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Eamonn O'Flaherty

Associate Professor

School Of History
Newman Building
Dublin 4

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Conference Contributions

Eamon O'Flaherty (2016) Town planning and urban development in the age of the Enlightenment. [Invited Lecture], Knight of Glin Memorial Lecture, Limerick , 07-OCT-16 - 07-OCT-16.
Eamon O'Flaherty (2015) Urban transformations in the age of Enlightenment: Eighteenth-Century Bordeaux and Limerick compared¿. [Invited Oral Presentation], Irish Towns as Shared European Heritage, Royal Irish Academy Dublin , 22-MAY-15 - 22-MAY-15.
Eamon O'Flaherty (2013) Edmund Burke and Europe: the influence of Burke on the evolution of European political thought. [Invited Lecture], Eminent Europeans of Irish origin: the impact of Ireland in Europe, an historical perspective, Royal Irish Academy , 21-FEB-13 - 22-FEB-13.
Eamon O'Flaherty (2012) Urban community or oligarchy: Irish boroughs c. 1660-1800. [Invited Lecture], Tudor and Stuart Ireland Conference, UCD , 31-AUG-12 - 02-SEP-12.
Eamon O'Flaherty (2012) Eighteenth-century borough politics. [Invited Lecture], Celebrating the borough: Sligo 1612-2012, Sligo , 04-MAY-12 - 06-MAY-12.
O'Flaherty, E; (2006) One day conference on Media History. [Invited Oral Presentation], Censorship and Propaganda Conference, School of History, UCD , 24-FEB-06 - 24-FEB-06.
Eamon O'Flaherty; (1998) Medicine and the public sphere in 18th century Ireland. [Invited Lecture], ACIS (1998), Notre Dame , 01-JAN-98.
Eamon O'Flaherty; (1999) Medicine and natural history in 18th century Ireland. [Invited Lecture], ECIS, University College Dublin. (1999), University College Dublin , 01-JAN-99.



Eamon O'Flaherty; (2010) Limerick: Irish Historic Towns Atlas. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy. [Details]
Eamon O'Flaherty and Jennifer Moore; (2011) From Viking Longphort to Victorian city: Limerick c. 840 to c.1900. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy. [Details]

Book Chapters

Eamon O'Flaherty (2015) 'The Annales School' In: James D Wright (eds). International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioural Sciences. Amsterdam: Elsevier. , pp.vol 1, 708-714 [Details]
Eamon O'Flaherty (2015) 'Michael Laffan, Portrait of a Historian' In: Diarmuid Ferriter, Susannah Riordan (eds). Years of Turbulence. Dublin: UCD Press. , pp.9-27, 247-8 [Details]
Eamon O'Flaherty (2013) 'Health' In: H.B Clarke and Sarah Gearty (eds). Maps and Texts: exploring the Irish Historic Towns Atlas. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy. [Details]
Eamon O'flaherty; (2011) 'An urban community under the Penal Laws' In: Eamon O'flaherty; (eds). New perspectives on the Penal Laws. Dublin: ECIS. , pp.196-225 [Details]
Eamon O'Flaherty; (2003) 'Medical men and learned societies in Ireland, 1680-1785' In: H.B.Clarke, J.Devlin (eds). European Encounters. Essays in memory of Albert Lovett. Dublin: UCD Press. , pp.253-269 [Details]
Eamon O'Flaherty; (1998) ''Burke and the Catholic Question'' In: * (eds). Eighteenth-Century Ireland, vol xii. , pp.7-27 [Details]
Eamon O'Flaherty; (1995) ''Three towns: Limerick since 1690'' In: Howard Clarke (eds). Irish Cities. Cork: Mercier. , pp.177-190 [Details]
Eamon O'Flaherty; (1995) ''The urban community and the state, 1590-1690'' In: B. Whelan (eds). The last of the great wars; essays on the war of the three kings in Ireland. Limerick: University of Limerick Press. , pp.161-180 [Details]
O'Flaherty, E.; (1991) 'The Theatre of Diversity: historical criticism and religious controversy in seventeenth-century France' In: C. Brady (eds). Ideology and the Historians. Dublin: *. , pp.31-48 [Details]
O'Flaherty, E.; (1990) 'Irish Catholics and the French Revolution' In: Hugh Gough and David Dickson (eds). Ireland and the French Revolution. Dublin: IAP. , pp.52-67 [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

OFLAHERTY, E; (1988) 'ECCLESIASTICAL POLITICS AND THE DISMANTLING OF THE PENAL LAWS IN IRELAND, 1774-82'. Irish Historical Studies, 26 :33-50. [Details]
Eamon O'Flaherty; (2001) 'Talking liberties; politics and ideology in eighteenth-century Ireland'. Bullan, 6 :133-146. [Details]
O'Flaherty, E.; (1992) 'Clerical indiscipline and ecclesiastical authority in Ireland, 1690-1750'. Studia Hibernica, 26 :7-29. [Details]
O'Flaherty, E.; (1991) 'Urban politics and municipal reform in Limerick, 1723-62'. Eighteenth Century Ireland, 6 :105-120. [Details]
O'Flaherty, E. & Lloyd, M.; (1990) 'A descriptive Latin poem on Limerick in 1690'. Old Limerick Journal, 28 :34-37. [Details]
O'Flaherty, E.; (1988) 'Reflections on culture and nationality in Ireland'. The Irish Review, 2 . [Details]
O'Flaherty, E.; (1985) 'The Catholic convention and Anglo-Irish politics, 1792-3'. Archivium Hibernicum, 40 :14-24. [Details]

Conference Publications

O'Flaherty, E.; (1992) Philosemitism and orientalism in the work of Richard Simon Proceedings of the 17th International Congress of Historical Sciences Vol. 2 Madrid, , pp.636-654 [Details]

Guest Lectures

Eamon O'Flaherty; (1996) Popular culture and its historians. Guest Lectures [Details]
Eamon O'Flaherty; (1997) Early-modern Limerick legal and political. Guest Lectures [Details]


O'Flaherty, E.; (1990) Translation of Michel Vovelle, Ideologies and mentalities. Cambridge: Translation [Details]


Research Interests

Early modern European history; seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French intellectual history; social history of ideas; eighteenth-century Irish history.



Modules Coordinated

201600   HIS31450     History: Irish Urban History, 1500-1800
201600   HIS32120     History: Renaissance to Enlightenment
201600   HIS20950     History: Early Modern Europe, 1450-1800