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I completed my BA and MA at NUI Galway and went on as an NUI Travelling Scholar to complete my doctorate at St John's College, Oxford. Prior to my appointment as permanent lecturer in 2008, I worked as a lecturer and researcher at NUI Galway, UCC and UCD. 


Honours and Awards

Year: 2006.
Title: AHRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
Year: 1996.
Title: NUI Travelling Studentship


Association: AT Gender (Association for European Gender Studies), Function/Role: Member
Association: International Association for the Study of Irish Literature (IASIL), Function/Role: Member
Association: American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS), Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Anne Mulhall (2011) For the love of the state: migrant masculinities and media framing. [Oral Presentation], Ireland, Masculinity and Popular Culture 1990-2010, NUI Galway , 23-SEP-10 - 25-SEP-10.
Anne Mulhall (2011) Intersects (Roundtable). [Oral Presentation], Queering Ireland, University College Cork , 25-JUL-11 - 26-JUL-11.
Anne Mulhall (2011) Intimate States: the biopolitics of contemporary Ireland. [Oral Presentation], IASIL 2011: Conflict and Resolution in Irish Literatures, Leuven, Belgium , 18-JUL-11 - 22-JUL-11.
Anne Mulhall (2011) MA Graduate Workshop. [Invited Oral Presentation], Writing on the Edges of Empire, Moore Institute, NUI Galway , 30-NOV-11 - 30-NOV-11.
Anne Mulhall (2011) A Nation Once Again: Gender and Ethnos in Irish Reality TV. [Oral Presentation], Gender Politics and Reality TV, Humanities Institute, UCD , 25-AUG-11 - 27-AUG-11.
Anne Mulhall (2011) Intimate States: The Biopolitics of Contemporary Ireland. [Oral Presentation], European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA): Keywords - continuities, complexities and challenges in the field of diaspora, migration and the media, NUI Maynooth , 02-DEC-10 - 04-DEC-10.
Anne Mulhall, with Noreen Giffney and Michael O'Rourke (2011) Queer Temporalities, Queer Histories: Intensive Seminar on the work of Elizabeth Freeman. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Queer Temporalities, Queer Histories: Reading Elizabeth Freeman's Time Binds, Humanities Institute, UCD , 05-NOV-10 - 06-NOV-10.
Anne Mulhall (2012) International Exploratory Workshop. [Invited Oral Presentation], A Feminist Perspective on a Changing Europe: the impact of policy and concepts on everyday life, University of Applied Sciences, Olten, Switzerland , 26-JAN-12 - 28-JAN-12.
Anne Mulhall (2012) This Feeling Called Love: Affect, Biopower and the Regulation of Intimacy. [Invited Lecture], Irish Literature Seminar Series, University of Limerick, University of Limerick , 26-MAR-12 - 26-MAR-12.
Anne Mulhall (2012) Woman/Not Woman: Regulating Multicultural Subjects. [Oral Presentation], American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS) 2012, New Orleans, USA , 14-MAR-12 - 17-MAR-12.
Anne Mulhall (organiser) (2012) Two-day intensive seminar on the work of Robyn Wiegman, with Wiegman in attendance. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Identity Knowledges: Reading Robyn Wiegman's Object Lessons, UCD Humanities Institute , 28-SEP-12 - 29-SEP-12.
Anne Mulhall (2012) Travelling Concepts: Engendering Keywords. [Oral Presentation], 8th European Feminist Conference: The politics of location revisited, Budapest , 16-MAY-12 - 19-MAY-12.
Anne Mulhall; (2011) Paper title: This is where my head begins: the psychic life of things in the work of Anne Enright. [Oral Presentation], Spanish Association of Irish Studies (AEDEI) annual conference, University of Oviedo, Spain , 25-MAY-11 - 28-MAY-11.
Anne Mulhall; (2011) Participant in strand/working group 'Travelling Concepts'. [Other], Feminist Heritages - Feminist Futures (AT Gender conference/meeting), University of Utrecht , 08-APR-11 - 10-APR-11.
Anne Mulhall; (2010) Transnational authenticities? 'Import' spirituality and contemporary Irish poetry. [Oral Presentation], IASIL 2010, NUI Maynooth , 26-JUL-10 - 30-JUL-10.
Anne Mulhall; (2010) Intensive postgraduate workshop with Irish and international students in attendance. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Gender, Sexuality and the Discourses of Irish Studies, UCD , 05-NOV-10 - 05-NOV-10.
Anne Mulhall; (2010) Invited seminar to Gender and Queer Theory and Irish Studies seminar series at QUB. [Invited Lecture], The Spectral Feminine in the Work of Anne Enright, Queen's University Belfast , 22-APR-10 - 22-APR-10.
Anne Mulhall; (2010) International critical sexuality studies conference in collaboration with Monash University. [Conference Organising Committee Member], The Age of Sex, Monash University centre, Prato, Italy , 05-MAY-10 - 06-MAY-10.
Anne Mulhall; (2010) Intensive symposium on the work of Lisa Baraitser, with Baraitser in attendance. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Maternal Encounters, UCD , 18-SEP-10 - 18-SEP-10.
Anne Mulhall; (2007) Paper: 'On the Couch: gender, therapy, and the practice of Irish Studies'. [International Refereed Conference], IASIL 2007, UCD , 16-JUL-07 - 20-JUL-07.
Anne Mulhall; (2006) Paper: 'Muses, Harpies, and Other Fabulous Birds: Gender and the Irish Literary Journal'. [International Refereed Conference], ACIS 2006: (American Conference for Irish Studies), University of St Louis, USA , 19-MAR-06 - 22-MAR-06.
Anne Mulhall; (2006) Paper: 'Feminism and the Transformation of Knowledge: The Women in Modern Irish Culture Project'. [International Refereed Conference], 6th European Conference for Gender Studies, University of Lodz, Poland , 31-AUG-06 - 03-SEP-06.
Anne Mulhall; (2006) Paper: 'Muses, Harpies, and Other 'Fabulous Birds': Gender and the Irish Literary Journals'. [International Refereed Conference], USC Annual Women's Studies Conference/Southern ACIS annual conference, University of South Carolina , 23-FEB-06 - 25-FEB-06.
Anne Mulhall; (2006) Paper: 'The Uncanny Intersections of 'Queer' and 'Irish'' (response to Sally Munt & Noreen Giffney. [Invited Oral Presentation], Future*Queer (international conference with leading international scholars in queer and sexuality studies), UCD , 30-JUN-06 - 02-JUL-06.
Anne Mulhall; (2006) Paper: 'Gender and Poetry Publishing in Ireland'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Irish Women's Writing: History Lessons (symposium), Queen's University, Belfast , 12-MAY-06 - 13-MAY-06.
Anne Mulhall; (2005) Paper: Knowing/Not Knowing: feminist literary studies and the question of recovery. [International Refereed Conference], EFACIS 2005: Place and Memory in the New Ireland (European Federation of Associations and Centres for Irish Studies), Goteburg University, Sweden , 08-DEC-05 - 10-DEC-05.
Anne Mulhall; (2005) Paper: 'Kitsch/Camp/Queer'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Queer Keywords (International closed conference with leading queer theorists and sexuality scholars from the US, UK and Ireland), UCD , 15-APR-05 - 16-APR-05.
Anne Mulhall; (2005) Paper: Camping Up The Emerald Aisle. [International Refereed Conference], IASIL 2005: Ireland - A Global Village?, Charles University, Prague , 25-JUL-05 - 28-JUL-05.
Anne Mulhall; (2005) Paper: 'Eve Sedgwick's Confessional Turn'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick: A Retrospective (2-day international intensive seminar on Sedgwick's work, with Sedgwick in attendance), UCD , 29-SEP-05 - 30-SEP-05.
Anne Mulhall; (2009) Organiser, intensive two-day seminar on the work of Leo Bersani, with Bersani in attendance. In collaboration with Th(e)eories Advanced Seminars for Queer Research. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Reading Leo Bersani: A Retrospective, University College Dublin , 12-JUN-09 - 14-JUN-09.
Anne Mulhall; (2009) Organiser, intensive two-day seminar on the work of Bracha Ettinger, with Ettinger in attendance. In collaboration with Th(e)eories Advanced Seminars for Queer Research. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Reading Bracha Ettinger's The Matrixial Borderspace, University College Dublin , 11-APR-09 - 12-APR-09.
Anne Mulhall; (2007) Organiser, intensive two-day seminar on the work of Lee Edelman, with Edelman in attendance. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Sexuality and the Death Drive: Reading Lee Edelman's 'No Future', University College Dublin , 03-JUL-07 - 04-JUL-07.
Anne Mulhall, Jim McPherson, Gerardine Meaney, Maria Luddy, Mary O'Dowd, Bernadette Whelan; (2006) Organiser. Multi-disciplinary, international conference on women in Irish culture, history and society with contributions from outstanding scholars in the fields of literature, history, sociology, social policy, law, musicology, film studies, visual culture, cultural studies. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Women in Irish Culture and History, University College Dublin , 20-OCT-06 - 22-OCT-06.
Anne Mulhall; (2009) Two-hour seminar on queer theory and critical sexuality studies in Ireland. [Invited Lecture], Critical Sexuality Studies, University of Limerick , 28-MAY-09 - 28-MAY-09.
Anne Mulhall; (2008) Intersectionality and the Space of Writing: Women Writers in the New Ireland. [Invited Oral Presentation], Inventing and Reinventing the Irish Woman, University College Dublin , 10-OCT-08 - 11-OCT-08.
Anne Mulhall; (2008) The Feng Shui of Lough Derg: marketing spirituality in contemporary Ireland. [Invited Oral Presentation], Visualising Ireland: Theory, Culture, Image, University College Dublin , 04-JUL-08 - 06-JUL-08.
Anne Mulhall; (2008) 'Taking Up Space: the Women Writers in the New Ireland Network'. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], IASIL 2008:, Porto, Portugal , 28-JUL-08 - 01-AUG-08.


Committee : Queering Ireland steering committee


Employer: University College Cork
Position: Lecturer


Year 2000 Institution: Oxford University, UK
Qualification: DPhil Subject:
Year 1994 Institution: NUI Galway, IRL
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 1990 Institution: NUI Galway, IRL
Qualification: BA Subject:

Outreach Activities

'In conversation with Sarah Waters', interview in the Abbey Theatre with Sarah Waters, closing event of the Dublin Writers' Festival 2009 (June 7th 2009)
Academic advisor and collaborator with the Women Writers in the New Ireland Network, a network that facilitates, supports and enables the cultural work of women writers from migrant and new communities in Ireland.

Other Activities

Reader for Eire/Ireland, Irish Studies Review, Irish University Review, Canadian Journal of Irish Studies and Cork University Press.



Anne Mulhall (2013) Anne Enright: Excavating the Present. Lewisberg, Pennsylvania: Bucknell University Press. [Details]

Book Chapters

Anne Mulhall; (2013) 'A cure for melancholia? Queer sons, dead mothers and the fantasy of multiculturalism in McCabe's and Jordan's Breakfast on Pluto(s)' In: Margrit Shildrick & Noreen Giffney (eds). Theory on the Edge: Irish Studies and the Politics of Sexual Difference (essays in honour of Ailbhe Smyth). Basingstoke: Palgrave. [Details]
Anne Mulhall; (2011) ''Now the blood is in the room': the spectral feminine in the work of Anne Enright' In: Claire Bracken & Susan Cahill (eds). Anne Enright. Dublin: Irish Academic Press. [Details]
Anne Mulhall; (2013) 'The Feng Shui of Lough Derg: selling spirituality in contemporary Ireland' In: Emma Radley & Claire Bracken (eds). Visualising Ireland. Cork: Cork University Press. [Details]
Anne Mulhall; (2011) 'Queer in Ireland: Deviant filiation and the (un)holy family' In: Lisa Downing & Robert Gillett (eds). Queer in Europe. London: Ashgate. [Details]
Mulhall, A.,; (2006) 'Camping Up the Emerald Aisles: Queerness in Irish Popular Culture' In: Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture. *: Palgrave. [Details]
Mulhall, A., with Moynagh Sullivan and Wanda Balzano; (2006) 'Irish Postmodernisms' In: Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture. *: Palgrave. [Details]
Anne Mulhall; (2002) 'Gullivers Travels and the Language Debates of Swifts Time' In: Daniel Carey and François Boulaire (Caen: Universitaires de Caen) (eds). Les Voyages de Gulliver: Mondes lointains ou mondes proches. [Details]

Edited Books

Anne Mulhall, Wanda Balzano & Moynagh Sullivan eds (Ed.). (2007) Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture. Basingstoke: Palgrave. [Details]
Anne Mulhall, Gerardine Meaney & Maria Luddy (Ed.). (2012) Women in Irish Culture and History. in preparation: in preparation. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Anne Mulhall (with Noreen Giffney & Michael O'Rourke) (2012) 'To Encounter A Child: Maternal Subjectivity and the Aesthetics of Reading'. Studies in Gender and Sexuality, 13 (2):69-79. [Details]
Anne Mulhall (2012) ''Queer Temporalities: Reading Elizabeth Freeman's Time Binds''. Social Text, . [Details]
Anne Mulhall (2012) 'This is where my head begins: Things, Trauma and Feminine Proximities'. Poligrafi, 17 (67-68):253-273. Available Online [Details]
Anne Mulhall (editor) (2013) 'Special Issue: Queer Studies and Ireland (editor)'. Irish University Review, 42 (1/2). [Details]
Anne Mulhall (2013) 'Trafficking, sex work and migration in contemporary Irish cultural and political discourse'. The Irish University Review, 42 (1/2). [Details]
Anne Mulhall (2013) ''What's eating Victor Cusack? Queer Masculinities and Donal Óg Cusack's Come What May'. Eire-Ireland, 48 (1/2 Spring-Summer). [Details]
Anne Mulhall and Alice Feldman; (2012) ''Towing the Line: migrant women writers and the space of Irish writing''. Éire-Ireland: Interdisciplinary Journal of Irish Studies, 47 (1/2):201-220. [Details]
Anne Mulhall; (2012) 'The well-known, old, but still unbeaten track: Women poets and Irish periodical culture in the mid-twentieth century'. Irish University Review, 42 (1):32-52. [Details]
Anne Mulhall (with Noreen Giffney & Michael O'Rourke); (2009) 'Seduction Into Reading: Bracha L. Ettinger's The Matrixial Borderspace'. Studies in the Maternal, 1 (2). Available Online [Details]
Anne Mulhall (with Noreen Giffney & Michael O'Rourke) eds.; (2009) 'Seduction into Life: Co-responding with Bracha L. Ettinger (special journal feature)'. Studies in the Maternal, 1 (2). Available Online [Details]
Anne Mulhall; (2009) 'Poetry, memory and recovery: Paula Meehan's transformational aesthetic'. An Sionnach, 5 (1 & 2):142-155. [Details]
Anne Mulhall; (2007) 'Forms of Exile: Reading Cyphers'. Irish University Review, 37 :206-229. [Details]

Other Journals

Anne Mulhall, with Tom Donaghy, Catherine O'Connor and Ian Russell; (2010) 'Changing Ireland: Cultural Heritage and Migration' UCD Irish Virtual Library and Archive Research Report Series 11 . Available Online [Details]

Electronic Publication

Mulhall, A., with Maria Luddy, Gerardine Meaney, Jim MacPherson, Sarah O'Connor and Emma Radley; (2007) Women in Modern Irish Culture 1800-2005: A Bibliographical Database. Electronic Publication [Details]


Research Interests

My research and teaching interests include critical and cultural theory, particularly feminist, psychoanalytic and queer theory, 20th century and contemporary Irish writing and popular culture with a focus on issues of gender and sexuality, and migration studies.

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Moving Re/Collections: glocal orientations, creative collaborations, and cultural spaces
Start Date / End Date : 03-AUG-09 / 31-JAN-11
Sponsor : Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)
Title : Feminist and post-feminist conflicts and connections in television adaptations of Elizabeth Gaskell's fiction
Start Date / End Date : 01-OCT-11 / 30-SEP-12
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : 'Travelling Concepts: Engendering Keywords'
Start Date / End Date : 01-MAY-12 / 31-OCT-13
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Intensive Seminars in Sexuality Studies: Reading Bracha Ettinger's The Matrixial Borderspace & Reading Leo Bersani: A Retrospective
Start Date / End Date : 01-JAN-09 / 30-JUN-10

Recent Postgraduates

PhD supervision:queer theory and the cultural representation of sexual deviancy (main supervisor); gender and the adaptation of nineteenth-century novels for film and TV (co-supervisor with Dr Fionnuala Dillane); spectrality in contemporary Irish writing (co-supervisor with Fionnuala Dillane); Filipina diasporic identity in contemporary Irish society (second supervisor; main supervisor Dr Alice Feldman)

I have supervised numerous MA theses on diverse aspects of gender and sexuality in culture, literature, and theory.

I am particularly interested in supervising postgraduate work in the areas of queer theory; theories of gender and feminist theory; gender and sexuality in Irish culture and writing; migration in contemporary Irish culture. I am also very interested in supervising interdisciplinary research in these areas.

Current Postgraduate Students

Maria Mulvany, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor
Katie Moten, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor


Teaching Philosophy

Modules Coordinated

201200   ENG40960     English: Dissertation (MA Gender)
201200   ENG30480     English: Reading Gender and Sexuality
201200   IRST30120     Irish Studies: Memory & Identity in Irish Lit
201200   IRST10020     Irish Studies: Intro Irish Cultural Studies
201200   ENG40940     English: Theory of Gender & Sexuality
201200   ENG40930     English: Gender & Text in History

Enhancement of Teaching

These are some of the most effective ¿tools¿ that I use in my teaching, some of which are cited by students in the online forms: - The reading journal: an invaluable ¿space¿ for engagement, reflection, and critical practice. - Feedback & essay consultations: time-consuming, especially in the current conditions, but I give as much time as possible to individual consultations with students where we work through a mid-term assessment or essay proposal together in detail. - Fostering of a respectful, open environment for discussion ¿ but an environment that also intellectually and analytically pushes students beyond what they think they are capable of. - For my subject area, a combination of working through theoretical frames and concepts and then using these to close read texts is the single most effective way, I have found at UG and MA levels, of improving students¿ facility with critical reading and analysis. - Judicious use of Blackboard as a teaching & learning support, giving directed exercises to supplement limited class time and to support students¿ independent learning. - Reflective teaching practice: eg ENG30480 Reading Gender and Sexuality is a very popular module, but this year I have revised the syllabus to include material on issues of race and ethnicity, especially in relation to contemporary geopolitics. One student makes this suggestion in the online feedback, and I agree that much as the seminar works very well, it needs this component.

Review and Enhancement of Curriculum

MA IN GENDER, SEXUALITY & CULTURE CURRICULAR REVIEW - 2008-9: review of MA programme curriculum to include in a more definitive way Film, Television, and Performance Studies. Programme title change from MA in Gender & Writing to MA in Gender, Sexuality & Culture expresses this shift in direction from literature to trans- and interdisciplinary programme. - Extremely successful, attracting high calibre of student from outside of UCD as well as in-house. - Reviews keep the MA in GSC innovative, open to new approaches and frameworks in the field, and inclusive of students¿ evolving interests (eg TV Studies and Cultural Studies topics now more popular with our students as thesis topics than traditional literary criticism). In this way, the MA in GSC acts as a pathway to, eg, PhD in Film Studies; 2 of our MA graduates have recently begun PhDs in UCD Film. Development of core module Theory of Gender and Sexuality¿. Went above usual School PG module class period of 1.5 hours, but instead, have weekly seminars of 3 hours so that topic areas can be fully explored and discussed. Use of reading journal as 50% of assessment, kept on weekly basis. Self-directed development of final essay for the module, devised as exercise where students can begin to develop their theoretical frame for their dissertation. Use of range of media in seminars and journals to demonstrate for students the ways in which theoretical concepts and frameworks can enable critical analysis and afford new, startling, original and rich ways of reading, analysing and writing about texts and culture. Module highly praised by external examiner on last visit.

Developing as a Teacher

USE OF NEW TEACHING APPROACHES: - Research- and practice-led teaching in collaboration with WWINI Network: eg: ¿Writing Home¿ WWINI reading incorporated into IRST10020 as part of section on ¿Migration¿; writers provided copies of work after for us to work on in class and subsequently came for visiting lectures. Very successful in terms of student engagement with the issues around migration, race and policy and as example of academic-civic-arts practice collaboration. - Seminar with WWINI for Erasmus Mundus in Migration and Interculturalism, with ¿academic¿ paper by me, readings by three writers, and discussion. - Involvement in GREP in Gender, Culture and Identities ¿Digital Humanities¿ module; seminars on Digital Humanities research using research experience with the AHRC-funded WIMIC database and use of database in archival research.

Innovation & Leadership

I have provided strong leadership and demonstrated innovation in my involvement in PhD mentoring and training, as well as in the related coordination of the MA in Gender, Sexuality and Culture and in my


Internal Collaborators

Professor Gerardine Meaney: IRCHSS-funded GREP in Gender, Culture and Identities

Dr Alice Feldman: MCRI seed-funded project, Women Writers in the New Ireland Network (WWINI)

Dr Alice Feldman and Dr Brian Jackson, IVRLA-funded project 'Changing Ireland: Cultural Heritage and Migration'

External Collaborators

AT Gender working group 'Travelling Concepts'