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Jeanne Riou

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Languages, Cultures & Linguis
Newman Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7168526


I have been a Lecturer in German at UCD since 1998. My research interests are in Continental Philosophy (especially German Philosophy); Cultural Theory; German literature of the Enlightenment, Romantic and Modernist periods; Intellectual History and Aesthetics. In 2009-2010, I was holder of an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship and based at the Institute for Cultural Studies, Humboldt-University Berlin. My research interests include areas in which literary and philosophical writings meet, or in which they reflect on related experience. I have supervised a substantial number of Minor Thesis dissertations, and welcome enquiries from graduate students interested in Comparative or interdisciplinary approaches, as well as those who would like to work within more traditional areas of German Studies.
My second monograph, Anthropology of Connection. Perception and its Emotional Undertones in German Philosophical Discourse (1880-1930) was published in 2014. It is a study of how theories of knowledge relate to our understanding of what it means to be human. I originally studied German and Modern English Literature at Trinity College Dublin, carried out doctoral research at the Universities of Würzburg, Hamburg and the Humboldt-University Berlin, taking a range of courses in Philosophy and Cultural Theory as well as German Literature and obtained my PhD from Trinity College Dublin in 1998. 
Since first coming to UCD in 1998, I have taught many different courses relating to my research interests, and always welcome the opportunity offered in meeting with students and in teaching to see that ideas are never 'fixed' for once and for all, but that understanding is an ongoing process.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2008.
Title: Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers
Year: 1994.
Title: DAAD Postgraduate Scholarship
Year: 1993.
Title: A.J. Leventhal Travelling Scholarship
Year: 1992.
Title: Trinity College Postgraduate Scholarship


Association: Irish Association of University Teachers of German, Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Graz, 2007; (2007) Coimbra Group Interdisciplinary Conference. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], Networks, Graz, Austria , 01-OCT-07 - 03-OCT-07.
Riou, Jeanne; (2006) Conference on Friedrich Schiller and Modernity. [Invited Oral Presentation], Annual Conference of the Association of Third Level Teachers of German in Ireland: Friedrich Schiller and Modernity, Goethe Institute, Dublin , 10-NOV-06 - 10-NOV-06.
Riou, J; *. [Conference Organising Committee Member], (Jointly with: Dept. of Germanic Studies, Trinity College Dublin Institute for Kulturwissenschaften, Humboldt University Berlin.) , * .
Riou, J; Netzwerke. Ästhetiken und Techniken der Vernetzung: 1800. 1900. 2000. [Conference Organising Committee Member], Netzwerke. Ästhetiken und Techniken der Vernetzung: 1800. 1900. 2000, * .
Riou, J; Engl. Trans. Networks. Aesthetics and Technologies of Networking: 1800, 1900, 2000. [Conference Organising Committee Member], (International Cultural Studies Conference), * .
Riou, J; (2002) Netzwerke. Ästhetiken und Techniken der Vernetzung: 1800. 1900. 2000. [Oral Presentation], Netzwerke. Ästhetiken und Techniken der Vernetzung: 1800. 1900. 2000, Nov. 2002, Dublin , 01-NOV-02.
Riou, J; (2002) The Fragile Tradition. German Cultural Imagination since 1500. [Oral Presentation], The Fragile Tradition. German Cultural Imagination since 1500, Cambridge. Oct. 2002 , Cambridge , 01-OCT-02.
Riou, J; (2003) Romanticism and Music. [Oral Presentation], Romanticism and Music, Dublin UCD. Dec. 2000 , Dublin , 01-DEC-03.
Riou, J; (2000) Royal Irish Academy Conference on Cultural Memory. [Oral Presentation], Royal Irish Academy Conference on Cultural Memory,, * , 01-NOV-00.
Riou, J; (1999) Goethes offene Tafel. [Oral Presentation], Goethes offene Tafel, London. May 1999 , London , 01-MAY-99.
Riou, J; (1995) Metaphor and Rational Discourse,. [Oral Presentation], Metaphor and Rational Discourse, Dublin, TCD, May 1995 , Dublin, TCD , 01-MAY-95.


Committee : Faculty of Arts Research Committee
Committee : Faculty of Arts Postgraduate Standing Committee
Committee : PAGES Committee
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Year 1991 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: BA Subject:
Year 1998 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: PhD Subject:



Outreach Activities

Interviewed in the Irish Times supplement on Higher Education Careers, February 2008, on working as a Researcher and Lecturer in German Studies.

Discussed the work of the writer Robert Musil in the RTE radio programme, "The Arts Programme", series: European Voices", on 13 May 2008.

Programme be downloaded at Voices/RobertMusil

Wed., June 6 2001, Letter published in the Irish Times "Letters to the Editor" and entitled the Role of the University.

Other Activities

Joint organiser with the University of Dublin, Trinity College and the Humboldt University, Berlin, of an international Cultural Studies conference, “Networks. Aesthetics and Technologies of Networking:1800. 1900. 2000”, which was held in Dublin, 31 October-3 November 2002 at Newman House, UCD, and at TCD.



Riou, J.; (2014) Anthropology of Connection. Perception and its Emotional Undertones in German Philosophical Discourse, 1870-1930. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann. [Details]
Riou, Jeanne; (2004) Imagination in German Romanticism. Re-thinking the Self in its Environment. : Peter Lang. [Details]

Book Chapters

Jeanne Riou; (2009) 'Aesthetic Imagination as Network? Approaches to Thought and Death in Rilke and Richard Beer-Hofmann' In: Jürgen Barkhoff, Helmut Eberhart (eds). Networking across Borders and Frontiers. A multidisciplinary Approach to Demarcation and Connectedness in European Culture and Society. Bern, Frankfurt/M., New York: Peter Lang. [Details]
Jeanne Riou; (2005) 'Music and Non-Verbal Reason in E.T.A. Hoffmann' In: S. Donovan & R. Elliott (eds). Music and Literature in German Romanticism. , pp.43-59 [Details]
Jeanne Riou; (2005) 'Joseph Roth's 'Bekenntnis zum Gleisdreieck': Technology, Experience and the Feuilleton in the 1920s' In: C. Emden & D. Midgley (eds.) (eds). Science, Technology and the German Cultural Imagination. , pp.157-181 [Details]
Jeanne Riou; (2004) 'Vernetzte Wahrnehmungen, getrennte Welten? Ernst Macn, Henri Bergson und die Organisation des Wissens um 1900' In: J. Barkhoff, H. Böhme, J. Riou (eds). Netzwerke. Eine Kulturtechnik der Moderne. Cologne, Weimar: Böhlau. , pp.155-173 [Details]
Jeanne Riou, Hartmut Böhme and Jürgen Barkhoff. (2004) 'Einleitung' In: Jeanne Riou, Hartmut Böhme and Jürgen Barkhoff (eds). Netzwerke. Eine Kulturtechnik der Moderne. Cologne, Weimar: Böhlau. , pp.7-17 [Details]
Jeanne Riou; (2004) 'Emphase, Rhapsodie, Reue: Die fließenden Grundlagen der Offenbarung in Augustinus' Bekenntnissen' In: N. Adamowsky & P. Matussek (eds). Auslassungen. Leerstellen als Movens der Kulturwissenschaft. , pp.313-319 [Details]
Riou, J; (2003) 'Historiography and the critique of culture. Schiller and Nietzsche' In: in: Anne Fuchs and Edric Caldicott (Eds.), , Peter Lang: Oxford, Bern 2003 (eds). Cultural Memory in European Literature. Oxford, Bern: Peter Lang. , pp.35-53 [Details]
Riou, J; (2000) 'The Currency of (Dis)Affection in Franz Grillparzer's 'Der arme Spielmann'' In: in: Jürgen Barkhoff, Gilbert Carr, Roger Paulin (Eds.),Jahrhundert, Tübingen 2000 (eds). Das schwierige 19. Jahrhundert. Tübingen: Niemeyer. [Details]
Riou, J; (2000) 'Ästhetische Naturwissenschaft? - Goethes Prometheus und die Überwindung bürgerlicher Rationalität' In: in: Heike Bartels, Brian Keith Smith (Eds.), Lampeter 2000 (eds). Essays on Goethe and Goethe Reception. Lampeter: Mellen Press. [Details]
Riou, J ; (1997) 'Imaginative Telepathies. The Re-Writing of Sensual Experience in the Age of Virtual Reality' In: in: Bernhard Debatin, Timothy Jackson, Daniel Steuer (Eds.), Tübingen 1997 (eds). Metaphor and Rational Discourse. Tübingen: Niemeyer. [Details]

Edited Books

Jeanne Riou & Mary Gallagher (Ed.). (2016) Re-thinking Ressentiment. On the Limits of Criticism and the Limits of its Critics. Bielefeld: transcript. Available Online [Details]
Jeanne Riou/Christer Petersen (Ed.). (2008) Zeichen des Krieges in Literatur, Film und den Medien, Bd. 3: Terror / Signs of War in Literature, Film and the Media, Vol 3: Terror. Kiel: Verlag Ludwig. [Details]
Riou, Jeanne/Barkhoff, Jürgen/Böhme, Hartmut (Eds.) (Ed.). (2004) Netzwerke. Eine Kulturtechnik der Moderne. Weimar: Böhlau. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Jeanne Riou (2013) 'Occupied Time: Loss, Mourning and Time as Haunting in Freud's 'Trauer und Melancholie' and 'Totem und Taboo''. Germanistik in Irland, 8 :43-56. [Details]
Jeanne Riou (2009) 'Wenn mehrere Künste im Spiel sind: Intermedialität bei E. T. A. Hoffmann by Ricarda Schmidt; E. T. A. Hoffmann and the Serapiontic Principle: Critique and Creativity. (Studies in German Literature, Linguistics and Culture) by Hilda Meldrum Brown'. Modern Language Review, 104 (2):590-593. [Details]
Jeanne Riou; (2006) 'Schiller's Aesthetic Education as Intervention'. Germanistik in Irland, 1 (1). [Details]
Jeanne Riou (2004) 'Rolf J. Goebel: Benjamin heute. Großstadtdiskurs, Postkolonialität und Flanerie. Margarete Kohlenbach, Walter Benjamin. Self-Reference and Religiosity'. Modern Language Review, 99 (4):1105-1106. [Details]


Theo Harden, Arnd Witte; (2000) Editorial collaboration on the volume: "The Notion of Intercultural Understanding in the Context of German as a Foreign Language". Bern, Oxford: Editorial [Details]


Böhme, H., Riou, J.; (2012) The Conquest of the Real by the Imaginary: On the Passio Perpetuae. Oxford: Translation [Details]
Ivo Schneider; (1999) The Acceptance of Science and Technologies in The Weimar Republic. Cambridge: Translation [Details]

Book Reviews

Riou, J; (1999) In: Arbitrium 2001, of: Daniel Steuer, Die stillen Grenzen der Theorie. Cologne/Weimar: Book Reviews [Details]


Research Interests

My research interests and publications are in Continental Philosophy (especially German Philosophy), The Relationship between Philosophy and Literature; Intellectual History; German literature of the Enlightenment, Romantic and Modernist periods; Cultural Theory; Aesthetics.

I enjoy supervising postgraduate theses in these fields, whether emerging from a taught MA programme, or as an MLitt or doctoral dissertation. Since my own work is interdisciplinary, I particularly welcome approaches from prospective students who feel curious about interdisciplinary thinking, or who are unsure how to frame an interdisciplinary project. At the same time, as someone whose own doctoral work was in German literature (although, with an emphasis on the relationship between German Romanticism and the philosophy of the 18th century), and who enjoys teaching and writing about German literature and criticism of the Modernist period, I also very much welcome expressions of interest from students whose background is in German Studies (German Literature/Comparative Literature). 

As an undergraduate at Trinity College Dublin, I qualified with a two-subject Moderatorship in German and Modern English. It has always fascinated me how literature and ideas, unlike politics, don't stop at national borders, and how culture(s) are phenomena we presume to know, but are complex, interlinked and symbolic. Accordingly, I
look forward to the exchange of ideas with students at all levels, and with prospective graduate students, and am likewise interested in postdoctoral exchange and collaboration.


Awarded Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for Senior Researchers in 2008, and was based at the Institute of Cultural Studies, Humboldt University Berlin as Research Fellow in 2009 and again from September-December 2010. 

Recent monograph: Anthropology of Connection. Perception and its Emotional Undertones in Phenomenology, Psychology, Physiology from 1880-1930. (Königshausen & Neumann: Würzburg 2014.)
Recent edited book: Ressentiment. On the Limits of Criticism and the Limits of its Critics. A book of essays, jointly with Mary Gallagher, Professor of French and Francophone Studies, UCD. (Transcript Verlag: Bielefeld) In Preparation for Publication in 2016. 

In Planning: Energy: History and  Conceptualization  of an Idea. (Book of interdisciplinary essays planned for 2018)