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Imelda Patricia Maher

Sutherland Full Professor In European Law

School Of Law
Sutherland School of Law
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7164135


Imelda Maher is the Dean of Law and the inaugural Sutherland Full Professor of European Law.  She is interested in the relationship between law and governance especially in economic spheres.  She has published extensively in competition law and also on EU governance and presents her work regularly at international conferences and workshops.  

She was general editor of Legal Studies (2012-2017) and is a member of the editorial advisory boards of that journal as well as the European Law Journal and of the Irish Yearbook of International Law.  Before returning to Ireland in 2006, she worked at the London School of Economics; the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University (where she was Director of the Centre for Competition and Consumer Policy); Birkbeck College, University of London; and Warwick University.  She also has held Fellowships or visiting appointments at Peking University School of Transnational Law; the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London; Notre Dame Law School (London); Sydney University School of Law; The Europe Centre, Australian National University; and Lund University, Sweden.  In 2008 she gave the prestigious general course lectures on economic law and governance at the Academy of European Law, European University Institute, Florence. 

Professor Maher is a graduate of UCD (BCL), holds an LLM from Temple University and a Barrister-at-Law degree from the Kings Inns.  She was elected as a member of the UCD Governing Authority from 2013-2019.  Elected a Member of the Royal Irish Academy in 2011 she was Secretary for Polite Literature and Antiquities for the Humanities and Social Sciences from 2014-2018. She served on the Board of the Irish Humanities Alliance from 2014-2018 and was also a founding member of the European Law Institute (Vienna). She was elected to the Senate of hte National University of Ireland from the UCD Governing Authority in 2018 for a five year term. She was the first Irish woman to become President of the Society of Legal Scholars of the UK and Ireland (2016-2017), the largest scholarly society of common lawyers in Europe and hosted the SLS Annual Conference in September 2017 at the Sutherland School.  She was Academic Director for the UCD Sutherland School of Law building, working with the UCD Foundation, the School Development Council as well as colleagues, the architects and project team to realise the academic vision behind the School which opened in November 2013.  
Professor Maher welcomes enquiries from potential PhD candidates in the areas of EU Law and Governance and also Competition Law.  


Honours and Awards

Year: 2011.
Title: Member, Royal Irish Academy


Association: AllEA (All European Academies), Function/Role: Royal Irish Academy Representative. Member of WG on EU FP9 Programme
Association: Society of Legal Scholars in the UK and Ireland, Function/Role: Member of Executive 2012- ; President, 2016-2017; Vice-President 2015-2016
Association: European Law Institute, Function/Role: Founding Member and elected member of Council in September 2013-Sept 15
Association: Council of European Studies Research Network : European Integration and the Global Political Economy, Function/Role: member
Association: Irish Association of Law Teachers, Function/Role: member

Conference Contributions

Imelda Maher (2017) ¿Brexit, Free Movement Rights and Legal Fuzziness¿. [Invited Lecture], The EU and Human Rights in a Time of Crisis, NUI Maynooth , 27-JUN-17 - 27-JUN-17.
Imelda Maher (2017) Bordering Brexit: The Common Travel Area. [Invited Oral Presentation], Borders, Constitution and Money: An Expert Seminar, Belfast , 21-JUN-17 - 21-JUN-17.
Imelda Maher (2014) Beyond the Pale? Scholarship from other places in European Law Journals: The Euro zone Crisis as a case study. [Invited Oral Presentation], Euro-Crisis: Law and Interdisciplinarity, European University Institute, Florence , 15-DEC-15 - 16-DEC-15.
Imelda Maher (2015) The Influence of Eurozone reforms upon Internal Market Policies ¿ and Vice Versa?¿. [Invited Oral Presentation], Membership of the Union and Membership of the Euro: Inaugural Common Market Law Review Conference, Liverpool City Hall , 08-OCT-15 - 09-OCT-15.
Imelda Maher (2015) Crisis, Law and Legal Scholarship. [Oral Presentation], Socio-Legal Scholars Association Conference, University of Warwick , 01-APR-15 - 03-APR-15.
Imelda Maher (2016) 5. ¿Competition and the Single Market: Together but Apart?. [Invited Oral Presentation], The Single Market at 25: The Changing Political Economy of Europe, Cambridge University , 30-JAN-16 - 31-JAN-16.
Imelda Maher (2016) The Challenge of ECN Convergence in the Definition of Harm to Competition. [Invited Oral Presentation], The Notion of Restriction of Competition, Brussels , 01-FEB-16 - 02-FEB-16.
Maher, I; (2009) Discussant. [Invited Oral Presentation], Antitrust Marathon IV: With Authority, Dublin , 26-OCT-09 - 27-OCT-10.
Imelda Maher (2016) Brexit and the CTA. [Invited Oral Presentation], The Implications of Brexit, Royal Irish Academy , 15-NOV-16 - 15-NOV-16.
Imelda Maher (2017) Bordering Brexit: Free Movement and the Common Travel Area between Ireland and the UK. [Oral Presentation], Garrett FitzGerald School: Where To after Brexit/Trump? Navigating an Uncertain Future, UCD , 30-MAR-17 - 30-APR-17.


Committee : Irish Humanities Allliance Executive
Committee : UCD Governing Authority
Committee : Executive Committee, Society of Legal Scholars of the UK and Ireland
Committee : Council, European Law Institute
Committee : Private International Law Coordinating Committee of the American Bar Association Section of International Law


Year 1988 Institution: Hon Society of Kings Inns, IRL
Qualification: Barrister-at-Law Subject:
Year 1987 Institution: Temple University, PA, USA
Qualification: LLM Subject:
Year 1985 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BCL Subject:

Outreach Activities

Advisory Committee, Economic and Social Research Council Centre for Competition Policy, University of East Anglia, 2005-2015
Elected Secretary of Polite Literature and Antiquities for the Humanities and Social Sciences of the Royal Irish Academy 2014-2018.
Appointed Non-Governmental Advisor by the Irish Competition Authority to the International Competition Network, 2011.

Journals Edited

Legal Studies: Editor-in-Chief.
European Law Journal: Editor.



Dermot Hodson and Imelda Maher (2018) The Transformation of EU Treaty-Making: The Rise of Parliaments, Referendums and Courts since 1950. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Available Online [Details]
Ardy, B., Begg, I., Hodson, D., Maher, I., Mayes, D.; (2006) Adjusting to EMU. Basingstoke: Macmillan. [Details]
Imelda Maher; (1999) Competition Law: Alignment and Reform. Dublin: Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell. [Details]

Book Chapters

Imelda Maher (2017) 'The Networked (Agency) Regulation of Competition' In: Peter Drahos (eds). Regulatory Theory: Foundations and Applications. Canberra: ANU Press. , pp.693-709 Available Online [Details]
Imelda Maher (2017) 'The Challenge of European Competition Network Convergence in the Definition of Harm to Competition¿' In: D. Gerard, M. Merol and B. Meyring (eds). The Notion of Restriction of Competition. Brussels: Bruylant. , pp.87-108 Link to full text [Details]
Imelda Maher (2013) 'Interview with Imelda Maher' In: Daniel Mihail Sandru and Constantin Mihai Banu (eds). Interviewing European Union: Wilhem Meister in EU Law. Bucharest: Editura Universitară Bucharest. , pp.210-219 Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Imelda Maher (2013) 'The Law School: A Sense of Place' In: Moloney O'Beirne Architects (eds). UCD Sutherland School of Law. Cork: Gandon. Link to full text [Details]
Imelda Maher (2013) 'The Institutional Structure of Competition Law' In: Michael Dowdle, John Gillespie and Imelda Maher (eds). Asian Capitalism and the Regulation of Competition: Towards a Regulatory Geography of Global Competition Law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. , pp.55-78 Available Online [Details]
Imelda Maher (2012) 'Competition Policy' In: Erik Jones, Anand Menon, Stephen Weatherill (eds). The Oxford Handbook of the European Union. UK: Oxford. , pp.441-453 Available Online [Details]
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Maher, I.; (2008) 'Exploitative Abuses: Which Competition Policy, Which Public Policy?' In: Govaere, I., Ullrich, H (eds). Intellectual Property, Market Power and the Public Interest. Brussels: PIE Peter Lang. , pp.299-312 Available Online [Details]
Maher, I. ; (2007) 'Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights in Ireland' In: Anderman, S (eds). The Interface between Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. , pp.348-374 [Details]
Maher, I. ; (2007) 'EU Law' In: Ronald Tiersky and Erik Jones (eds). Europe Today: A Twenty-First Century Introduction. Boulder, Colorado: Rowman & Littlefield. , pp.317-342 [Details]
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Imelda Maher (1999) 'Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights: Evolving Formalism' In: Paul Craig, Gráinne de Búrca (eds). The Evolution of EU Law. Oxford: Oxford University Press. , pp.597-624 [Details]

Edited Books

Michael Dowdle, John Gillespie, Imelda Maher (Ed.). (2013) Asian Capitalism and the Regulation of Competition: Towards a Regulatory Geography of Global Competition Law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Available Online [Details]
Francis Snyder, Imelda Maher (Ed.). (2009) The Evolution of the European Courts: Institutional Change and Continuity/L¿évolution des juridictions européennes: Changements et continuité. Brussels: Bruylant. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Imelda Maher (2015) 'Guest Editorial: Changing Sovereignty in Europe'. Irish Journal of European Law, 18 (1):i. [Details]
Imelda Maher (2015) 'Competition Law Fragmentation in a Globalising World'. Law and Social Inquiry, 40 (2):553-571. Available Online [Details]
Dermot Hodson and Imelda Maher (2014) 'British Brinkmanship and Gaelic Games: EU Treaty Ratification in the UK and Ireland from a Two Level Game Perspective'. British Journal Of Politics & International Relations, 16 (4):645-661. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Imelda Maher (2012) 'Legal Scholarship Around the World: Traditions, Requirements and Relevance of Irish/British/Commonwealth Scholarship'. International Lawyer, 46 (2):645-655. Available Online Link to full text [Details]
Imelda Maher (2011) 'A Fine Balance: The National Courts, the European Commission and EU Competition law'. Dublin University Law Journal, 33 :152-171. Available Online [Details]
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Other Journals

Imelda Maher (2014) 'The New Horizontal Guidelines: Standardisation' Revista de Concorrencia e Regulacao IV (13) :19-34. Available Online Link to full text [Details]


Maher, I,Billiet, S,Hodson, D (2009) The principal-agent approach to EU studies: Apply liberally but handle with care. Editorial [DOI] [Details]

Book Reviews

Maher, I (2007) Conceptual foundations of antitrust. Book Reviews [DOI] [Details]

Working Paper

Imelda Maher (2018) Crossing the Irish Land Border after Brexit: The Common Travel Area and the Challenge of Trade. Dublin: Working Paper Available Online [Details]
Imelda Maher; (2007) Exploitative Abuses: Which Competition Policy, Which Public Policy?. Bruges: Working Paper [Details]
Imelda Maher; (2006) THE RULE OF LAW AND AGENCY: THE CASE OF COMPETITION POLICY. Working Paper [Details]


Research Interests

Her main research interest is in law and governance and her work straddles the two domains of competition law and EU law. Her current work (with Dermot Hodson) is a study on treaty ratification in the EU.


Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Legal Studies
Start Date / End Date : 01-JAN-13 / 31-DEC-17
Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : A Feminist Investigation of European Union Governance
Start Date / End Date : 01-OCT-13 / 30-SEP-16
Sponsor : Enterprise Ireland (EI)
Title : Coordination Workshop for Partners, 26-28 Sept 2016, Florence
Start Date / End Date : 22-AUG-16 / 21-FEB-17
Sponsor : Enterprise Ireland (EI)
Title : CULT-COOP-01-2017 Maastricht, 23 November 2016
Start Date / End Date : 19-OCT-16 / 19-APR-17
Sponsor : Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)
Title : PhD programme in EU Law and governance
Start Date / End Date : 11-NOV-06 / 31-JUL-07

Recent Postgraduates

Recent postgraduate students include:
Dr. Marek Martyniszyn, School of Law, Queens University Belfast, (UCD School of Law PhD Scholarship holder)
Dr. Oana Stefan, Dickson Poon School of Law, Kings College London, (UCD Ad Astra Scholar)
Dr. Yichen Yang, MPhil (UCD), School of Law Sichuan University (Chinese Scholarship Council).


Teaching Philosophy

My courses all are student-centred with an emphasis on cooperative and reflective learning. Group work is a strong feature and given students come from a range of social sciences, a law in context approach is taken.


Internal Collaborators

Colin Scott, Sutherland School of Law

External Collaborators

Dr. Dermot Hodson, School of Politics, Birkbeck, University of London
Dr. Oana Stefan, Dickson Poon School of Law, Kings College London
Assoc Prof Michael Dowdle, School of Law, National University of Singapore
Professor John Gillespie, Monash University 
Dr. Anestis Papadopoulos, KPP Law, Athens 
Professor Francis Snyder, Peking University, School of Transnational Law 
Professor Peter Drahos, European University Institute 
Professor Iain Begg, European Institute, LSE
Professor David Mayes,  University of Auckland
Brian Ardy, Southbank University