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Paul Halferty

Assistant Professor

School of English, Drama & Film
C201 Newman Building

Tel: +353 (0) 1 716 8373


I am a theatre historian and a queer theatre and performance studies scholar whose research examines the intersection of theatre and identity, primarily sexual, gender, national, and race. I am director of the UCD Centre for Canadian Studies, and co-editor of the "Views and Reviews" section of Canadian Theatre Review. Before returning to graduate school, I taught acting at the Randolph Academy for The Performing Arts in Toronto, and was assistant producer to Sherrie Johnson at da da kamera and the Six Stages Festival, also in Toronto. I completed my doctorate at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at University of Toronto in 2014. Titled Political Stages: Gay Theatre in Toronto 1967-1985, my thesis won the Clifford Leech Dissertation Prize for best dissertation in the subject of drama. I have taught at York University, the University of Toronto, and at Brock University, mainly in the areas of theatre history, acting, and gender and sexual diversity studies. My work has been published in Theatre Research in Canada, Canadian Theatre Review, and in the anthology Queer Theatre in Canada, and I am associate editor and contributor to TRANS(per)FORMING Nina Arsenault: An Unreasonable Body of Work. I was member of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre's board of directors from 2007 until the end of 2013, serving as it president from 2008 to 2012. In addition to my academic research, I work professionally as a dramaturge. 




Year 2014 Institution: University of Toronto, ON
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Year 2004 Institution: University of Toronto, ON
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Year 1998 Institution: York University, Ontario
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Book Chapters

Halferty, J. Paul (2000) 'Daniel MacIvor Interview' In: Rudakoff, Judith (eds). Questionable Activities: The Best. Toronto: : Playwrights Canada Press. , pp.11-16 [Details]
Halferty, J. Paul and Keren Zaiontz (2009) 'Colonizing the¿Origina¿: John Greyson and Queer Adaptations' In: Michelle MacArthur; Lydia Wilkinson; Keren Zaiontz (eds). Performing Adaptations: Essays and Conversations on the Theory and Practice of Adaptation. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. , pp.183-202 [Details]
Halferty, J. Paul (2012) 'Environmental Hyper-Naturalism: Hillar Liitoja's The Last Supper: A Performance of Euthanasia' In: Barker, Roberta, and Kim Solga (eds). New Canadian Realisms: Eight Plays. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press. [Details]
(2014) 'Unreal Beauty: Identification and Embodiment in Nina Arsenault¿s ¿Self-Portraits¿' In: (Editor) Rufakoff, J.; (Associate Editor) Halferty, J. Paul (eds). TRANS(per)FORMING Nina Arsenault: An Unreasonable Body of Work. Bristol: Intellect Press. [Details]
Halferty, J. Paul (2014) 'Crises and Community: Sky Gilbert, Drag Queens on Trial, and the Development of Gay Theatre and Community in Toronto 1975-1985' In: Bateman, David (eds). Compulsive Acts: Essays, Interviews, Reflections on the Works of Sky Gilbert. Toronto: Guernica Editions. [Details]

Edited Books

Donna-Michelle St. Bernard and J. Paul Halferty (Ed.). (2017) Canadian Theatre Review, emPowering Theatre. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. [Details]
Halferty, J. Paul(Associate Editor); Rudakoff, J(Editor) (Ed.). (2012) Trans(per)FORMING Nina Arsenault: An Unreasonable Body of Work. Bristol: Intellect Press. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Halferty (2015) 'Editorial'. Canadian Theatre Review, 163 :98-98. [Details]
Halferty, J. Paul (2016) 'Editorial'. Canadian Theatre Review, 167 . [Details]
Halferty, J. Paul (2016) 'Editorial'. Canadian Theatre Review, 165 . [Details]
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Halferty, J. Paul (2006) 'Queer and Now: The Queer Signifier at Buddies in Bad Times'. Theatre Research in Canada-Recherches Theatrales au Canada, 27 (1):123-154. [Details]

Other Journals

Halferty, J.P. (2014) 'Review of Judith Halberstam's The Queer Art of Failure' Performance Research 19 (1) :130-132. [Details]
Halferty, J. Paul (2008) 'Performing the Construction of Queer Spaces' Canadian Theatre Review 134 :18-26. [Details]
Halferty, J. Paul (2009) 'Intimate Interventions: An Interview with Diane Borsato' Canadian Theatre Review 137 :13-19. [Details]
Halferty, J. Paul (2011) 'Me Talking to Myself in the Future: An Interview with Marie Brassard' Canadian Theatre Review 145 :26-30. [Details]
Halferty, J. Paul (2013) 'An Intercultural Outdooring: An Interview with Tawiah M'Carthy' Alt. Theatre 10 (3) . [Details]
Halferty, J. Paul (2014) 'For the Future, the Past: LGBT2Q Theatre, Performance, and Scholarship in Canada' Theatre Research in Canada/Recherches Théâtrales au Canada 35 (2) . [Details]

Conference Publications

Halferty, J. Paul (2007) Intermediality in Marie Brassard's Jimmy, créature de réve Figures du monologue théâtral ou Seul en scène [Details]



Modules Coordinated

201700   DRAM20160     Drama Studies: Queer Theatre and Performance
201700   DRAM20170     Drama Studies: Introduction to Acting
201700   DRAM10030     Drama Studies: The Theatrical Event
201700   DRAM30100     Drama Studies: Contemporary Theatre & Perf
201700   DRAM40010     Drama Studies: Drama & Performance
201700   DRAM40140     Drama Studies: Performance in Everyday Life