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Catriona Clutterbuck joined the School of English and Drama in UCD in September 1996, upon completion of her doctorate at the University of Oxford on the poetry of Medbh McGuckian and Eavan Boland. Her research interests centre on modern and contemporary Irish poetry, modern poetry, gender in literature, and modern Irish literature.                     


Honours and Awards

Year: 1992.
Title: Postgraduate Studentship
Year: 1993.
Title: Foreign and Commonwealth Scholarship Award

Conference Contributions

Catriona Clutterbuck (2016) Paper: 'Loss and Creative Change in Eavan Boland and Kerry Hardie'. [International Refereed Conference], International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures Annual Conference (IASIL 2016), Cork, Ireland , 25-JUL-16 - 29-JUL-16.
Catriona Clutterbuck (2016) Lecture: 'The Wisdom of Being Comforted: Yeats and Solace'. [Invited Lecture], The Yeats International Summer School, Sligo, Ireland , 02-AUG-16 - 02-AUG-16.
Catriona Clutterbuck (2015) The Art of Grief: Irish Women Poets Explorations of Loss and Healing. [Invited Lecture], Irish Embassy Lecture, Faculty of Letters, University of Porto and University of Lisbon, Portugal , 18-MAY-15 - 19-MAY-15.
Catriona Clutterbuck (2014) Being Pilot and Stray in One: Sustaining Nothingness in the Travel Poems of Early Heaney. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Seamus Heaney - a Conference and Commemoration, Queens University Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland , 10-APR-14 - 13-APR-14.
Catriona Clutterbuck (2014) Traumatic Displacement and Transposed Nationality in Contemporary Irish Poetry. [National Refereed Conference Paper], The American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS), University College Dublin , 11-JUN-14 - 14-JUN-14.
Catriona Clutterbuck (2013) The Forest / Of Second Nature: Redemption in Harry Clifton. [National Refereed Conference Paper], The 3rd British and Irish Contemporary Poetry Conference, University of Manchester , 12-SEP-13 - 14-SEP-13.


Year 1996 Institution: University Of Oxford
Qualification: D.Phil Subject: --none--
Year 1990 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MA Subject:
Year 1984 Institution: Mary Immaculate College
Qualification: B.Ed Subject: --none--


Client: HETAC
Client: Mary Immaculate College, Limerick
Client: Carlow College, Carlow, Ireland
Client: Mater Dei Institute of Education, Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3

Journals Edited

Irish University Review: Reviewer.
Twentieth Century Literature: Reviewer.
Irish University Review: Editorial Board member.



Book Chapters

Catriona Clutterbuck (2012) ''New Irish Women Poets: The Evolution of (In)determinacy in Vona Groarke'' In: Fran Brearton and Alan Gillis (eds). The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish Poetry. Oxford: Oxford University Press. , pp.651-667 [Details]
Catriona Clutterbuck; (2011) ''The Irish History Wars and Irish Women's Poetry: Eilean Ni Chuilleanain and Eavan Boland'' In: Jane Dowson (eds). The Cambridge Companion to British and Irish Women's Poetry. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. , pp.97-118 [Details]
Catriona Clutterbuck; (2010) 'A Gibbous Voice: The poetics of subjectivity in the early poetry of Medbh McGuckian' In: Shane Alcobia-Murphy and Richard Kirkland (eds). The Poetry of Medbh McGuckian: The Interior of Words. Cork: Cork University Press. , pp.41-67 [Details]
Catriona Clutterbuck; (2008) ''An Unapproved Alliance: Feminism and Form in the Irish Poetry Debate'' In: Catriona Clutterbuck; (eds). Irish Poetry After Feminism: Princess Grace Irish Library Lectures: 10. Gerards Cross, Buckinghamshire, UK: Colin Smythe Limited. , pp.45-54 [Details]
Clutterbuck, C.; (2005) 'Thomas Kinsella' In: Roche, A (eds). The UCD Aesthetic: Celebrating 150 Years of UCD Writers. Dublin: New Island Press. , pp.149-159 [Details]
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Clutterbuck, C.; (2000) 'The Uses of Love in the Writings of Lady Gregory' In: Sean Tobin (eds). Lady Gregory Autumn Gatherings: Reflections at Coole. Galway Lady Gregory Autumn Gathering: *. , pp.147-164 [Details]
Clutterbuck, C.; (1999) 'Encyclopaedia entries on Roz Cowman and Moya Cannon' In: Clutterbuck, C.; (eds). The Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English. Cambridge: Cambridge Univerity Press. [Details]

Edited Books

Catriona Clutterbuck (Ed.). (2001) Irish University Review (Special Issue on Thomas Kinsella). Dublin: Irish University Review. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Catriona Clutterbuck (2015) ''Pilot and Stray in One': Sustaining Nothingness in the Travel Poems of Early Heaney'. The Irish Review, 49 (49-50):106-121. [Details]
Clutterbuck, C; (2009) ''Mise Eire', Eavan Boland'. Irish Univ Rev, 39 :289-300. [Details]
Catriona Clutterbuck; (2008) ''Scepticism, Faith and the Recognition of the Patriarch-Mother in the Poetry of Thomas Kinsella''. Irish Studies Review, 16 (3):245-265. [Details]
Catriona Clutterbuck; (2007) ''The View Through the Bay Window: Good Faith and the Relationship between Reality and Imagination in the Irish Poetry Tradition''. Anglo-Saxonica, II (25):21-42. [Details]
Catriona Clutterbuck; (2007) 'Gender and Nation in Charles J. Kickham's Knocknagow'. Tipperary Historical Journal, :78-109. [Details]
Clutterbuck, C; ; (2007) 'Good faith in religion and art: The later poetry of Eilean Ni Chuilleanain'. Irish University Review, 37 :131-156. [Details]
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Clutterbuck, C.; (2005) 'Eavan Boland and the Politics of Authority in Irish Poetry'. The Yearbook of English Studies, 35 :72-90. [Details]
Clutterbuck, C; (1999) 'Irish critical responses to self-representation in Eavan Boland, 1987-1995'. Colby Quarterly, 35 (4):275-287. [Details]
Clutterbuck, C.; (1999) 'Lughnasa After Easter: Treatments of Narrative Imperialism in Friel and Devlin'. Irish University Review, 29 (1):101-108. [Details]
Clutterbuck, C.; (1998) 'Gender and Self Representation in Irish Poetry: The Critical Debate'. Bullan, 4 (1):48-58. [Details]
Clutterbuck, C.; (1998) 'Broken Homes of Wholeness: The Poetry of Mark Roper'. Stroan, 1 :17-29. [Details]
Clutterbuck, C.; (1994) 'Elpenors Crumbling Oar: Disconnection and Art in Derek Mahon'. Irish University Review, 24 (1):6-26. [Details]


Clutterbuck, C; (2001) Special issue on Thomas Kinsella - Introduction. Editorial [Details]

Audio Tape

(2014) Irish Review 49-50 Podcast: Colin Graham talks to Catriona Clutterbuck. Website of peer-reviewed journal The Irish Review, under the Podcasts tab: Audio Tape Available Online [Details]
Catriona Clutterbuck (2014) Reading of Eavan Boland's Poem, 'And Soul'. Website 'A Poet's Dublin--Eavan Boland' Audio Tape Available Online [Details]


Research Interests


-          poetics and poetry cultures with a particular focus on contemporary Irish poetry, women's poetry and twentieth-century poetry

-          subjectivity, ethics and faith concepts in modern Irish writing;

-          aesthetics and artifice in modern Irish literature;

-          gender and public-private interfaces in Irish writing and culture;

-          memory, history and mourning in Irish writing

-          the critical and cultural contexts of Irish literature

-          creative writing (poetry)




Modules Coordinated

201500   ENG31150     English: Contemp. Irish Women's Poetry
201500   ENG30140     English: Seamus Heaney and Modern Irish