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Watson, C.J. and Phelan, D. and Collier, P. and Horgan, S. and Glezeva, N. and Cooke, G. and Xu, M. and Ledwidge, M. and Mcdonald, K. and Baugh, J.A. (2014) 'Extracellular matrix sub-types and mechanical stretch impact human cardiac fibroblast responses to transforming growth factor beta'. Connective Tissue Research, 55 (3):248-256. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
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Other Journals

CM Walshe, KS Boner, J Bourke, R Hone, M Lynch, L Delaney, D Phelan ; (2010) 'Catheter related blood stream infection (CRBSI) in TPN patients: Benefit of an educational programme and multimodal expression of CRBSI incidence' Clinical Governance: An International Journal 15 (4) :292-301. [Details]

Conference Publications

Waters N, Keddy J, Phelan D, O'Mahoney M, McMahon S (2013) The Effect of Clinical Placement on Students' Attitudes towards Interprofessional Learning, Interprofessional Interaction and Communication Skills Irish Network of Medical Educators Annual Scientific Meeting [Details]
Phelan, D, Watson, CJ, Donnelly, S, Ledwidge, M, Baugh, J, Mcdonald, K, ; (2007) EUR J HEART FAIL Transforming growth factor beta induces collagen type I and alpha smooth muscle actin production in human cardiac fibroblasts , pp.101-101 [Details]