Professor Padraig Cunningham

Pádraig Cunningham is Professor of Knowledge and Data Engineering in the UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics. He is also Director of the SFI-funded CLIQUE Research Cluster (SRC).

Prof Cunningham’s current research focus is on the analysis of graph and network data and on the use of machine learning techniques in processing high-dimension data.

Prof Cunningham’s UCD-based CLIQUE SRC employs 20 researchers to develop software for analysing networks of objects and the relationships and interactions between them. In 2011 CLIQUE was independently reviewed by an external board of academic and industry experts whose positive feedback resulted in continued funding from SFI for a further two years.

CLIQUE’s research aims to answer questions that have a direct impact on society, such as: Does credit card fraud have a characteristic pattern of transactions? Can we identify where new music trends begin? Can we recognise bad behaviour such as spamming or bullying based on the analysis of communications patterns? CLIQUE’s research agenda is driven by the requirements of companies operating in Ireland, particularly its industry collaborators which include Idiro Technologies, Accenture, DataHug and Storyful.

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