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Honours and Awards

Year: 2014.
Title: An ultrasound investigation of Irish palatalisation
Year: 2010.
Title: Ulysses travel grant
Year: 2013.
Title: Ulysses travel grant

Conference Contributions

Maire Ni Chiosain, Jaye Padgett (2014) The perception of secondary palatalisation: Irish and Russian compared. [Invited Oral Presentation], Palatalization Conference, University of Tromsø / CASTL , 04-DEC-14 - 04-DEC-14.
Máire Ní Chiosáín & Jaye Padgett (2014) Perception of secondary palatalization contrasts: a comparative study. [Plenary Lecture], 8th Celtic Linguistics Conference - CLC8, University of Edinburgh , 06-JUN-14 - 07-JUN-14.
Bennet, R, McGuire, G, Ní Chiosáin, N. Padgett, J. (2013) Quantitative measures for the degree of palatalization/velarization: Irish ultrasound data. [Oral Presentation], Ultrafest VI, University of Edinburgh , 06-NOV-13 - 08-NOV-13.
Bennett, R., McGuire, G., Ní Chiosáin, M. & Padgett, J (2012) An ultrasound investigation of palatalisation and velarisation in Conamara Irish. [Oral Presentation], Teangeolaíocht na Gaeilge XIV, University College Cork , 20-APR-12 - 21-APR-12.
Bennett, R., McGuire, G., Ní Chiosáin, M. & Padgett, J (2012) Irish palatalization in two dialects: further results of an ultrasound study. [International Refereed Conference], 7th Celtic Linguistics Conference - CLC7, Rennes, France , 22-JUN-12 - 23-JUN-12.
Bennett, R., McGuire, G., Ní Chiosáin, M. & Padgett, J. (2012) Invariance in Irish palatalization and velarization: an ultrasound study. [Oral Presentation], CUNY Conference on the Segment, CUNY , 11-JAN-12 - 13-JAN-12.
Welby, P. , Ní Chiosáin, M. & Ó Raghallaigh, B.; (2011) A Phonetic investigation of Irish Eclipsis: preliminary results and challenges. [Poster Presentation (Refereed)], 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre , 17-AUG-11 - 21-AUG-11.
Bennett, R., McGuire, G., Ní Chiosáin, M. & Padgett, P. ; (2011) Irish Palatalization: an ultrasound study. [International Refereed Conference], XIV International Congress of Celtic Studies, NUI Maynooth , 01-AUG-11 - 05-AUG-11.
Welby, P. & Ní Chiosáin, M.; (2010) La syllabification de séquences VCV en irlandais: un étude de perception. [Poster Presentation (Refereed)], XXVIIIe Journées d'Études sur la Parole, Mons , 23-MAY-10 - 28-MAY-10.
Máire Ní Chiosáin, Bettina Migge; (2010) Co-organiser of International conference on Irish English. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], New Perspectives on Irish English, UCD , 11-MAR-10 - 13-MAR-10.
P.Welby, Ní Chiosáin, M & B Ó Raghallaigh; (2010) Une enquête phonétique préliminaire des consonnes initiales mutées de l'irlandais. [International Refereed Conference], PhonLex 2010 : Liaison and other sandhi phenomena, Université de Toulouse 2 Le Mirail , 08-SEP-10 - 10-SEP-10.
P.Welby, Ní Chiosáin, M & B Ó Raghallaigh; (2010) A phonetic investigation of Irish eclipsis. [International Refereed Conference], 6th Celtic Linguistics Conference, University College Dublin , 09-SEP-10 - 11-SEP-10.
M Ní Chiosáin; (2010) Organiser. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], 6th Celtic Linguistics Conference, University College Dublin , 09-SEP-10 - 11-SEP-10.
Ní Chiosáin, M & P.Welby ; (2010) The syllabification of Irish : a typological exception ?. [Poster Presentation (Refereed)], 12th Conference on Laboratory Phonology, University of New Mexico , 08-JUL-10 - 10-JUL-10.
Máire Ní Chiosáin & Pauline Welby (CNRS, Aix-en-Provence); (2009) An investigation of syllabification in Irish. [Plenary Lecture], Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics, University of Arizona, Tucson , 27-MAR-09 - 29-MAR-09.
Máire Ní Chiosáin & Jaye Padgett; (1998) Approaches to Locality and Segment Realisation. [Invited Lecture], South West Optimality Theory (SWOT), University of Arizona , 04-APR-98 - 05-APR-98.
Máire Ní Chiosáin & Jaye Padgett; (1997) Locality and segment realisation in spreading. [Invited Lecture], 3rd Holland Institute of Linguistics Phonology Conference (HILP3), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , 09-JAN-97 - 11-JAN-97.
Máire Ní Chiosáin; (1996) The syllable and the interaction of sonority restrictions in Irish. [Invited Lecture], The Phonology of the World's Languages: the syllable, Pézenas, France , 22-JUN-96 - 23-JUN-96.
Máire Ní Chiosáin; (1995) 'Optimal Forms of Vowel-stems in Irish'. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], 1st Celtic Linguistics Conference, UCD , 24-JUN-95 - 24-JUN-95.
Ni Chiosain, M; (1995) Co-organiser of the 1st Celtic Linguistics Conference (CLC1). [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], 1st Celtic Linguistics Conference (CLC1), UCD , 23-JUN-95 - 24-JUN-95.
Ni Chiosain, M; (1997) Co-organiser of 2nd Celtic Linguistics Conference (CLC2). [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], 2nd Celtic Linguistics Conference (CLC2), UCD , 20-JUN-97 - 21-JUN-97.
Maire Ni Chiosain; (2008) Claonfhéachaint ar mheath na Gaeilge i gContae an Chláir. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Teangeolaicht na Gaeilge X, University of Limerick , 18-APR-08 - 19-APR-08.
Ní Chiosáin, M.; (2007) 'Language Shift in Early 20th Century Ireland: A Quantative Analysis'. [International Refereed Conference], 27th Harvard Celtic Colloquium, Harvard , 05-OCT-07 - 06-OCT-07.
Ní Chiosáin, M. & Jaye Padgett; (2007) 'Inaithinteacht na codarsnachta caol/leathan sa Ghaeilge. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], Teangeolaíocht na Gaeilge IX, NUIM , 14-APR-07 - 14-APR-07.
Ní Chiosáin, M.; (2000) Co-Organiser of the 3rd Celtic Linguistics Conference (CLC3). [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], 3rd Celtic Linguistics Conference - CLC3, UCD , 26-MAY-00 - 27-MAY-00.
Máire Ní Chiosáin & Jaye Padgett; (2007) 'A perceptual study of Irish palatalisation'. [International Refereed Conference], 81st Linguistics Association of America Annual Meeting, University of California, Santa Cruz, Anaheim, California , 04-JAN-07 - 07-JAN-07.
Máire Ní Chiosáin & Fred Cummins; (2002) Phonological Variability as a Function of the Co-Speaker's Dialect and Task Constraints: A Case Study in Irish. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], Teangeolaíocht na Gaeilge, University College Dublin , 19-APR-02 - 19-APR-02.


Committee : Langues collatérales 2/Teangacha Comhthaobhacha 2/Collateral Languages 2


Year 1991 Institution: University of Massachusetts
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 1984 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BA Subject:

Other Activities

Editorial Board: Lublin Studies in Celtic Languages
Reviewing: Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Phonology, Language, Linguistic ReviewLinguistic Inquiry, Lingua, IRCHSS, National Science Foundation (US), West Coast Confernce on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL), IRAAL



Book Chapters

Migge, B., Ní Chiosáin, M. (2012) 'Preface' In: Migge, B., Ní Chiosáin, M (eds). New Perspectives on Irish English. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. , pp.vii-xiii Link to full text [Details]
Welby, P., M. Ní Chiosáin & B. Ó Raghallaigh (2014) 'La production des consonnes éclipsées chez de jeunes locuteurs de l'irlandais' In: Soum-Favaro, C., A. Coquillon & J-P Chevrot (eds). La liaison : approches contemporaines. Berne: Peter Lang. , pp.345-380 [Details]
Máire Ní Chiosáin with Jaye Padgett; (2009) 'Contrast, comparison sets, and the perceptual space'' In: Steve Parker (eds). Phonological Argumentation: Essays on Evidence and Motivation. London: Equinox Publishing. Series: Advances in Optimality Theory. [Details]
Máire Ní Chiosáin; (2008) 'The Irish language in Co. Clare in the early 20th century: a census-based perspective' In: Matthew Lynch & Patrick Nugent (eds). Clare: History and Society. Dublin: Geography Publications. , pp.503-520 [Details]
Ní Chiosáin, M.; (2007) ''Notes on Pronunciation'' In: Diarmaid Ó Muirithe (eds). A-Z Irish Names for Children. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan. , pp.171-184 [Details]
Máire Ní Chiosáin ; (2006) ''Meath na Gaeilge i gCléire'' In: In Doyle, A. & S. Ní Laoire eds (eds). Aistí ar an Nua-Ghaeilge - in ómós do Bhreandán Ó Buachalla. Baile Átha Cliath:: Cois Life. , pp.85-94 [Details]
Máire Ní Chiosáin with J. Padgett; (2001) ''Markedness, Segment Realization and Locality' in Spreading'' In: Linda Lombardi, ed (eds). Constraints and representations: segmental phonology in Optimality Theory. Cambridge:: Cambridge University Press. , pp.118-156 [Details]
Ni Chiosain, Maire; (1999) 'Syllables and Phonotactics in Irish' In: Ni Chiosain, Maire; (eds). The Syllable: Views and Facts. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter. , pp.551-575 [Details]
Ni Chiosain, Maire; (1997) 'Patterns of Epenthesis in irish' In: Almquist, Anders & Capkova, Vera (eds). Dan do Oide: A festschrift for Conn O Cleirigh. Dublin: The Linguistics Institute. , pp.367-378 [Details]

Edited Books

Bettina Migge & Máire Ní Chiosáin (Ed.). (2012) New Perspectives on Irish English. Amsterdam: Benjamins. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Ní Chiosáin, Máire & Padgett, Jaye; (2012) 'An Acoustic and Perceptual Study of Connemara Irish Palatalization'. Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 42 (2):171-191. [Details]
Ní Chiosáin, M, P. Welby & R. Espesser; (2012) 'Is the syllabification of irish a typological exception? An experimental study'. Speech Communication, 54 :68-91. [DOI] [Details]
Maire Ni Chiosain; (2007) ''Effects of synchronous speech task on length and prosody in interdialecal nonprestige varieties''. language variation and change, 19 (1):51-62. [Details]
Ní Chiosáin, M.; (1994) ''Irish Palatalisation and the Representation of the Place Features''. Phonology, 11 (1):89-106. [Details]

Other Journals

Ní Chiosáin, M.; (2004) ''Comh-thionchar chanúintí na Gaeilge'' Taighde agus Teagasc 4 :34-45. [Details]

Conference Publications

Welby, P., Ní Chiosáin, M, Ó Raghallaigh, B; (2011) A phonetic investigation of Irish eclipsis: Preliminary results and challenges 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences [Details]
Welby, P & Ní Chiosáin, M; (2010) La syllabification de séquences VCV en irlandais : une étude de perception Actes des XXVIIIemes Journées d'Étude sur la Parole (JEP) [Details]
Ní Chiosáin, M. & Padgett, J.; (2007) Contrast, comparison sets, and the perceptual space . In: Kaplan, A. & Teeple, D eds. Phonology at Santa Cruz (PASC) [Details]
Prys, D, Williams, B, Hicks, B, Jones, D, Ní Chasaide, A, Gobl, C, Carson-Berndsen, J, Cummins, F, Ní Chiosáin, M, McKenna, J, Scaife, R & Uí Dhonnachadha, E; (2004) WISPR: Speech processing resources in Welsh and Irish Proceedings of the SALTMIL Workshop: First steps in language documentation for minority languages Lisbon, [Details]
Ni Chiosain, Maire; (1995) Barra Gaelic Vowel Copy and (Non-)constituent Spreading . In: Aranovich, R., Byrne, W., Preuss, S. & Senturia, M eds. Thirteenth West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics , pp.3-15 [Details]
Ni Chiosain, Maire; (1994) Features and Underspecification: Evidence from Irish . In: Dressler, W.U., Prinzhorn, M. & Rennison J.R eds. 7th International Phonology Meeting , pp.157-164 [Details]

Electronic Publication

Ni Chiosain, Maire; (2000) Prosodic well-formedness and sonority constraints: epenthesis in Irish. Rutgers Optimality Archive: Electronic Publication Available Online [Details]

Research Papers

Ni Chiosain, Maire & Padgett, Jaye; (2007) Contrast, Comparison Sets, and the Perceptual Space. Research Papers [Details]
Ni Chiosain, Maire & Padgett, Jaye; (1993) Inherent VPlace. Research Papers Available Online [Details]


Research Interests

Research interests:

  • Phonology
  • Phonetics
  • Irish/Celtic phonology/phonetics
  • Language transition

Research projects:
  • An ultrasound investigation of Irish Palatalisation (collaborative research with Grant McGuire,  Jaye Padgett, University of California, Santa Cruz, and Ryan Bennett, Yale University); Supported by National Science Foundation, USA, 2014-6
  • Perception of palatalisation in Irish and Russian; Realisation of secondary contrasts in Irish (with Jaye Padgett, University of California, Santa Cruz)
  • Perception of syllables in Irish (with Pauline Welby, CNRS/University de Provence, Aix-en-Provence)
  • Production and perception of initial consonant mutations in Irish (with Pauline Welby, CNRS/Universite de Provence, Aix-en-Provence & Brian O Raghallaigh, Dublin City University)
  • Language shift in early 20th century Ireland


Research Projects

Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : Phonological alternations and the mental lexicon: insights from the processing of spoken Irish
Start Date / End Date : 01-JAN-13 / 31-DEC-13
Sponsor : Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)
Title : The production and perception of Irish initial mutations
Start Date / End Date : 01-JAN-10 / 31-DEC-10
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Celtic Linguistics Conference 6
Start Date / End Date : 03-AUG-09 / 31-JAN-11
Sponsor : Foras Na Gaeilge
Title : Focail - Phase 1
Start Date / End Date : 01-DEC-02 / 30-APR-03

Recent Postgraduates

PhD students:
Vanessa Mas-Moury. (2013) Co-tutelle, Joint supervision with Dr Moya Jones, Université Bordeaux 3. Language Attitudes of Parents in Irish-Medium Schools in County Dublin.
John Lonergan. (2013) Joint supervision with Dr Bettina Migge, UCD. An Acoustic and Perceptual Study of Dublin English Phonology.

Areas for prospective postgraduates:

  • Phonology
  • Phonetics
  • Irish /Celtic Phonology/phonetics
  • Minority/endangered language issues

Current Postgraduate Students

Fergus O Dwyer, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Secondary Supervisor



Modules Coordinated

201400   LING40230     Linguistics: Literature Review
201400   LING20020     Linguistics: Phonology II
201400   LING40050     Linguistics: Phonology
201400   LING20070     Linguistics: Minority and Endangered Langua
201400   LING40240     Linguistics: MA Thesis
201400   LING30080     Linguistics: Phonology III
201400   LING10030     Linguistics: Sounds in Language
201400   LING40220     Linguistics: Minority Languages


Internal Collaborators

External Collaborators

Jaye Padgett, University of California, Santa Cruz
Grant McGuire, University of California, Santa Cruz
Ryan Bennett, Yale University

Pauline Welby, Laboratoire Parole et Langage, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), University de Provence, Aix-en-Provence
Brian Ó Raghallaigh, Dublin City University

Pavel Iosad, University of Edinburgh