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David Croucher

Research Fellow

Systems Biology Ireland
Conway Institute
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 716


Dr. Croucher's PhD research was undertaken at the University of Wollongong in the lab of Assoc Prof Marie Ranson and focused on the function of the serine protease inhibitor (Serpin) PAI-2, specifically to gain an in-depth understanding of the receptor mediated endocytosis of PAI-2 and the functional consequences for plasminogen activation, cell proliferation and migration. At the completion of his PhD studies his work was recognised by receipt of the Premiers Award for Outstanding Cancer Research Scholar from the Cancer Institute of NSW.

His post-doctoral work at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in the lab of Prof. Roger Daly was funded by the receipt of an Early Career Development Fellowship from the Cancer Institute of NSW. His work was focused on dissecting the mechanism of action for various oncogenes, including the F-actin binding protein, Cortactin and of the novel pseudokinase SgK269.
In 2011 he moved to the lab of Prof Walter Kolch at Systems Biology Ireland to undertake further post-doctoral work. His project involved the development of a systems level model of the signalling pathway downstream of the neurotrophic receptor TrkA, with a particular focus on its ability to modulate the Myc family of transcription factors and thereby control cell fate decisions in neuroblastoma.
Upon receipt of a Starting Investigator Research Grant from Science Foundation Ireland, Dr. Croucher started an independent research group based in Systems Biology Ireland. His research group is focused upon the investigation of network level signalling aberrations induced by oncogenes, specifically how this network behaviour enhances the process of tumourigenesis and leads to therapeutic resistance.




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Research Projects

Sponsor : Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
Title : SIRG: Crosstalk between ErbB2 and breast cancer associated receptor tyrosine kinases in resistance to ErbB2 target therapies
Start Date / End Date : 01-MAY-12 / 01-MAY-16
Sponsor : Breast Cancer Campaign, UK
Title : Network level modelling of JNK signalling in Breast Cancer
Start Date / End Date : 12-AUG-13 / 11-AUG-14