Researchers at UCD


Eadaoin McKiernan

Sbi Cset Centre Manager

Systems Biology Ireland
Conway Institute
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 716


Jan 2012 - Present: Systems Biology Ireland Centre Manager, University College Dublin.
Jan 2010 - Jan 2012: NBIP Ireland Programme Manager, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Mar 2009 - Jan 2010: Marie Curie COFUND CEMP Manager, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Jul 2006 - Mar 2009: Postdoctoral Fellow, Breast Cancer Research Group, St. Vincents University Hospital/University College Dublin.
Oct 2001 - May 2006: PhD Student & Postdoctoral Researcher, National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology, Dublin City University.



Peer Reviewed Journals

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