Researchers at UCD

Jasmina Kallay

Occasional Lecturer

School Of English, Drama & Film

Tel: +353 1 716


Academic Qualifications:
BA (Hons) in Visual Communications (Film Studies), The American University of Paris
MA (1st class, Hons)  in Screenwriting, The National Film School (IADT)

Professional Experience:  Script Reader, Editor and Consultant for a number of Irish and UK production and broadcasting companies.  Jasmina is also a regular contributor to Film Ireland and is a professional ghostwriter.

Jasmina is currently nearing the end of her research PhD in the subject of Screenwriting for Interactive Digital Media, with an emphasis on Computer Games (which will be completed by June 2009)



Conference Contributions

Jasmina Kallay; (2008) A closed round table discussion on the future on digital narratives, designed as a first of several such collaborative sessions. [Invited Oral Presentation], Closed Symposium - The Future of Digital Narratives, Heuston School of Film and Digital Media , 29-MAY-08 - 30-MAY-08.
Jasmina Kallay; (2008) If, on an interactive whim, a film buff... - paper on the subject of Interactive Film. [Oral Presentation], Postgraduate Film Research Seminar, Trinity College Dublin , 25-SEP-08 - 25-SEP-08.
Jasmina Kallay; (2008) I Play Films - paper on the intersetcions between interactive digital media and film studies. [Oral Presentation], Postgraduate Research Symposium, UCD , 22-APR-08 - 22-APR-08.
Jasmina Kallay; (2007) And They Gamed Happily Ever After - presenting a theory of narrative psychology as means of reconsidering gaming taxonomy. [Oral Presentation], Digital Games Theory & Design, Postgraduate Conference, Brunel University, London , 12-SEP-07 - 12-SEP-07.
Jasmina Kallay; (2007) Quixotic Windmills in Computer Games - discussing pre-digital links to gaming narratives and structure. [Oral Presentation], Creative Collaborations: Comparative Readings and Writings, UCD , 09-APR-07 - 09-APR-07.




Research Interests

Research Interests:

Screenwriting, Film Noir, Interactive Digital Media, Game Studies and Narrative Studies

In May 2008, Jasmina applied her research findings in Interactive Screenwriting by co-ordinating and lecturing at a workshop for Interactive Screenwriting, held at the National Film School in conjunction with Campbell Ryan Porductions (the team behind Sofia's Diary).