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David Galvin

Clinical Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Medicine



Graduated RCSI 1996

MD Thesis in UCD / Mater 2000-2002

Urology Higher Surgical Training 2002-2008

Urologic Oncology Fellowship, Memorial Sloan Kettering, NY 2008-2010

Consultant Urologist, NHS Colchester, Essex, UK 2010-2011

Consultant Urologist, Mater & St Vincent¿s hospitals, UCD 2011-

Chair, National Urological Leads group, NCCP

Head of Research, Irish Society of Urology

Principal Investigator, IPCOR project, funded by Movember

Clinical Urologist specialising in the treatment of Urological cancers of the Prostate, Bladder and Kidney.

UCD Medicine Research Individual Investigator 




Association: European Urological Association, Function/Role: Mmeber
Association: Irish Society of Urology, Function/Role: Member
Association: British Association of Urological Surgeons, Function/Role: Member
Association: Irish Society of Urology, Function/Role: Head of Research

Conference Contributions

Galvin, D (2016) IPCOR - Realising the potential in a national registry. [Oral Presentation], 2nd John Fitzpatrick Irish Prostate Cancer Conference, Dublin , 21-APR-16 - 22-APR-16.
Galvin, D (2016) IPCOR: Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research. [Oral Presentation], Irish Association of Urology Nurses Conference, Dublin , 29-JAN-16 - 29-JAN-16.


Committee : National Urological Cancer Leads Group, NCCP

Journals Edited

Urology: Reviewer.
Bju International: Reviewer.

Other Activities

1.5meuro funding for IPCOR, Movember and ICS

Educational Grant 50k euro from Astellas 



Peer Reviewed Journals

Nupur, N; Millar, J; Davis, ID; Costello, S; Duthie, JB; Mark, S; Delprado, W; Smith, D; Pryor, D; Galvin, D; Sullivan, F; Murphy, AC; Roder, D; Elsaleh, H; Currow, D; White, C; Skala, M; Moretti, KL; Walker, T; De Ieso, P; Brooks, A; Heathcote, P; Frydenberg, M; Thavaseelan, J; Evans, SM (2016) 'Development of indicators to assess quality of care for prostate cancer'. European Urology, . [Details]
Foley RW, Maweni RM;Gorman L;Murphy K;Lundon DJ;Durkan G;Power R;O'Brien F;O'Malley KJ;Galvin DJ;Murphy TB;Watson RW (2016) 'The ERSPC Risk Calculators Significantly Outperform The PCPT 2.0 In The Prediction Of Prostate Cancer; A Multi-Institutional Study'. BJU International, . [DOI] [Details]
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O'Kelly F, Thomas AZ;Murray D;Lee P;O'Carroll RF;Nicholson P;Forristal H;Swan N;Galvin D;Mulvin D;Quinlan DM (2013) 'Emerging evidence for Gleason grade migration and distance impact in prostate cancer? An analysis of the rapid access prostate clinic in a tertiary referral center: St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin (2009-2011)'. Irish Journal of Medical Science, 182 (3):487-491. [DOI] [Details]
O'Kelly F, Thomas A;Murray D;Galvin D;Mulvin D;Quinlan DM (2013) 'Can delayed time to referral to a tertiary level urologist with an abnormal PSA level affect subsequent Gleason grade in the opportunistically screened population?'. Prostate, 73 (12):1263-1269. [DOI] [Details]
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Raheem OA, Casey RG;Galvin DJ;Manecksha RP;Varadaraj H;McDermott T;Grainger R;Lynch TH (2012) 'Discontinuation of anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapy for transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsies: a single-center experience'. Korean Journal of Urology, 53 (4):234-239. [DOI] [Details]
Power DG, Galvin DJ;Cuffe S;McVey GP;Mulholland PJ;Farrelly C;Delaney DW;O'Byrne KJ (2009) 'Cisplatin and gemcitabine in the management of metastatic penile cancer'. Urologic oncology, 27 (2):187-190. [DOI] [Details]
Casey RG, Galvin D;Bouchier-Hayes D;Lennon G (2005) 'Fractured penis: a clinical misnomer!'. Irish Journal of Medical Science, 174 (1):55-57. [Details]
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Conference Publications

Foley, R.W., Murphy, K., Galvin, D.J., O'Malley, K.J., Murphy, T.B. and Watson, R.W. (2015) The creation and internal validation of a novel risk stratification tool for the early diagnosis of prostate cancer , pp.e19 [DOI] [Details]

Published Reports

Murphy, A; Sharp, L; McDermott, R; Sullivan, F; Galvin, D (2016) Bridging the data gap. MedMedia Publications, Dublin. [Details]


Research Interests

My research interests lie in clinical research in to urological cancers, especially the bio-epidemiology of prostate cancer and clinical research in to bladder and kidney cancer. My role as the NCCP Chair leads to driving national efforts to improve data collection and to drive improvements in the care of our patients. I am the Principal Investigator of the IPCOR (Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research) project, having successfully being funded by Movember and the Irish Cancer Society (¿1.5 million) to establish a National prostate cancer registry and to conduct research in to it. Protocol to Investigate the 4K score (Opko, USA) in an Irish population to be agreed this year. As head of Research to the Irish Society of Urology, I am attempting to form a Collaborative Research Network (CRN) that will encourage Clinical Urological research throughout all Urology units.




External Collaborators

Molecular Medicine Ireland
National Cancer Control Programme
Clinical Research Facility, Galway, NUIG
National Cancer Registry Ireland
Movember at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia