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Aintzane Legarreta

Occasional Lecturer

School Of English, Drama & Film

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Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka is a NUI Fellow based in the School of English, Drama, and Film at University College Dublin. She was awarded a PhD with a study of Irish literature in 2007, having previously completed an MA with a thesis on popular culture. Aintzane was an IRCHSS Scholar for 2005-7. She was coordinator of the Dublin Queer Studies Group between 2003 and 2005, and organiser of the conference An Evening with Kate O'Brien between 2003 and 2006. In addition to literature, Aintzane is particularly interested in film; she has been scriptwriter for a number of short films, has been co-programmer of the Lookout Dublin Film Festival 2006, co-organizer and co-curator of the arts and film festival Turn the Light On 2011, and she is currently co-programmer of the Dublin Film Qlub. At present, she is also general editor of Gur Cake Editions, an artisan not-for-profit publishing house.  Aintzane has taught at University College Dublin, and at Patrick's College, Dublin City University. Her main research interests are: Irish literature and culture, modernist and twentieth century literature, philosophy and critical theory, women's writing, popular culture, fan cultures, queer writing, early film, and intermedial studies. Aintzane has published extensively, in English, Basque, and Spanish. At present, she is investigating the influence of the visual arts on modernist fiction by women in Ireland.



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Book Chapters

Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka; (2011) 'Film Into Novel' In: Theorising the Visual: New Directions in Irish Cultural Studies. Cork: Cork University Press. [Details]
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Peer Reviewed Journals

Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka; (2011) 'The Brick, the Book, his Films, and their Mother [Review of Michel Remy ed., Peter Greenaway, Cycnos: 2010]'. . [Details]
Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka; (2009) 'Politics and Feminism: The Basque Contexts of Kate O'Brien's Mary Lavelle'. 39 (1 (Spring/Sum 2009)):65-75. [Details]

Other Journals

Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka; (2010) 'Nuevos Quijotes (tr. New Quixotes)' Wakan: Revista de Mapas Imaginarios Autumn 2010 (11) . [Details]
Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka; (2007) 'A new picture: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's Between Men' Irish Feminist Review 3 (December 2007) :22-41. [Details]
Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka; (2005) 'W.B. Yeats and Taoism' Yeats/Elliot Review 22 (3) . [Details]


Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka; (2006) Kate O'Brien: A Writing Life, by Eibhear Walshe [Review]. Reviews [Details]


Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka; (2009) Kate O'Brien [Euskal Herrian] (tr. Kate O'Brien [in the Basque Country]). Articles [Details]
Aintzane Legarreta Mentxaka; (2000) Kate O'Brien y Bilbo (tr. Kate O'Brien and Bilbo/Bilbao). Articles [Details]