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Shane Whelan


School Of Mathematical Sciences
James Joyce Library Building
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7167155


BSc (Mathematical Sciences, UCD, 1985),
PhD (Actuarial Mathematics, Heriot-Watt, 2003)
FFA (Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland from 1994)
FSAI (Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland from 1994)
FSA (Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (US) from 2004, ASA from 1996)
Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society from 1997.

Learned Societies

Managing Editor of British Actuarial Journal from 2010.
Guest Editor Special Issue of British Actuarial Journal on Mortality Modelling in 2009 Council Member of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland from 2003;
Honorary Secretary of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2005-2008.
Council Member of Faculty of Actuaries (UK ), 2001-2004.
Council Member of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland, 1998-2001.

External Examiner

BSc in Actuarial Science University of East Anglia, 2009 to date;

MSc/PDip in Actuarial Science, Southampton University , 2009 to date;

PhD Thesis, School of Mathematics, University of Nairobi in 2010;

BSc in Actuarial Science in City University, London , 2004-2009;

Postgraduate Programme, School of Business, Waterford, 2005 -2007;

Dublin City University in Financial Economics (Mathematical Sciences), 1999-2005;


Member of the Central Statistics Office (CSO) Expert Group on Population Projections (National and regional) and Labour Force Projections from 2007.

Adviser to CSO on mortality modelling, 2007 to date.


Career Summary
On graduating from UCD with a degree in the Mathematical Sciences in 1985, I began as an actuarial student with Duncan C. Fraser & Co., a long established partnership of actuaries. I worked closely with the senior partner, Brian S. Reddin, on civil litigation and pensions. In 1990, I joined New Ireland Investment Managers where I was an investment analyst and later a fund manager. From 1996, I played a senior management role with Friends First (previously Friends Provident in Ireland) where I was a company director and head of strategy.

Over the period between my joining in 1996 and leaving in 2000, Friends First were ranked number one in the important pension managed fund category. With my fellow directors, we formed the investment department into a separate investment company and were successful in growing new business, both segregated and unitised. Funds under management grew from £700 million in 1996 to £3,500 million by 2000. At the time of my departure, I was second in command (Deputy Investment Director) of Friends First Asset Management.

In the summer of 2000 I established my own actuarial consultancy, specialising in financial research work. Clients included the Irish Association of Pension Fund, Hibernian Investment Managers, several IFSC companies, and three actuarial consultancy firms with projects ranging from attempting to change the real interest rate in assessing damages in court cases to advising one of Europe's leading investment consultancies on the strategic direction of their business in Europe.

I joined the Department of Statistics in UCD at the start of September 2001 where I lecture final year undergraduate and Masters' students in Stochastic Modelling, final year students in Institutional Investment, in Asset-Liability Modelling, in Actuarial Risk Management and courses in general statistics. In September 2004, I was appointed Head of Department, which was renamed the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science. From September 2005, I am a member of the new School of Mathematical Sciences. When Director of the BAFS degree programme I was successful in having it fully Accredited by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK) with the most exemptions from the professional actuarial exams of all undergraduate courses in Europe (i.e., CT1-8 and CA1). I am Director of Professional Work Placement for BAFS since 2008.




Association: Society of Actuaries in Ireland, Function/Role: Fellow + Former Member of Council
Association: Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland, Function/Role: Fellow + Former Council Member
Association: Royal Statistical Society from 1997., Function/Role: Fellow
Association: Society of Actuaries (US) from 2004., Function/Role: Fellow
Association: Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland , Function/Role: Council Member + Former Honorary Secretary



Whelan, S.F.; (2002) Prudent Pension Planning. : Hibernian Investment Managers. [Details]
Whelan, S.F.; (1999) From Canals to Computers: The Friends First Guide to Long-Term Investment in Ireland. : Friends First. [Details]

Book Chapters

Whelan, S.; (2010) 'The Quantification of Investment Risk for Pension Funds (Chapter 1)' In: Pension Fund Risk Management. US: Chapman Hall. [Details]
Whelan, S.; (2009) 'Principles and Practice of Assessing Damages for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death in Ireland' In: Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Damages Calculations: A Trans-Atlantic Dialogue. US: Emerald Press/Elsevier. [Details]
Whelan, S.; (2008) 'An Ideal Crisis' In: Risk Management: The Current Financial Crisis, Lessons Learned and Future Implications. US: Society of Actuaries (US), the Casualty Actuarial Society, & the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. [Details]
Whelan, S.; (2008) 'Actuaries' Evaluation of the Utility of Financial Economics' In: Fabozzi, F (eds). Handbook of Finance. New York: John Wiley & Sons. [Details]

Edited Books

Whelan, S (Ed.). (2009) British Actuarial Journal, Vol 15, Supplement. UK: Institute & Faculty of Actuaries. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Whelan, S.; (2009) 'Contribution to Discussion of 100 Years of State Pension: Learning from the Past by Tony Salter, Andrew Bryans, Colin Redman, & Martin Hewitt'. British Actuarial Journal, . [Details]
Whelan, S.; (2008) 'Contribution to Discussion of Scoping Mortality Research (Report of the Mortality Research Steering Group) by C. Macdonald'. British Actuarial Journal, . [Details]
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Other Journals

Whelan, S.; (2006) 'Bull and Bear or Simply All Bull? Risk & Rewards' Society of Acturies 48 :22-30. [Details]

Conference Publications

Whelan, S. F., Lucey, B.; (2002) How to Profitably Exploit Seasonalities in Equity Markets 22nd International Symposium on Forecasting 2002 Trinity College, Dublin, , 24-JUN-02 - 24-JUN-02 [Details]
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Whelan, S.; (2005) Pension Provision in Ireland for 21st Century Delivered to the Irish Association of Pension Funds Annual Benefits Conference, 22nd September 2005 Radisson SAS St Helen¿s Hotel, Dublin , , 22-SEP-05 - 22-SEP-05 [Details]
Whelan, S.; (2004) Measuring Investment Risk in Pension Funds Delivered to the Society of Actuaries in Ireland, 24th February 2004 and a UK version delivered on 27th July 2004 at Staple Inn, London to a joint meeting of the UK Actuarial Profession, INQUIRE , and UKSIP [Details]
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Whelan, S.; (2002) 102 Years of Financial , Economics Half-day Seminar on Financial Economics, Institute & Faculty of Actuaries Staple Inn, London, , 16-SEP-02 - 16-SEP-02 [Details]

Published Reports

Whelan, S.; (2005) Pension Provision in Ireland for 21st Century. Irish Association of Pension Funds, Dublin. [Details]

Newspaper Articles

Whelan, S.; (2009) State Must Take Over Pensions to Plug the ¿30bn Gap. Opinion piece in Irish Independent, 15 January 2009. Newspaper Articles [Details]
Whelan, S.; (2008) Private Pension Promises are only as Secure as Junk Bonds. Opinion piece in Sunday Business Post, 14 December 2008. Newspaper Articles [Details]
Whelan, S.; (2006) Reforming our Pensions. Newspaper Articles [Details]
Whelan, S.; (2005) Pensions Crisis: What Crisis? Opinion piece in Sunday Business Post (Ireland), 16th October 2005. Newspaper Articles [Details]


Whelan, S.; (2003) Actuarial Investigations in Irish Capital Markets. Dissertations/Theses [Details]


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Whelan, S.F.; (2000) Investing the National Pensions Reserve Fund (Published by the Irish Association of Pension Funds). Reports [Details]

Invited Seminars

Whelan, S.F.; (2001) Empirical Regularities & Statistical Complexities in Modelling the Markets. Invited Seminars [Details]
Whelan, S.F.; (2000) ART and the Actuary in the 21st Century. Invited Seminars [Details]
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Whelan, S.F.; (2002) Participated in a debate on the real rate of return to compensate for personal injury. Invited Seminars [Details]
Whelan, S.F.; (2002) 101 Years of Financial Economics. Invited Seminars [Details]

Presented Papers

Whelan, S.; (2001) A Promising Timing Strategy in Equity Markets. Presented Papers [Details]
Whelan, S.; (1998) Irish Financial Markets: An Actuarial Retrospective. Presented Papers [Details]
Whelan, S.; (1998) Night Fears of an Irish Fund Manager. Presented Papers [Details]
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Whelan, S.; (2004) Report on Investment Risk in DB Pension Schemes. Presented Papers [Details]

Invited Lectures

Whelan, S.F.; (2000) Investing in the Future, Irish Association of Pension Funds, Annual Conference. Invited Lectures [Details]
Whelan, S.F.; (2000) Particle Finance: The Future of Investing, 13th Colloquium, The Actuary in the 21st Century Challenge and Change. Invited Lectures [Details]
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Whelan, S.F.; (2003) Investing Endowments: The Investment Manager's Perspective. Invited Lectures [Details]

Research Papers

Whelan, S.F.; (2001) Irish Pension Funds: Size, Growth and Composition of Assets. Research Papers [Details]


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Research Interests

Actuarial Science, Mortality, Pension Funds, Capital Markets

Dr Whelan is currently the Managing Editor of the British Actuarial Journal, having previously been a Guest Editor. Shane's research interests are in all aspects of actuarial science, especially (a) mortality modelling (b) pension funds (design, funding and investment strategies), and (c) modelling capital and investment markets.

His career to date and current research interests have been profiled in the September 2005 issue of Significance (the Magazine of the Royal Statistical Society). Much of Shane's research is available from his personal website at