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Cecilia Aoibhinn Lynch

Clinical Lecturer

School Of Medicine




Conference Contributions

Lynch, A (2014) Peer groups: What works?. [Oral Presentation], College of Psychiatrist's Ireland Winter Meeting, Kildare , 13-NOV-14 - 13-NOV-14.
Lynch, A (2014) Delirium: Challenging behaviour in acute hospitals. Changing attitudes to improve care. [Oral Presentation], National Conference on Dementia Care in Acute Hospitals, Cork , 31-JAN-14 - 31-JAN-14.
Barrett, A; Kennelly, S; Lynch, A; Ni Chorcorain, A; O'Regan, N (2014) Think delirium, write delirium, treat delirium! An e-learning collaboration to improve detection, diagnosis and management of delirium. [Poster Presentation], Irish Gerontological Society Annual Meeting, Galway , 09-OCT-14 - 11-OCT-14.
Mullin, K; Wrigley, M; Lynch, A (2014) Psychotic symptoms inpatients presenting to an urban psychiatry of old age (POA) service in Ireland. [Poster Presentation], Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Congress, Perth, Australia , 11-MAY-14 - 15-MAY-14.
Lynch, A (2013) Late onset psychosis. [Oral Presentation], ECNP School of Old Age Psychiatry, Venice , 28-APR-13 - 02-MAY-13.
Lynch, A (2013) CPD: A lot done, more to do. [Oral Presentation], College of Psychiatrists of Ireland, Winter Meeting, Dublin , 07-NOV-13 - 08-NOV-13.
Cronin, N; Kelly, A; Wrigley, M; Lynch, A (2010) Improving knowledge of delirium - Introducing an educational leaflet for hospital staff. [Poster Presentation], 6th Congress of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society, Dublin , 29-SEP-10 - 01-OCT-10.
Wan Salleh, Z; Mannix, C; Boyle, M; Wrigley, M; Lynch, A (2010) Psychiatry of old age secretarial staff: an audit of telephone calls. [Poster Presentation], College of Psychiatry Ireland, Winter Meeting, Belfast , 15-NOV-10 - 15-NOV-10.
Moynihan, G; Lynch, A (2010) Patients' understanding of their medication in an Old Age Psychiatry Day Hospital. [Poster Presentation], 6th Congress of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society, Dublin , 29-SEP-10 - 01-OCT-11.


Committee : Professional Competence Committee, Psychiatrists of Ireland



Peer Reviewed Journals

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