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Margaret Kelleher is Professor and Chair of Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama at University College Dublin. 

Her books include The Feminization of Famine (published by Duke UP and Cork UP, 1997), The Cambridge History of Irish Literature (2006), co-edited with Philip O'Leary, and Ireland and Quebec: Interdisciplinary Essays on History, Culture and Society (Four Courts Press, 2016), co-edited with Michael Kenneally. She has recently completed a monograph entitled Language, Life and Death: Myles Joyce, James Joyce and the Maamtrasna Murders and was guest editor, with Nicholas Wolf, of Éire-Ireland's special issue on "Ireland and the Contemporary" (Spring/Summer 2017). She has developed a number of digital humanities projects, including
the Electronic Version of the Loeber Guide to Irish Fiction ( and the Digital Platform for Contemporary Irish Writing (

Professor Kelleher is Chair of the Board of the Irish Film Institute (since 2014) and UCD academic lead on the Museum of Irish Literature (MoLI), a collaboration between UCD and the National Library of Ireland to open a new literary museum at Newman House in early 2019. From 2009 to 2016 she was Chairperson of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures.  She has been visiting scholar at University of São Paulo, Boston College, Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Concordia University Montreal, St John's College, Cambridge and University of Virginia.



Honours and Awards

Year: 2006.
Title: O'Brien Visiting Scholar
Year: 2002.
Title: Burns Visiting Professor in Irish Studies
Year: 2012.
Title: Overseas Visiting Scholar
Year: 2010.
Title: IRCHSS Senior Project Fellowship Award


Association: European Federation for Irish Studies Centres (EFACIS), Function/Role: Board Member
Association: Leuven Centre for Irish Studies, Function/Role: Board Member
Association: Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Function/Role: Board Member (Ministerial Nominee), 2004-2007
Association: Irish Research Council, Function/Role: Member of International Advisory Board (ongoing)
Association: European Science Committee, Function/Role: National Representative for Ireland, 2006-2012
Association: International Consortium of Humanities Centres and Institutions, Function/Role: Board Member, 2010-2012
Association: International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL), Function/Role: Chairperson (ongoing)
Association: Science Europe, Function/Role: Nominated Member, International Humanities Committee


Committee : Newman-Joyce Building Project
Committee : Beyond Publications Steering Group
Committee : Board of Irish Theatre Institute
Committee : Board of Irish Film Institute

Outreach Activities

Board Member, Irish Film Institute;

Board Member, Irish Theatre Institute



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Book Chapters

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Edited Books

Margaret Kelleher and Jane Conroy (Ed.). (2014) Restating the Value of the Humanities. Dublin: Humanities Serving Irish Society Consortium. Available Online [Details]
Peter Denman, Michael Hinds and Margaret Kelleher (Ed.). (2005) The Irish Reader: Essays for John Devitt. Dublin: Otior. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Margaret Kelleher (2014) 'Distant Reading, Digital Humanities and the Changing Field of Early Irish Fiction'. Journal of English Language and Literature, 60 (1):21-36. [Details]
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Published Reports

Claudine Moulin, Julianne Nyhan, Adriana Ciulia, Margaret Kelleher et al (2012) Research Infrastructures in the Digital Humanities: ESF Science Policy Briefing. European Science Foundation, Strasbourg. [Details]
Margaret Kelleher and Eva Hoogland (2012) Changing Publication Cultures in the Humanities: Humanities Spring Manifesto. European Science Foundation, Strasbourg. [Details]


Research Interests

Professor Kelleher's research interests include nineteenth-century literature; Irish literary and cultural history; famine studies ; Irish women's writings (historical and contemporary); contemporary Irish fiction; digital humanities and literary studies. She has supervised doctoral dissertations and research theses to date on topics such as contemporary Irish writing, world literature and digital humanities; literature and activism in south-east Asia; the fiction of Emily Lawless; orature and fiction in nineteenth-century Irish literature; Irish Gothic; twentieth-century Irish women's writings.

Recent research awards include:

  • Principal Investigator, A Study of the Circulation of Seventeenth, Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century Irish Fiction from 1650 to the Present: An Electronic Edition of the Loebers¿ Guide to Irish Fiction, IRCHSS Senior Project Fellowship Award, 2011, ¿100,000.
  • Principal Investigator (coP..I. Dr John Keating), ¿Humanities, Technology and Innovation¿, An Foras Feasa, PRTLI Cycle 4 award 2007-2011, ¿5.8 million.
  • Principal Investigator, NUI Maynooth, national Structured PhD programme in Digital Arts and Humanities, PRTLI Cycle 5 award, 2011-1015, ¿750,000.
  • Project Leader, with Professor Michael Kenneally, Ireland and Quebec Bilateral Research Project, IRCHSS & Fonds de recherché société et culture, 2009 - present ¿30,000.
  • RECODE ESF Network: Summer Institute, 2013, ¿15,000.
  • ESF Humanities Spring Event, 2011, European Science Foundation, ¿20,000 .

Recent Postgraduates

Professor Kelleher  has supervised doctoral dissertations and research theses to date on topics such as contemporary Irish writing, world literature and digital humanities; literature and activism in south-east Asia; the fiction of Emily Lawless; orature and fiction in nineteenth-century Irish literature; Irish Gothic; twentieth-century Irish women's writings.

Postgraduate  and Postdoctoral Supervision

  • André Kaboré; doctoral thesis on 'Orature in the Works of William Carleton and F.T. Pacére'; completed 2007.
  • Brendan Prunty: doctoral thesis on 'Narrative Analysis of the Fiction of Emily Lawless'; completed 2010.
  • Ciara Gallagher: doctoral thesis on 'Literary Activism in the Literature of South-east Asia'; completed 2011.
  • Sonia Howell: doctoral thesis on 'Irish Studies, World Literature and Digital Humanities', completed 2012.
  • Dr Robin Kavanagh, postdoctoral fellow, An Foras Feasa, 2008-10.
  • Dr Catherine Smith, postdoctoral fellow, IRCHSS project fellowship, 2011 ¿ continuing.
  • Course Director (including recruitment) of Digital Arts and Humanities Graduate Education Programme: 6 students recruited in 2011.
  • Course Director (including recruitment) of AFF 'Humanities, Technology and Innovation' PRTLI 4 project consortium: 11 doctoral students, 4 postdoctoral fellows.
  • Director of Masters minor theses (c. 30 to date).


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