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Lucy Collins joined UCD in 2008 after previously teaching at Trinity College Dublin and in the UK at the University of Cumbria. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, where she completed both her BA and PhD degrees, she spent a year at Harvard University on a Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellowship. Her research interests are in poetry and poetics; recent publications include Contemporary Irish Women Poets: Memory and Estrangement (2015), Poetry by Women in Ireland 1870-1970: A Critical Anthology (2012) and a co-edited collection of essays Aberration in Modern Poetry (2011). She has published widely on individual poets from Ireland, Britain and America and has a particular interest in gender issues and in ecocriticism. A co-edited anthology, The Irish Poet and the Natural World: An Anthology of Verse in English from the Tudors to the Romantics, was published by Cork University Press in 2014.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2010.
Title: Wake Forest University Archives Travelling Fellowship
Year: 2009.
Title: MARBL Travelling Fellowship
Year: 2004.
Title: SMC Teaching Fellowship
Year: 1994.
Title: Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship
Year: 1990.
Title: Trinity Award


Association: The Bibliographical Society, Function/Role: Member
Association: Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland [ACSI], Function/Role: Member
Association: Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing [SHARP], Function/Role: Member
Association: Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, Function/Role: Member of the International Editorial Board
Association: Irish University Review, Function/Role: Assistant Editor; Member of Management Board; Member of Editorial Board
Association: Modern Language Association [MLA], Function/Role: Member
Association: Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment [ASLE UKI], Function/Role: Member of Executive Committee; Web Officer
Association: International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures [IASIL], Function/Role: Member of Executive Committee - Irish Representative
Association: National Association of Writers in Education, Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Collins, Lucy (2016) 'Clothes Make the Woman: Contemporary Irish Women Poets'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Irish Text(ile)s, Leuven Centre for Irish Studies, Belgium , 08-DEC-16 - 11-DEC-16.
Collins, Lucy (2016) 'Melancholy Modernisms: The (Strange) Death of the Irish Woman Poet, 1930-1950'. [Keynote Address], Irish Modernisms: Gaps, Conjectures, Possibilities, University of Vienna, Austria , 28-SEP-16 - 01-OCT-16.
Collins, Lucy (2016) 'Tom Kettle'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Somme 100: Commemorating the Battle of the Somme, Thiepval, France , 02-JUL-16 - 17-NOV-16.
Collins, Lucy (2016) 'Printing 1916'. [Oral Presentation], Change [IASIL], Cork , 25-JUL-16 - 29-JUL-16.
Collins, Lucy (2016) Ecocriticism and Ecofeminism in Ireland: A Workshop. [Chaired Session], Change [IASIL], Cork , 25-JUL-16 - 29-JUL-16.
Collins, Lucy (2016) 'Revolutions in Poetry: Irish Poets and British Publishers 1900-1930'. [Oral Presentation], British and Irish Print Networks, Moore Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway , 11-JUL-16 - 12-JUL-16.
Collins, Lucy (2016) 'We Know Their Dream: The Literature of 1916'. [Invited Lecture], 1916 Lecture Series, Hunt Museum, Limerick , 29-JAN-16 - 27-MAY-16.
Collins, Lucy (2016) 'Imagining the Rising: The Literary Culture of 1916'. [Invited Lecture], Interdisciplinary Guide to 1916: Lecture Series, National Library of Ireland , 15-JAN-16 - 15-APR-16.
Collins, Lucy (2016) 'Reading 1916: The Rising in Print'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Globalising the Rising, University College Dublin , 05-FEB-16 - 06-FEB-16.
Collins, Lucy (2016) 'Reading 1916: Researching the Rising'. [Invited Lecture], UCD History Society Lecture Series, University College Dublin , 01-FEB-16 - 01-FEB-16.
Collins, Lucy (2015) 'Yeats at Coole Park'. [Invited Oral Presentation], W. B. Yeats Seminars, Leuven Centre for Irish Studies , 04-DEC-15 - 05-DEC-15.
Collins, Lucy (2015) 'The Past is a Lonely Place: Memory and Emotion in Paula Meehan's Painting Rain'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Reconciliations [IASIL], York , 20-JUL-15 - 25-JUL-15.
Collins, L. (2015) 'W. B. Yeats and the Printing of Irish Poetry'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Yeats in Europe, University of Utrecht , 19-JUN-15 - 20-JUN-15.
Collins, Lucy (2015) 'Marginal Identities and the Island Poem'. [Oral Presentation], Discourses of Inclusion and Marginalisation [AEDEI], Granada, Spain , 28-MAY-15 - 30-MAY-15.
Collins, L. (2015) 'Profit and Loss: The Construction of Dublin in Contemporary Irish Poetry'. [Oral Presentation], Irish Speculations: Space, Time, History [ACIS], University of Miami , 25-MAR-15 - 28-MAR-15.
Collins, L. (2015) Thomas Kinsella, Late Poems (2013). [Roundtable Participant], Irish Speculations: Space, Time, History [ACIS], University of Miami , 25-MAR-15 - 28-NOV-15.
Collins, L. (2015) 'Poetry as Witness: Eva Gore-Booth, Winifred Letts and the Great War'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Women and War: Ireland in the Twentieth Century, University of Newcastle , 19-MAR-15 - 20-MAR-15.
Collins, L. (2015) 'Reading the Viking Past in Contemporary Irish Poetry'. [Oral Presentation], The Trouble with Memory (II), University of Reykjavik , 13-MAR-15 - 14-MAR-15.
Collins, L. (2015) 'The Poet as Printer in Twentieth-Century Ireland'. [Invited Lecture], Rare Books Group: The Library Association of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy , 20-FEB-15 - 20-FEB-15.
Collins, L. (2014) 'To Russia With Love: A Poetry Pamphlet from World War II Belfast'. [Oral Presentation], The Form of the Book: Printing, Publishing and Production in the Regions, Birmingham City University , 05-DEC-14 - 05-DEC-14.
Collins, L. (2014) 'Place, Memory and the Irish Poet'. [Invited Lecture], Lafayette College: Visiting Lecture Series, Easton, Pennsylvania , 28-OCT-14 - 31-OCT-14.
Collins, L. (2014) Introduction to Vona Groarke and Don Paterson. [Invited Oral Presentation], Mountains to Sea Festival, Dun Laoghaire , 18-SEP-14 - 21-SEP-14.
Collins, Lucy (2014) 'When shall thy feeling powers awake: Cruelty to Animals in Poetry from Eighteenth-century Ireland'. [Oral Presentation], Reading Animals, Sheffield, UK , 17-JUL-14 - 20-JUL-14.
Collins, Lucy (2014) 'The Human Ecosystem: Kathleen Jamie's This Weird Estate'. [Oral Presentation], World Congress of Scottish Literature, Glasgow, UK , 02-JUL-14 - 05-JUL-14.
Collins, Lucy (2014) 'One more concrete blot: The Re-shaping of Dublin in Contemporary Irish Poetry'. [Oral Presentation], Ireland and Ecocriticism: Second Interdisciplinary Conference, Cork , 19-JUN-14 - 21-JUN-14.
Collins, Lucy (2014) 'Women Poets of the 1940s: Tradition and Modernity in Ireland and Canada'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Latitudes [ACIS/CAIS], Dublin , 11-JUN-14 - 14-JUN-14.
Collins, Lucy (2014) Poetry Workshop: 'Take away this pudding, it has no theme': Food, Community and Meaning in Modern Poetry. [Invited Oral Presentation], The Rhetorics of Food, Leuven, Belgium , 26-MAY-14 - 28-MAY-14.
Collins, Lucy (2014) 'Canadian Women Poets: Landscapes of Resistance'. [Oral Presentation], Spaces and Boundaries/Espaces et Frontieres [ACSI], Galway , 09-MAY-14 - 11-MAY-14.
Collins, Lucy and Carpenter, Andrew (2014) 'The Birds and the Bees: Editing The Irish Poet and the Natural World'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Editing Eighteenth-century Ireland: Process and Dissemination, Limerick , 02-MAY-14 - 02-MAY-14.
Collins, Lucy (2014) 'Sailing to an Island: The Poetry of Irish and Scottish Islands'. [Invited Lecture], Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies, University of Otago: Visiting Lecture Series, Dunedin, NZ , 20-MAR-14 - 20-MAR-14.
Collins, Lucy (2014) 'I knew what it meant/not to be at all: Modernist Aesthetics and the Irish Woman Poet of the 1940s'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Modernist Afterlives in Irish Literature, Dublin , 07-MAR-14 - 07-MAR-14.
Collins, Lucy (2013) 'Writing in the Margins: Digital Archives and the Retrieval of Texts'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Digital Humanities and Irish Literary Studies, Dublin , 06-DEC-13 - 06-DEC-13.
Collins, Lucy (2013) 'Reading Modernist Landscapes: Nature and Cosmopolitanism in Canadian Poetry in English from the 1940s'. [Invited Lecture], UCD Centre for Canadian Studies: Distinguished Lecture Series, Dublin , 04-NOV-13 - 04-NOV-13.
Collins, Lucy (2013) 'Acres of Drowned Ireland: Mary O'Malley and the Poetics of Depletion'. [Oral Presentation], Contemporary British and Irish Poetry, University of Manchester, UK , 12-SEP-13 - 14-SEP-13.
Collins, Lucy (2013) 'A smear of tissue...contains great kingdoms: Contemporary Poetry and the Nature of Embodiment'. [Oral Presentation], Ecological Encounters: Agency, Identity, Interactions [ASLE-UKI], Guildford, UK , 29-AUG-13 - 31-AUG-13.
Collins, Lucy and Carpenter, Andrew (2013) 'Irish Poetry and the Natural World 1600-1850: New Perspectives'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Literatures in English: New Frontiers in Research [CISLE], University of Innsbruck, Austria , 16-JUL-13 - 21-JUL-13.
Collins, Lucy (2013) 'Islands the sea avoids: Isolation, Revelation and the Island Poem'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Esthetics and Spirituality: Places of Interiority, KU Leuven, Belgium , 16-MAY-13 - 18-MAY-13.
Collins, Lucy (2013) 'Sustainability and Poetic Practice: Mary O'Malley's Valparaiso'. [Oral Presentation], Literature and Sustainability, University of Wales, Lampeter, UK , 15-MAR-13 - 16-MAR-13.
Collins, Lucy (2012) 'The Given and the Made: Zoe Skoulding's Future Cities'. [Oral Presentation], Composting Culture [ASLE-UKI], University of Worcester, UK , 05-SEP-12 - 08-SEP-12.
Collins, Lucy (2012) 'Women Poets and Print Culture in 1930s Ireland'. [Oral Presentation], The Battle for Books (SHARP], Trinity College Dublin , 26-JUN-12 - 29-JUN-12.
Collins, Lucy (2012) 'Split Subjects: Winifred Letts and the Aesthetics of Conflict. [Oral Presentation], Between the Lines: Women, War and Letters, University of Limerick , 09-JUN-12 - 10-JUN-12.
Collins, Lucy; (2011) 'Being in Span: The Problem of Subjectivity in Catherine Walsh's City West'. [Oral Presentation], Innovation in Irish Poetry, University College Cork , 12-JUL-11 - 12-JUL-11.
Collins, Lucy; (2011) Roundtable Discussion: Innovation in Irish Poetry. [Chaired Session], Innovation in Irish Poetry, University College Cork , 12-JUL-11 - 12-JUL-11.
Collins, Lucy; (2011) 'Irish Women Poets and the Question of Belonging'. [Invited Oral Presentation], Negotiating Time and Space, University College Dublin , 15-JUN-11 - 15-JUN-11.
Collins, Lucy (with Andrew Carpenter); (2010) 'Irish Ecopoetry before 1820'. [Invited Lecture], Irish Environmental History Network, Trinity College Dublin , 14-OCT-10 - 14-OCT-10.
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Collins, Lucy; (2010) 'There are limits to what any eye can absorb: Caitriona O'Reilly's New Visions of Nature'. [Oral Presentation], Ireland and Ecocriticism: An Interdisciplinary Conference, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick , 18-JUN-10 - 20-JUN-10.
Collins, Lucy; (2010) 'I will not again: Selfhood and Loss in Vona Groarke's Spindrift'. [Oral Presentation], Brandan Rising: Irish Identities Inside and Outside the Island, La Laguna University, Tenerife , 28-APR-10 - 01-MAY-10.
Collins, Lucy; (2010) 'The Poetry Ireland/Austin Clarke Poetry Library'. [Invited Oral Presentation], The Poet and the Publisher in 20th-century Ireland: UCD Print Culture Symposium 4, University College Dublin, Ireland , 05-MAR-10 - 06-MAR-10.
Collins, Lucy; (2009) 'The only man never to meet Samuel Beckett: Paul Durcan on Irish Poets'. [Invited Lecture], 'Delirious Circumference': A Celebration of the Work of Paul Durcan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland , 10-DEC-09 - 12-DEC-09.
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Collins, Lucy; (2000) 'Boundary Lines: Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill in Translation'. [Oral Presentation], Irish Literature: Borders and Border Crossings, Bath Spa University, UK , 24-JUL-00 - 27-JUL-00.


Committee : Cultural Heritages Advisory Board
Committee : Committee of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures [IASIL]
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Exhibition Curation: Thomas Kinsella - The Poet and the Book



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Other Journals

Collins, Lucy; (2008) ''Reading Trauma'' Writing in Education (44) . [Details]
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Conference Publications

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Collins, Lucy (2016) Reading 1916 - Exhibition Booklet. Catalogue [Details]
Collins, Lucy (2013) Thomas Kinsella: The Poet and the Book - Exhibition Booklet. Dublin: Catalogue [Details]

Newspaper Articles

Collins, Lucy (2016) 'Poetry in Motion'. Newspaper Articles [Details]
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Collins, L. (2015) A Poem for Ireland. Video/TV [Details]

Electronic Publication

Collins, Lucy and Magennis, Caroline (2010) Austin Clarke at the Poetry Ireland Library. UCD Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive: Electronic Publication [Details]

Book Reviews

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Radio Presentation

Collins, Lucy (2016) 'Poets and Revolutionaries'. Radio Presentation [Details]
Collins, Lucy (2016) 'The Poetry of 1916'. Radio Presentation [Details]
Collins, L. (2015) 20th-Century Dubliners: Austin Clarke. Radio Presentation [Details]
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Audio Tape

Collins, L. (2014) Eavan Boland: A Poet's Dublin - On 'The Harbour'. Audio Tape Available Online [Details]


Research Interests

Twentieth-century literature; poetry and poetics; Irish, British and American poetry since 1900; ecocriticism; the history of the book; genetic criticism

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Voices of War: Poetry in Performance 1918-2018
Start Date / End Date : 01-OCT-16 / 31-OCT-18
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Reading 1916: An Exhibition at UCD Special Collections
Start Date / End Date : 20-OCT-14 / 31-DEC-16
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Print Cultures in 20th-century Ireland
Start Date / End Date : 01-APR-14 / 30-SEP-15
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Symposium - Humanities and the Environment: Transdisciplinary Challenges
Start Date / End Date : 22-OCT-11 / 21-OCT-12

Recent Postgraduates

Dr Colleen English, Writing the Dead: Epitaphs, Elegies, and Communities of Sentiment in Romantic Ireland (2015)
Dr Paola Benchi, Conversations with the Maternal: A Study of Feminist Theories and Contemporary Irish and Italian Women's Narrative (2014) 
Dr Ken Keating, Deconstructing the Canon: Jacques Derrida and Contemporary Irish Poetry (2014) 
Dr Aoife Lynch, A String Theory of Irish Art: Cycles of Time in Beckett and Yeats (2013)


Current Postgraduate Students

Emma Penney, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor
Jaclyn Allen, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor


Teaching Philosophy

I believe that the process of learning is multifaceted and subjective, combining disciplined practice with creative approaches. I am committed to the idea of student-centred learning, and believe that the progress of the individual needs to be viewed holistically.

Modules Coordinated

201600   ENG20440     English: Irish Literature in English
201600   ENG20640     English: Ten Poems
201600   ENG30620     English: Poetry of WB Yeats
201600   ENG41630     English: Irish Poetry: Rep.Self & Other
201600   ENG41900     English: Creative Project

Enhancement of Teaching

The enhancement of my teaching has been shaped by my own experiences as a learner, both professionally and personally. By engaging with the theory and practice of teaching, through a variety of elective workshops and structured short courses, I have been encouraged to reflect on my own development as a teacher and to use feedback productively. So, at the University of Cumbria the peer review process gave me confidence to reduce coverage of material in favour of deep learning on a single element. At Cumbria too, major curriculum change facilitated reflection on module design and delivery; we involved current and past students in evaluating our new strategies. These particular working conditions created opportunities for change, but ultimately teaching enhancement is driven by the professional commitment of individuals. I see the Fellowship for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning that I was awarded in 2004 not as a reward for achievement, but rather as a reminder that teaching enhancement is a continuous process. Thoughtful re-evaluation of the learning process is the key to maintaining a fresh, and evolving, portfolio of modules. By altering aspects of the subject matter and the delivery of modules each year in response to both formal and informal feedback from students, I have been able to tailor course delivery to their needs and test new ways to maximise student engagement with key debates in the discipline.

Review and Enhancement of Curriculum

At the University of Cumbria I had a central role in the review and enhancement of the curriculum, developing two new taught degrees: one in Literary and Critical Studies; another a joint/minor pathway in Creative Writing. Familiarity with the QAA benchmarks for these subjects encouraged me to think about the possibility of developing stronger connections between the programmes and of introducing more varied forms of assessment. Later in the validation process an emphasis on public partnership encouraged us towards community collaboration and interdisciplinary initiatives, such as direct student involvement with local heritage groups and literary festivals as part of their learning and assessment. At UCD the range of modules offered as part of the English provision is far larger than at Cumbria, and a level of consistency must be maintained to ensure smooth running of the programme. The English curriculum has been recently reviewed however, and these changes have facilitated my introduction of new areas of special interest, such as ecocriticism. At module level I place increasing emphasis on formative assessment, constructing a series of short exercises that enable students to build key critical skills gradually and to receive feedback and support while doing so. These kinds of strategy are now being discussed at School level: as a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee I am fully involved in all such debates on curriculum development.

Developing as a Teacher

My development as a teacher draws fundamentally on my engagement with English literature and language, and is shaped by the intellectual and creative possibilities of the field. Literature offers significant potential for extending the reader's understanding of self and world and for this reason my growth as a teacher is closely linked to my practices as a reader and writer. Theories of education have an important role to play in how these experiences are interpreted, however, and study in this area is helping to focus my thinking on ways of enhancing the student learning experience. Returning to an earlier interest in the relationship between English and Creative Writing pedagogies - first explored in articles prepared for the British journal, "Writing in Education" - I'm more attentive now to the role that writing plays in the learning process, and am working to embed sustained practices of writing and reflection both in the classroom and in preparation for sessions. Such active learning enlarges the students' sense of the possibilities of textual engagement both for personal and intellectual development.

Innovation & Leadership

I have shown innovation and leadership in Teaching and Learning through regular evaluation of degree provision and delivery, drawing on experience and scholarship to determine a suitable level of development. Open discussion and collaborative decision-making encourage innovation both in my own practice and among those I work with and mentor. These processes allow educational provision to be responsive to the changing needs of students.


Internal Collaborators

The Irish Poetry Reading Archive

1. Ursula Byrne (Head of Strategic Initiatives, UCD Library)
2. Evelyn Flanagan (Head of UCD Special Collections)

This national archive, based at UCD, is a central repository for readings by Irish poets in the English and the Irish language. It marks a collaboration between UCD Library, UCD Special Collections, UCD School of English, Drama and Film and UCD School of Irish, Celtic Studies and Folklore.