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Alex Cheong

Research Fellow

Systems Biology Ireland
Conway Institute
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 716


I was born and raised in the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. After my A-levels, I won a full scholarship to study Pharmacology at University College London. I enjoyed my final year project so much that I took on a British Heart Foundation PhD studentship at the University of Leeds to study vascular ion channels with Prof David Beech. I moved from electrophysiology and pharmacology to molecular biology during my postdoc (with Dr Ian Wood) and won a British Heart Foundation Intermediate Fellowship to study transcriptional repressors.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2006.
Title: British Heart Foundation Intermediate Research Fellowship
Year: 2006.
Title: Leeds University Development Fellowship in Integrative Membrane Biology
Year: 1993.
Title: Laureate Scholarship


Employer: University of Leeds
Position: Post-doctoral research assistant
Employer: University of Leeds
Position: Independent Research Fellow


Year 1997 Institution: University College London
Qualification: BSc Subject: Pharmacology
Year 2001 Institution: University of Leeds
Qualification: PhD Subject: Pharmacology





Book Chapters

Beech DJ, Cheong A, Flemming R, Guibert C and Xu SZ; (2001) 'Modulation of vascular K+ channels by extracellular messengers' In: SL Archer and NJ Rusch (eds). Potassium channels in cardiovascular biology. New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

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Research Interests

I am a molecular biologist working on how transcription factors regulate gene expression. This is achieved through a new technique that I developed here at UCD, based on the secreted Gaussia luciferase. This new method, coupled with thermostatiscal analysis and mathematical modelling, enables me to unravel the complex transcriptional crosstalks at the promoter level. I have recently applied this technique to describe crosstalks between the transcription factors HIF and NfKB during hypoxic inflammation.


Internal Collaborators

Prof Cormac T Taylor
Prof Boris N Kholodenko

External Collaborators

Dr Till D Frank, University of Connecticut, USA
Dr Ian C Wood, University of Leeds, UK