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Anita McKeown

Creative Arts & Technol Access Lab Mngr

School Of Education

Tel: +353 1 716


Anita is director of the new CATALYST initiative at SMARTlab UCD. CATALYST is SMARTlab's Creative Arts Technology Access Lab for Youth engagement, Social inclusion and Technology transfer. Anita manages a large team of artists and technologists in residence who will work with the lab and the wider community from our Dublin studio base at UCD.

Anita is an interdisciplinary artist, producer, curator and researcher working in the public domain and brings this experience in combination with almost 20 years experience in financial and arts administration and project management to CATALYST.

CATALYST is a set of practice-based research studios, related to SMARTlab's nine research groups which cover many trans-disciplinary fields : Digital Media, Site-Specific Participatory Arts, Performance Practice, Gaming and Virtual Worlds, Design for Inclusion, Assistive Technologies, ITC4d, SMARTfashion, Music Technology, Creative Pedagogy, Learning for All, HCI-Robotics and Haptics, Sustainable Technology Innovation/Community Tech, Future Emerging Technologies.

The remit of CATALYST is to foster:

- The promotion of close collaboration across multiple disciplines;

- Complete access to all, coming from inside and outside UCD;

- Diverse creative footprints;

- Serious Fun;

- Flexibility.

Anita has worked for a number of organisations within the arts, e.g. ART.e @ the art of change, Lewisham Youth theatre, Music in Prisons, Razor Edge Theatre Company and Heart N Soul Theatre Company, utilising her extensive experience of project development and management as well as cross-arts experience within a range of contexts.

In 2004 she won the prestigious Bravo Award, the only non-U.S. Citizen to do so for a digital public art project in Memphis, TN, and her work continues to be exhibited and performed nationally and internationally.

She is Co-founder and Creative Director of Arts Services Un-incorporated (ASU) a not-for-profit community arts organisation established in 2006 and based in southeast London. In 2008, she was elected by invitation to the Royal Society of Arts.




Conference Publications

Inter Symposium of Electronic Arts; (2011) Towards Co-authoring Communitas: Considering the potential of digital art interventions within place-making as a process of becoming ISEA 2011 Istanbul [Details]
Inter Symposium of Electronic Arts; (2010) Diggers and Dreamers of the 21st Century, Open source, Creative Commons and Digital Folklore ISEA 2010 Ruhr [Details]


Research Interests

Current Research - Monumental Ephemerality; Artists' Interventions as a contribution to Placemaking.

Research Interests:

Socially Engaged Public Art Practice

Context Responsive Art Practice

Digital Participatory Art


Ecological, Dialogical and Relational Aesthetics

Open-source Software

Green Technology, Permaculture as a Design System

Place / Project  / Inquiry based Learning

STEM Teaching and Learning through  the Arts