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Other Activities

General Editor, Classics in Irish History, University College Dublin Press,
Editor, Independent Ireland 1918-2001, for Encyclopaedia of Ireland, Dublin: Gill and MacMillan,
Editor, Economic and Social Review,
Broadcasting over four decades on radio and television in Ireland, Britain, mainland
Europe and United States/Canada.



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Book Chapters

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Peer Reviewed Journals

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Research Interests

Nationalism as an international phenomenon, Irish political history and development, democratisation.
2006-Public Opinion in Ireland, 1948-1962
2005-06: Gustave de Beaumont, Alexis de Tocqueville and Irish politics
2000-04: politics of modernisation of Ireland 1937-1967.
1996-2000: myth and political life
1989-95: foundation of Irish polity, 1921-23.
1983-88: cultural and sociological backgrounds of Irish revolutionary elites, 1858-1927.
1979-86: extensive demographic, archival and "history of ideas" research in Irish political development since the sixteenth century.
1973-77: voting behaviour, comparative and Irish.
1969-76: ideas, socialisation and motivations of Irish party activists (social psychology).
1966-69: history and composition of the Irish Senate.