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Alun Jones

Professor of Geography

School Of Geog, Planning & Env Policy
Newman Building
Dublin 4

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Alun Jones is Professor of Geography and Vice Principal for Research in the College of Human Sciences. From 2007-2010 he was Head of School and also Head of Subject for Geography. Prior to joining UCD in 2007 he was Professor of Human Geography, Head of Department, and Chair of the Social Sciences Research Committee at the University of Leicester (2004-2007), and before that Lecturer, then Associate Professor (Reader) of Human Geography at University College London. He has also held visiting posts at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Bonn. In 1999-2000 he was made a visiting Fellow at St Catherine¿s College University of Oxford, in 2002-2004 he was awarded a senior Leverhulme Research Fellowship, in 2005 he was presented with the Edward Heath Award by the Royal Geographical Society and Institute of British Geographers for his contribution to research on EU governance, and in 2006 he was made an Academician of the Learned Societies for the Social Sciences in the United Kingdom in recognition of his scholarship on the European Union. In April 2011 he was elected to the Royal Irish Academy (MRIA) and in October 2011 to the Academia Europaea (European Academy).

Alun Jones' research interests lie in political geography and geopolitics particularly in the context of the European Union, its governance, decision making, and external representation and links with neighbouring states and regions. His Ph.D explored the local politics and effects of reform of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy in the Languedoc-Roussillon of France. His work on European governance was enhanced through the award of a Robert Schuman scholarship at the European Parliament secretariat (research division) in Luxembourg.

Alun Jones' current research and publications activities focus on five key areas:

1.       Theoretical/conceptualisation of EU decision making melding political science and political geography perspectives.

2.       Political Geography of Europeanization.

3.       Discursive geopolitics of EU projection and the politics of neighbourhood especially in the Mediterranean and Arctic.

4.       Iceland, financial crisis and EUropean membership.

5.       The EU's strategic partnership with emerging powers- India (Book project)

 Professor Jones is the author of numerous books and international peer-reviewed papers on the political geography of European Union governance, Europeanization and the Mediterranean, and rural politics in France and Germany. His work has appeared in leading geography and political science journals including inter alia Annals of the Association of American Geographers (2006, 2009, 2012 forthcoming), Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (2000, 2003, 2008), Geopolitics (2008, 2011) Political Geography (2009, 2011), European Urban and Regional Studies (2011, 2012 forthcoming) and Journal of Common Market Studies (2011). He is currently on the Editorial Board of Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy. He has held prestigious scholarships and fellowships from the Leverhulme Trust, Deutsche Akademische Austausdienst (DAAD), British Council and the Institut Francais, as well as research grants totalling in excess of Euros 1.5 million from the European Commission. Professor Jones is on the advisory board of UCD's Dublin European Institute (DEI )and a member of the Geographical Sciences Committee of the Royal Irish Academy. At UCD Professor Jones lectures on the Political Geographies of European Integration at graduate and undergraduate levels.




Year 1980 Institution: University of Nottingham
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Year 1981 Institution: University of Durham
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Year 1986 Institution: University of Leicester
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Conference Publications

Jones, A.; (2007) Pax Bruxellensis-Pax Mediterranea Irish Geography Conference Trinity College, Dublin, [Details]
Jones, A.; (2006) Pax Bruxellensis-Pax Mediterranea Association of American Geographers Chicago, [Details]

Published Reports

Jones, A. (2014) Furthering the Research impact of UCD: Report of the Beyond Publications Committee. UCD, Dublin. [Details]
Jones, A.; (2002) Innovation, Diversification and European Agricultural Situations, Final Report to the Commission of the European Communities. European Commission, Brussels. [Details]

Monographs:- Peer Reviewed

Jones, A. and Clark, J.R.; (2010) The Spatialities of Europeanization. New York: Monographs:- Peer Reviewed [Details]