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My name is Phil Entwistle and I am the newly appointed Lecturer in Chinese Studies at UCD.

My disciplinary training is in Politics but my substantive interest is in China - a place where I have spent a lot of time travelling, studying, living, and talking to people about their lives and hopes.

My main field of expertise is the politics of ethnic, national and religious identity. For my DPhil, which I completed at Merton College, University of Oxford in 2014, I examined political engagement and national identity amongst young, urban Protestants. Prior to coming to UCD, I was working at the Mercator Institute for China Studies in Berlin as Academic Visiting Fellow.

I'm passionate about helping people understand China and its place in the world. At UCD, I aim to build teaching modules that will encourage students to engage with China in an academically rigorous way; and to think carefully about the ways in which culture and religion interact with politics.

As part of UCD's globalisation strategy, I also plan to work with colleagues in the School to develop courses aimed at helping newly arrived Chinese students to understand Europe, its culture, and the issues it faces.

I occasionally tweet @82hou.




Association: Association of Asian Studies, Function/Role: Member
Association: Political Studies Association, Function/Role: Member


Year 2014 Institution: Oxford University, UK
Qualification: DPhil Subject: Politics





Peer Reviewed Journals

Phil Entwistle (2016) 'Faith in China: religious belief and national narratives amongst young, urban Chinese Protestants'. Nations and Nationalism, 22 (2):347-370. Available Online [Details]

Published Reports

Phil Entwistle (2015) Bypassing the Party-State? The Implications of Urban Protestant Growth in China. Mercator Institute for China Studies, Berlin. Available Online [Details]

Book Reviews

Phil Entwistle (2016) Book Review: Lida V. Nedilsky, Converts to Civil Society: Christianity and Political Culture in Contemporary Hong Kong. Book Reviews Available Online [Details]


Research Interests

I research the politics of nationalism, ethnicity and religion, with a particular focus on China.

I look at how these affiliations interact with each other, and how they manifest in political views and activities.

At the moment, I am researching how Protestant Christians in mainland China engage with politics and nationalism - and the implications this has for the legitimacy of the party-state.


Teaching Philosophy

Modules Coordinated

201600   SLL40310     Languages, Cultures & Ling: Encountering Europe
201600   SLL20050     Languages, Cultures & Ling: EU-China Relations
201600   SLL30110     Languages, Cultures & Ling: Politics, Culture and Religion
201600   SLL20040     Languages, Cultures & Ling: Encountering China

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