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Blanaid Clarke is an Associate Professor in Law in the Law School. In addition, she was one of the founding members of the Centre for Corporate Governance at University College Dublin. Blanaid is an an External Examiner in the University of Liverpool and the University of Limerick. Blanaid was a Visiting Scholar to the University of Queensland (2006), Parsons Visitor to the University of Sydney (2006) and CLP Fellow in Osgoode Hall Law School,Toronto (2008). She is a Member of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) Takeover Bids Network. In October 2010, Blanaid was appointed to the Central Bank Commission. In December 2010, she was invited to participate in a European Commission Expert Group on the future of EU company law.  

Bachelor of Civil Law Degree University College Dublin (1987). - Master of Business Studies (Banking & Finance) Degree, University College Dublin (1989) - Barrister at Law Degree, Honourable Society of Kings Inns (1990) - Corporate Finance Executive, Ulster Investment Bank (1989-1991) - Lecturer in Law, University College Dublin (1991 to date) - PhD in Law, University of Manchester (2001)


Honours and Awards

Year: 2006.
Title: Visiting Scholar, University of Queensland
Year: 2006.
Title: Parsons Visitor, University of Sydney
Year: 2008.
Title: CLPE Fellow, Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto

Conference Contributions

B Clarke; (2011) The Role of Advisers in Ensuring Compliance with the Takeover Rules. [Invited Lecture], Conference of International Takeover Regulators, Vienna , 07-SEP-11 - 08-SEP-11.
B Clarke; (2011) The Continuing Role Of Independent Directors On Our Corporate Boards. [Keynote Address], Towards Sustainable Companies: Identifying New Avenues,, University of Oslo , 29-AUG-11 - 30-AUG-11.
B Clarke; (2011) Discussant for session entitled - What have Member States Done with the Board Neutrality Rule. [Oral Presentation], Convention on Takeovers, Mergers and Acquisitions, vienna , 09-SEP-11 - 09-SEP-11.
B Clarke; (2011) Governance of Corporate Groups. [Chaired Session], Company Law Seminars, University of Oslo , 09-JUN-11 - 10-JUN-11.
Clarke B; (2010) Prsented a paper on Thirty Years of Corporate Legal scholarship in Ireland. [Invited Lecture], Irish Association of Law Teachers 30th Anniversary Seminar, Trinity College Dublin , 26-FEB-10 - 26-FEB-10.
Clarke B; (2009) I organised the conference and presented a paper titled 0 The Market for Corporate Control and the Takeover Bids Directive. [Chaired Session], The Takeovers Directive Five Years On - A Reflection of Takeover Regulation in Europe, Dublin , 04-DEC-09 - 04-DEC-09.
B Clarke (jointly with M. Paris-Dubozy); (2009) Joint Organiser and Session Chair. [Conference Organising Committee Chairperson], Third Legal Education Symposium, University College Dublin , 13-MAR-09 - 13-MAR-09.
B Clarke; (2009) ¿Corporate Governance¿ an Oxymoron? ¿ The Role of Corporate Governance in the Current Banking Crisis. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], Future of Financial Regulation, University of Glasgow , 30-MAR-09 - 31-MAR-09.
B Clarke ; (2009) ¿The Relevance of the Market for Corporate Control to the Banking Crisis¿. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], ESRC Corporate Governance, Regulation and Development Seminar Series,, University of Central Lancashire , 05-JUN-09 - 05-JUN-09.
Blanaid Clarke; (2008) Invited Paper 'The Role of Takeovers and Takeover Regulation in Shaping Corporate Governance'. [N/A], 3rd International Comparative Research in Law & Political Economy Workshop, Toronto , 20-MAR-08 - 21-MAR-08.
Blanaid Clarke; (2008) Presentation on Increasing Inclusion of Target Security Holders in Takeovers. [Oral Presentation], US Securities and Exchange Commission Conference of International Takeover Regulators, SEC Headquarters, Washington , 19-MAY-08 - 20-MAY-08.
Blanaid Clarke; (2008) Presented paper titled ESOPs - A New Agency Problem?. [National Refereed Conference Paper], The Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference 20080, London School of Economics , 15-SEP-08 - 18-SEP-08.
Clarke,B; (2007) Takeover Regulation - Through the Regulatory Looking Glass. [International Refereed Conference], Irish European Law Forum, Dublin , 19-JAN-07.
Clarke,B; (2007) Fiduciary Duties - European Style. [International Refereed Conference], Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference 2007, Durham , 10-SEP-07.
Clarke,B; (2006) Corporate Governance Regulation and Board Decision Making During Takeovers. [International Refereed Conference], Workshop on Corporate Governance, Regulation and Development, University of Manchester , 17-NOV-06.
Clarke, B.; (2006) Soft Law, Soft Regulation? The Implications for Regulatory Practice. [International Refereed Conference], 'Board Advice During Takeovers' Conference, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge , 13-SEP-06.
Clarke, B.; (2006) Insider Information ' The Fyffe's Case Study. [International Refereed Conference], The Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, Keele University , 05-SEP-06.
Clarke, B.; (2006) Interdisciplinary Law Degrees. [Invited Lecture], Symposium on Education, Teaching, Learning and Research in the Irish Legal Academy, Trinity College Dublin , 29-SEP-06.
Clarke, B.; (2005) The Regulation of Anti-takeover Measures - Articles 9 and 11 of the Takeover Directive (2004/25). [International Refereed Conference], The Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, Strathclyde, Scotland , 07-SEP-05.
Clarke, B.; (2005) Overview of Developments in European Corporate Governance. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Irish European Law Forum, Dublin , 10-DEC-05.
Clarke, B.; (2005) Corporate Governance and Market Controls. [Invited Lecture], IIR Corporate Governance, London , 15-NOV-05.
Clarke, B.; (2005) Corporate Governance and Market for Corporate Control in Europe. [International Refereed Conference], United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Round Table on Corporate Governance, Geneva , 09-FEB-05.
Clarke, B.; (2005) Corporate Governance as the Panacea to Agency Problems During a Takeover. [International Refereed Conference], Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, Liverpool , 31-MAR-05.
Clarke, B.; (2005) An Evaluation of the Impact of the EU on Irish Corporate Governance. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Annual Irish Association of Law Teachers Conference, Donegal , 20-MAR-05.
Clarke, B.; (2004) The Takeover Directive ' A Breakthrough?. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], British Institute of International and Comparative Law, London , 15-OCT-04.
Clarke, B.; (2002) Company Law and Financial Market Regulatory Regime ' Ireland. [International Refereed Conference], International Federation of European Law XX Congress, London , 30-OCT-02.
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Clarke, B.; (2006) The Market for Corporate Control in the EU. [International Refereed Conference], 27th McMaster World Congress, Toronto , 25-JAN-06.


Committee : Central Bank Commission
Committee : the European Securities and Markets Authority Takeover Bids Network


Year 1990 Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Qualification: BL Subject:
Year 1987 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BCL Subject:
Year 1988 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: DBS Subject:
Year 1989 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MBS Subject:
Year 2001 Institution: University of Manchester
Qualification: PhD Subject: Law



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Peer Reviewed Journals

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Conference Publications

Clarke B; (2010) Prsented paper on Directors Duties in a Changing World Regulation in the Age of Crisis, Standing Group on Regulatory Governance of the European Consortium for Political Research and the Regulation Network UCD, , 17-JUN-10 - 19-JUN-10 [Details]
Clarke B; (2010) Translating enlarged director duties into law: a European or a national approach? 10th European Corporate Governance Conference Brussels, , 06-DEC-10 - 07-DEC-10 [Details]
Clarke B; (2010) Directors as Stewards Rather than Auctioneers Reengineering the Corporation Queens University Belfast, , 09-SEP-10 - 10-SEP-10 [Details]

Published Reports

B. Clarke et al ; (2011) Report of the Reflection Group on the Future of EU Company Law. European Commission Internal Market and Services, Brussels. [Details]

Working Paper

Clarke B; (2011) Directors¿ Duties During an Offer Period Lessons from the Cadbury PLC Takeover. Working Paper [Details]
Clarke B; (2009) Where was the 'Market for Corporate Control' when we Needed it? - Research Paper No. 23/2009. Working Paper [Details]
Clarke B and Lynn T; (2010) The Irish Corporate Governance System - Research Paper No. 38/2010. Working Paper [Details]
clarke B; (2010) Reinforcing the Market for Corporate Control - Research Paper No. 39/2010. Working Paper [Details]


Research Interests

· Corporate Governance · Takeovers & Mergers Law · Securities Regulation . Financial Services Law · Contract · Company Law