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Marc Casals

Post Doc Research Fellow Lvl Ii

School Of Mathematical Sciences
Belfield Office Park - 8
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7165379



Peer Reviewed Journals

M.Casals, P.Kanti and E.Winstanley (2006) 'Brane Decay of a (4+n)-Dimensional Rotating Black Hole II: Spin-1 Particles'. Journal of High Energy Physics, . [Details]
Casals, M; Dolan, S; Kanti, P; Winstanley, E; ; (2007) 'Brane decay of a (4+n)-dimensional rotating black hole. III: spin-1/2 particles'. J HIGH ENERGY PHYS, 3 . Available Online [Details]
M.Casals, S.R.Dolan, P.Kanti and E.Winstanley (2008) 'Bulk Emission of Scalars by a Rotating Black Hole'. Journal of High Energy Physics, 06 . [Details]
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M.Casals, S.R.Dolan, A.C.Ottewill and B.Wardell (2009) 'Self-Force Calculations with Matched Expansions and Quasinormal Mode Sums'. Physical Review D, 79 . [Details]
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Casals, M,Dolan, SR,Kanti, P,Winstanley, E; (2009) 'Angular profile of emission of non-zero spin fields from a higher-dimensional black hole'. Phys Lett B, 680 :365-370. [DOI] [Details]
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