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Emer O'Beirne

Associate Professor

School Of Languages, Cultures & Linguis
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168515


After completing my BA (Mod.) in German and French at Trinity College Dublin, I spent a year studying critical theory at the University of California (Irvine) before completing my doctorate at the University of Oxford (Wolfson College). After two more years working as a lectrice at the University of Paris-Nanterre (Paris X),  I took up a Lectureship at the University of Exeter in the UK.I spent three very happy years there before deciding to return to Dublin to work at UCD.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2009.
Title: Module innovation support grant
Year: 2007.
Title: UCD Seed Funding - Comparative Literature
Year: 2006.
Title: UCD Seed Funding - Marc Augé
Year: 2004.
Title: IRCHSS (Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences)
Year: 1992.
Title: Université Paris-Sorbonne & Oxford University: One-year study bursary
Year: 1989.
Title: Oxford University: three-year postgraduate research scholarship
Year: 1989.
Title: Hutchinson-Stewart Postgraduate Literary Scholarship (three-year)
Year: 1988.
Title: University of California: one-year postgraduate scholarship
Year: 1988.
Title: TCD University Gold Medal


Association: ADEFFI (Association des études françaises et francophones d'Irlande), Function/Role: Member. Secretary 2007-2010
Association: Society for French Studies in the UK and Ireland, Function/Role: Member. Publicity Officer and Executive Committee member 1998-2002

Conference Contributions

Emer O'Beirne (2012) International conference. [Oral Presentation], Ineffacer: l'oeuvre et ses fins, University College Dublin , 14-DEC-12 - 15-DEC-12.
O'Beirne, E.; (2011) Nancy Huston: une fugue linguistique. [Invited Lecture], Les mots étrangers - seminar, Université de Paris, Université Paris Ouest, Institut des Amériques , 13-MAY-11 - 13-MAY-11.
Emer O'Beirne; (2008) Fiction, music, and the articulation of inside and outside: Lévi-Strauss, Huston, Echenoz. [International Refereed Conference], Interior Worlds, Newman House, Dublin , 03-SEP-08 - 04-SEP-08.
Emer O'Beirne; (2008) Artfully Arranged Trash in Jeff Wall and Jean Echenoz. [International Refereed Conference], The Aesthetics of Trash, UCD , 04-SEP-08 - 06-SEP-08.
Emer O'Beirne; (2007) Mobility and Stasis in the narrative of Jean Echenoz and the photography of Jeff Wall. [International Refereed Conference], La migrance à l'oeuvre, University College Dublin , 14-DEC-07 - 15-DEC-07.
Emer O'Beirne; (2006) When the Music Stops: Maurice Ravel and Jean Echenoz. [Invited Lecture], UCC Research Seminar, University College Dublin , 07-DEC-06 - 07-DEC-06.
Emer O'Beirne; (2006) Marc Augé: The teller told. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Because the World is Round: Perspectives on the Work of Marc Augé, Humanities Institute of Ireland , 05-DEC-06 - 05-DEC-06.
O'Beirne, E.; (2006) Empire and Culture. [Chaired Session], Empire and Culture, University College Dublin , 15-SEP-06 - 16-SEP-06.
O'Beirne, E.; (2006) Marc Augé's Theoretical Fictions. [International Refereed Conference], Society of French Studies annual conference, University of St Andrews , 01-JUL-06 - 03-JUL-06.
O'Beirne, E.; (2005) Echenoz and Toussaint: Televisual Narratives. [International Refereed Conference], The Image and the Creative Act, Universities of Newcastle, Pisa, and Siena and BALTIC Art Centre, Gateshead, , 01-JUN-05 - 04-JUN-05.
O'Beirne, E.; (2004) Under my skin: The drama of being in Alain Fleischer's Quatre voyageurs. [National Refereed Conference Paper], ADEFFI Annual Conference, Limerick , 01-OCT-04 - 02-OCT-04.
O'Beirne, C.; (2004) Jean Echenoz: making the earth move in Marseille. [International Refereed Conference], Murder and Mayhem in the Mare Nostrum, Monash University, Prato Campus, Italy , 04-JUL-04 - 07-JUL-04.
O'Beirne, E.; (2004) Memory Now / La mémoire aujourd'hui. [Chaired Session], Franco-Irish Literary Festival, Dublin Castle , 01-APR-04 - 03-APR-04.
O'Beirne, E.; (2004) Worlds apart: Houellebecq, Echenoz, and Darrieussecq. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], UCD French Research Seminar, UCD , 27-JAN-04 - 27-JAN-04.
O'Beirne, E.; (2003) Écrire la guerre. [Chaired Session], ADEFFI Annual Conference, Queens University Belfast , 04-OCT-03 - 04-OCT-03.
O'Beirne, E.; (2003) Sens et présence du sujet poétique. [Chaired Session], Sens et présence du sujet poétique, UCD , 06-SEP-03 - 06-SEP-03.
O'Beirne, E.; (2002) Getting away from it all: escape and the modern world in recent French fiction. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], QUB Research Seminar, Queens University Belfast , 28-NOV-02 - 28-NOV-02.
O'Beirne, E.; (2002) On the run: missing persons in Jean Echenoz and Marie Darrieussecq. [International Refereed Conference], Cultural Identities: Noir Fiction and Film in France and Italy - University of London, IRS, Institute for Romance Studies , 12-APR-02 - 13-APR-02.
O'Beirne, E.; (2002) Delacroix, Picasso, Djebar -- impossibilité d'un regard innocent. [Invited Lecture], Saint Andrews University research seminar, Saint Andrews University , 06-MAR-02 - 06-MAR-02.
O'Beirne, E.; (2001) Soi-même comme modèle: la trace du déjà-écrit dans Enfance de Nathalie Sarraute, Conference Le récit denfance et ses modèles,. [International Refereed Conference], Colloque de Cerisy: Le récit d'enfance et ses modèles, Centre culturel international de Cerisy , 27-SEP-01 - 01-OCT-01.
O'Beirne, E.; (2001) The Language Factor: international writers discuss translation,. [Chaired Session], Scríobh Literary Festival, Niland Contemporary Art Museum, Sligo , 15-SEP-01 - 15-SEP-01.
O'Beirne, E.; (2001) The Novel Today. [Chaired Session], Society for French Studies Annual Conference, UCD , 03-JUL-01 - 05-JUL-01.
O'Beirne, E.; (2000) Language and its absence in the late writings of Nathalie Sarraute and Samuel Beckett (Cassel Speaker). [Invited Lecture], The Rustle of Silence: Writing Silence in French Literature and Art, IRS, University of London, Institute of Romance Studies, University of London , 05-MAY-00 - 05-MAY-00.
O'Beirne, E.; (1998) Language, silence, and death in Nathalie Sarraute's late writings. [Invited Lecture], Modern Languages Research Seminar, St Andrews University, St Andrews University , 22-APR-98 - 22-APR-98.
O'Beirne, E.; (1997) International conference on detective fiction. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], The European Detective since 1945, University of Exeter, Exeter , 15-SEP-97 - 17-SEP-97.
O'Beirne, E.; (1996) Patrick Modiano's La Ronde de nuit: writing the Occupation. [International Refereed Conference], ISSEI Annual Conference (Utrecht): Memory, History, Critique, Utrecht , 08-AUG-96 - 12-AUG-96.


Committee : ADEFFI. Member; Secretary 2007-2010
Committee : Society of French Studies of the UK and Ireland
Committee : Publicity Officer and Executive Committee member, Society of French Studies of the UK and Ireland (1998-2002).
Committee : Co-editor, Irish Journal of French Studies (2003-06)
Committee : Member of Board of Directors, Alliance française de Dublin (2003-06)
Committee : Member of interview panel for permanent post in School of Philosophy, 13 July 2007.
Committee : Member of Organising Committee, Franco-Irish Literary Festival (2003-04)
Committee : Chair of interview panel for one-year post in German Department, 19 June, 2002.
Committee : Chair of interview panel for one-year post in Spanish Department, 15 August, 2001
Committee : Member of interview panel for permanent post in German Department, 21 June, 1999.
Committee : Member of interview panel for permanent post in School of Philosophy, 13 July 2007.
Committee : Member of QI/QA Review Coordinating Committee 1999-2000


Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Senior Lecturer in French
Employer: University of Exeter
Position: Lecturer in French
Employer: University of Warwick
Position: Part-time tutor in French
Employer: University of Oxford
Position: Part-time tutor in French


Year 1994 Institution: University of Oxford (Wolfson College)
Qualification: D.Phil Subject: French
Year 1988 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: BA (Mod) Subject:

Outreach Activities

Contributor to Scríobh Literary Festival 2001; contributor to Franco-Irish Literary Festival (ongoing).

Other Activities

Reviewer --

I have refereed proposed books for Oxford University Press and articles for Romance Studies, Forum for Modern Language Studes etc.
Numerous book reviews for French Studies, Forum for Modern Language Studies, Irish Journal for French Studies, Journal of European Studies, Modern Languages Review, New Comparison...

Assessor --

Assessor for annual R.H. Gapper Graduate and Undergraduate Essay Prizes awarded by the Society for French Studies.

Internal undergraduate (BA, B Comm) French studies; postgraduate MA French. PhD French (Cooke 2002). 

External Examiner (UG and MA), Department of French, University of Edinburgh, 2004-8.

External PhD Examiner: (Besle on Philippe Delerm, UU, 2007; Rumsford on Carter and Fleutiaux, Exeter, 2003); Research Masters (Eade on roman noir, Leeds 2001).



O'Beirne, E.; (2000) Edited Volumes: Crime Scenes: Detective Narratives in European Culture since 1945. : Rodopi. [Details]
O'Beirne, E.; (1999) Reading Nathalie Sarraute: Dialogue and Distance. : Oxford University Press. [Details]

Book Chapters

O'Beirne, E (2015) 'Opposer à la vie une fatigue sensationnelle : l'oeuvre de Jean-Philippe Toussaint' In: Brophy, M (eds). Ineffacer: l'oeuvre et ses fins. Paris: Hermann. , pp.225-238 [Details]
O'Beirne,E (2014) 'Nancy Huston: une fugue linguistique' In: Eells, E; Berthin, C; Déprats, JM (eds). L'Étranger dans la langue. Paris: Presses Universitaires de Paris-Ouest. , pp.325-343 Available Online [Details]
OBeirne, E; (2011) 'Sans domicile entre l'image et le récit: Jeff Wall et Jean Echenoz' In: Brophy, M. and Gallagher, M (eds). La Migrance à l'oeuvre: repérages esthétiques, éthiques et politiques. Bern: Peter Lang. , pp.191-210 Available Online [Details]
O'Beirne, Emer; (2009) 'Between Lack and Excess, Present and Past: Art in Marc Augé and Jean Echenoz' In: D Connon, G Jein, G Kerr (eds). Aesthetics of Dislocation in French and Francophone Literature and Art: Strategies of Representation. Oxford: Mellen. , pp.183-199 [Details]
Emer O'Beirne; (2008) '"Behind the Mask: Being, Performance and Form in Alain Fleischer's Quatre voyageurs"' In: P Gaffney, M Brophy, M Gallagher (eds). Reverberations: Staging Relations in French since 1500. Dublin: UCD Press. , pp.170-179 [Details]
O'Beirne, E.; (2003) 'Soi-même comme modèle : la trace du déjà-écrit dans Enfance de Nathalie Sarraute' In: Chevalier, A., Dornier, C (eds). Le récit d enfance et ses modèles: Actes de in Cerisy. France: Presses Universitaires de Caen. , pp.235-244 [Details]
O'Beirne, E.; (2000) 'From traffic to jamming: cars, music, and improvisation in Jean Echenozs Cherokee' In: in A. Mullen and E. OBeirne (eds), (Amsterdam: Rodopi) (eds). Crime Scenes: Detective Narratives in European Culture since 1945. , pp.183-194 [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

O'Beirne, E.; (2010) 'Marc Augé's Theoretical Fictions'. Romanic Review, 101 (3):445-467. [Details]
O'Beirne, E.; (2009) 'No Time for Art? Marc Augé, Michael Fried, Jeff Wall'. Irish Journal of French Studies, 9 :93-115. Available Online [Details]
O'Beirne, E; (2006) 'Mapping the Non-lieu in Marc Augé's Writings''. Forum for Modern Language Studies, 42 (1):38-50. [Details]
O'Beirne, E; (2006) 'Michel Houellebecq'. French Studies, 6 (4):481-482. [Details]
O'Beirne, E; (2006) 'Televisual Narratives: Echenoz and Toussaint''. Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, 10 (3):239-248. [Details]
O'Beirne, E; (2006) 'Navigating Non-lieux in Contemporary French Fiction: Houellebecq, Darrieussecq, Echenoz, and Augé''. Modern Language Review, 101 (2):391-405. [Details]
O'Beirne, E; (2005) 'Dying for Silence: Language and its Absence in the Late Writings of Nathalie Sarraute and Samuel Beckett''. Forum for Modern Language Studies, 41 (4):396-406. [Details]
O'Beirne, E; (2005) 'Marcel Proust aujourd'hui'. Irish Journal of French Studies, 5 :123-124. [Details]
O'Beirne, E.; (2003) 'Veiled Vision: Djebar, Delacroix, Picasso and the Femmes dAlger'. Journal of Romance Studies, 21 (1):39-51. [Details]
O'Beirne, E.; (1996) 'Patrick Modianos La Ronde de nuit: Writing the Occupation, (Proceedings of the Fifth ISSEI Conference, Utrecht, August 1996) MIT 1997 (on CD)'. Memory, History, Critique, . [Details]

Book Reviews

O'Beirne, E (1999) The words of others: Commonplace and novelistic creation in the works of Gustave Flaubert, Nathalie Sarraute, and Robert Pinget. Book Reviews [Details]
O'Beirne, E (2001) The geography of Vialatte: from Auvergne to the Rhineland. Papers from the May 29-30, 1996 Mulhouse colloquium. Book Reviews [Details]
O'Beirne, E (2005) The 'Roman noir' in post-war French culture: Dark fictions. Book Reviews [Details]
O'Beirne, E (2006) Michel Houellebecq. Book Reviews [DOI] [Details]
O'Beirne, E (2009) Fuzzy Fictions. Book Reviews [DOI] [Details]


Research Interests

Research areas include: Contemporary fictional narrative forms; urban space in contemporary French narrative; music and narrative; visual arts and narrative.

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : International Comparative Literature Seminar Series and visiting professorship
Start Date / End Date : 01-JUN-07 / 01-DEC-09