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Muireann O'Dwyer

Research Scholarships

School Of Law



Muireann is a PhD candidate in the European Law and Governance PhD Programme. She is based in the School of Politics and International Relations.

Muireann is a Government of Ireland Scholar, as well as holding a SPIRe teaching scholarship.

Her research focuses on the post-crisis economic governance of the EU, including the European Semester, the Six Pack and the Two Pack. It uses a feminist critical framework analysis to explore the way that different understandings of gender (gender knowledge) are deployed in the creation and implementation of the new governance tools. 

MEconSc European Public Affairs and Law, UCD
MSc Democracy and Democratisation, University College London
BA English and Philosophy, NUI Galway 




Committee : Sibeal Research Network (Branch Representative)


Employer: Legal Studies
Position: Editorial Assistant



Conference Publications

Ms. Muireann O'Dwyer (2013) Travelling Concepts and Moving Targets: Feminist Theorising of EU Governance UCD Philosophy, Politics and Law Symposium [Details]
Ms. Muireann O'Dwyer (2013) The Master¿s Tools and the European House: The Challenge of Bringing Intersectional Methodology to EU Governance Studies Sibeal Annual Conference 2013 [Details]
Ms. Muireann O'Dwyer (2014) A Feminist Intervention in the Democracy Debates PSAI Postgraduate Conference [Details]
Ms. Muireann O'Dwyer (2014) Democracy, Gender and the EU CRonEM Annual Conference - Sex, Gender and Europe [Details]

Invited Seminars

Ms. Muireann O'Dwyer (2014) Intersectionality is for Everyone: Bringing Intersectional Methods to Law and Social Science. Invited Seminars [Details]


Research Interests

My primary research interest is in feminist approaches to post-crisis EU governance. I am also interested in EU studies more generally, in particular the questions of legitimacy, participation and ideology. I also have a strong interest in feminist theory, critical theory, political economy and qualitative methodology.