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David Deacon

Applied Language Centre

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I hold a BA in History and English, as well as an MA in American literature from University College Dublin.

My MA thesis was supervised by Dr. Nerys Williams with the title, "The new Humanist agenda of the postmodern author: a consideration of select works from Cormac McCarthy, Paul Auster and Don DeLillo."

Since then I have commenced my PhD at University College Dublin under Dr. Fionnghuala Sweeney and Dr. Brian O'Connor, focusing on the postmodern conceptualization of nihilism as a permanent and emancipatory state which the writer embraces, or displays an embrace of, in their fiction. My research focuses upon the American state, feeding off Baudrillard's conceptualization of America as a land of the hyperreal, in the fiction of three authors: Don DeLillo, Paul Auster and Cormac McCarthy.

My overall research interests focus on the following: postmodern American literature, nihilism, postmodern philosophy, dystopian American environments, New York and its postmodern fictional representation. 



Conference Contributions

Various contributors (2011) The modern 'Ethnic Resistance': a reaction to American appropriations and constructed stereotypes. [Oral Presentation], The Irish Association for American Studies (IAAS) annual conference, Queen's University Belfast , 01-APR-11 - 02-APR-11.
Various Contributors (2012) The reversal of the role of the specter: How the Postmodern fictive character has become increasingly aware of the 'ghostly' presence of the writer amongst their surroundings. [Oral Presentation], The UCD and Trinity Philosophy and Literature Postgraduate conference, Trinity College Dublin , 21-JAN-12 - 21-JAN-12.
Various Contributors (2013) Filling the Void: the postmodern author's quest to combat what has been lost in American piety and religiosity through the medium of fiction. [Oral Presentation], 'Religion in American Life' international conference, King's College London , 22-FEB-13 - 24-FEB-13.



Other Journals

Various contributors (2011) ''All of which are American Dreams' The echo of identity assertion within America, and the resistance therein. (Amiri Baraka & Yusef Komunyakaa - an analysis)' Emerging Perspectives: Postgraduate Journal in English Studies . [Details]


Research Interests

My doctoral thesis has the working title, "Nihilism, a viable alternative? A study in Postmodern American fiction."

Key aspects include the work of Cormac McCarthy, Don DeLillo and Paul Auster. Their representations of America and the American individual are read as a product of an embrace of nihilism, as conceptualized by philosopher Gianni Vattimo. The theory of Jean Baudrillard and Jean Francois Lyotard is also engaged.