Professor Frédéric Dias

Over the last 20 years, Professor Frédéric Dias (UCD School of Mathematical Sciences, UCD CASL and UCD Earth Institute) has been at the forefront of research on water waves.

Professor Dias is an applied mathematician with a PhD in Civil Engineering who has made numerous pioneering contributions that have significantly advanced the field of fluid dynamics. His research contributions have spanned the fields of mathematics, mechanics, physics and civil engineering, and he is widely recognised as an expert in nonlinear wave motion. A key element of his success is his ability to work at the interface of mathematics and engineering, a rare combination in this research field.

Prof Dias has been the leader of an innovative, world-class research group in fluid mechanics for the past 10 years, and the quality and impact of his research is recognised worldwide. In 2010 he received a large research award from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) to build the first group in ocean wave energy at University College Dublin together with an industrial partner.

Most recently Professor Dias was awarded a highly prestigious European Research Council (ERC) grant, for a project he is jointly leading with optics expert Professor John Dudley (Departments of Physics and Optics at the University of Franche-Comté and the CNRS in France). This project, which received additional funding from SFI, aims to unravel the mysteries of the origin of rogue waves in the ocean by looking at analogies between ocean wave and optical wave physics. An important aim of the project will be the development of early warning signatures that may allow one to predict in advance the conditions where rogue waves might be expected to appear.

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