A political philosopher by background, I have worked in UCD since 1977, initially in the Department of Ethics and Politics and the Department of Politics. I was a founding member of the Equality Studies Centre in 1990 and of the UCD School of Social Justice in 2005.

I grew up in the US but went to England to study, moving to Ireland when I got my job in UCD. My academic interest in equality and social justice has always been motivated by my moral and political beliefs and I have tried to combine activism with my academic interests. I have been an active member of SIPTU, the Labour Party, Basic Income Earth Network / Basic Income Ireland, and of pro-choice groups and anti-war campaigns.

My main research interests are in egalitarian theory, including both egalitarian theories of justice and democratic theory, which I see as closely interrelated. Most of my recent work has been in collaboration with my colleagues in the Equality Studies Centre.

I have worked with several PhD students on issues that are broadly in the area of applied political theory.

I was the Head of the School of Social Justice from Sept 2008 to Aug 2011.

I retired from UCD in September 2013 but continue to be engaged in egalitarian theory and practice.





Year 1971 Institution: Oxford University, UK
Qualification: BA Subject:
Year 1972 Institution: University of Toronto, ON
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 1974 Institution: Oxford University, UK
Qualification: B Phil Subject:

Outreach Activities

I have been a frequent participant in the Equality Studies Centre's outreach programmes. Information available from

Other Activities

Together with Carlos Bruen and Marianne Farrelly, I contributed to images and text for the 'Equality Issues' display and brochure by the European Commission Representation in Ireland.



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Research Interests

My main research interests are in equality studies, especially the theory of equality, democratic theory and other related political theory.

I have supervised PhD research by Colum McCaffery, Valerie Bresnihan, Deiric O Broin, Marie Moran, Kwesi Tsri and Niamh McCrea.

For details see

Recent Postgraduates

Valerie Bresnihan, 'Irish political culture: a symbolic analysis'. PhD in Equality Studies. 1997.

Deiric Ó Broin, 'Participatory Democracy, Representation and Accountability: Some Lessons from Ireland's Community Sector'. PhD in Equality Studies. 2006.

Marie Moran, 'The Idea of Identity in Contemporary Capitalism'. PhD in Equality Studies. 2011.

Kwesi Tsri, 'Africans Are Not Black: The Case for Conceptual Liberation'. PhD in Equality Studies. 2013.

Niamh McCrea, 'Community Development and Venture Philanthropy in Ireland: Funding Migrants' Rights in Neoliberal Times'. PhD in Equality Studies. 2014.



Teaching Philosophy

In common with my colleagues in the School of Social Justice, my teaching always aspired to be dialogical, to minimise the inevitable power inequalities between academic staff and students, and to promote egalitarian change.


Internal Collaborators

My primary collaboration has been with colleagues in the UCD Equality Studies Centre, UCD School of Social Justice and UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice.