Professor Orla Feely

Vice President for Research, Innovation and Impact

Professor at UCD School of Electrical, Electronic & Communications Engineering

More power to nonlinear systems in electronics

Imagine a world where a web of sensors and devices interact with their environments and communicate with each other to improve our everyday lives. The Internet of Things is an emerging concept of an interconnected world where ‘smart’ electronic systems unobtrusively sense conditions, react and communicate, and the approach stands to transform how we use information and energy.

Professor Orla Feely is addressing questions at the heart of the complex electronic systems that power such devices. She uses nonlinear analysis techniques to investigate system performance and power consumption and to identify ways to make them more efficient for the tasks they need to carry out.  

In practice, the findings are particularly relevant to energy harvesting, including the scenario where small sensors sit on a vibrating structure and scavenge energy in order to power devices. 

Prof Feely also has an interest in the related fields of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems, which integrate tiny mechanical elements with electronics), power electronics, phase locked loops and data converters. Her work provides fundamental insight into the behaviour of such systems and suggests improved designs to improve their performance.

Prof Feely is a Science Foundation Ireland - funded Principal Investigator and she works with numerous collaborators, including Analog Devices and Alcatel Lucent in Ireland and a variety of international enterprises.
Prof Feely is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Engineers Ireland and the Irish Academy of Engineering. She is currently Chair of the Irish Research Council, which funds excellent and creative research across all disciplines, with a particular focus on early-stage researchers.