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Siobhán McPhee

Occasional Lecturer

School Of Geog, Planning & Env Policy

Tel: +353 1 716


Siobhán completed her PhD in Economic Geography at the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy. She conducted research into the impact of work migration policies on segmentation in the labour market in Ireland. She completed an MSc in Cross Cultural Research Methods in the University of Sussex in September 2008. Prior to this she was a research associate at the Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) at Dhaka University, Bangladesh. This was under the Sussex Centre for Migration Research's, Development Research Centre (DRC) partnership with RMMRU. She worked on various aspects of work migration and policy advocacy. Her MPhil research looked at the integration of the Muslim community in Ireland.




Year 2008 Institution: University of Sussex
Qualification: MSc Subject: Cross Cultural Research Methods - Migration(Geography)
Year 2005 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: MPhil Subject: International Polictics and Peace Studies
Year 2001 Institution: NUI Maynooth
Qualification: BA (Hons.) Subject: Economics and Anthropology





Peer Reviewed Journals

Siobhán McPhee; (2006) 'An analysis of the ideological origins of the modern radical Islamic movement'. Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs Journal, 20 (2):45-67. [Details]

Other Journals

McPhee, S; (2009) 'High Mobility: Newly unemployed migrants to Ireland may stay put in recession' Finance and Development 46 (1) :17-17. [Details]

Published Reports

Sidiqui, T. & McPhee, S; (2007) Role of Dual and Multiple Citizenship for Development. World Bank, Washington DC. [Details]

Working Paper

Siobhán McPhee; (2006) Labour Migration from Bangladesh to the UK: Avenues and Constraints. Refugee and Migratory Movement Research Unit, Dhaka University: Working Paper Available Online [Details]
Siobhán McPhee; (2005) Muslim identity: The European context. Sussex Centre for Migration Research Working Paper 34: Working Paper Available Online [Details]


Research Interests

  • Implications of migration policies
  • Inequality and discrimination in labour market context
  • Segmented labour markets
  • Theories of scale - local linked with global
  • The construction of a sense of place