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Eleanor Molloy

Professor and Chair of Paediatrics and Child Health

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Trinity Centre, Tallaght Hospital



I am a Principal Investigator and Consultant Neonatologist at the National Maternity Hospital Holles St. I also work as a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics at UCD, and hold the position of Associate Professor of Paediatrics at RCSI. Major awards include the 2012 European Alliance against Neonatal Brain Injury Award, the 2012 National Children¿s Research Centre award, the Overall Presentation Award at the Irish Paediatric Association (IPA) and the 2012 poster prize at the IPA.

Professor & Chair of Paediatrics & Child Health, Trinity College Dublin

Associate Editor, Archives of Diseases of Childhood: Fetal and Neonatal Edition

Executive Committee, Irish representative, Academic Paediatric Association, UK

Research Committee, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Chair, Quality Improvement Committee in Paediatrics, NMH

Member, Board of Faculty of Paediatrics, RCPI

National Clinical Advisory Committee in Neonatology, RCPI

National Advisory Group, National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre


Honours and Awards

Year: 2014.
Title: Chair and Professor of Paediatrics
Year: 2015.
Title: Professorial Fellow
Year: 2015.
Title: Honorary Member, American Pediatric Society


Association: Board of Faculty of Paediatrics, RCPI, Function/Role: Member
Association: National Maternity Hospital, Function/Role: Director of Paediatrics, 2009 & 2013
Association: National Children's Research Centre, Function/Role: Council and Board Member
Association: Irish Departments of Paediatrics Group: CHILD, Function/Role: Chairs
Association: Irish Neonatal Society, Function/Role: Founder Member
Association: PPD Paediatric Investigators Network, Function/Role: Investigator
Association: European Board of Paediatrics: European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS), Confederation of European Specialists in Paediatrics (CESP), Function/Role: Irish Representative
Association: Irish American Paediatric Society, Function/Role: President
Association: Society for Leukocyte Biology, Function/Role: Professional Development Task Force
Association: European Paediatric Association (EPA-UNEPSA) , Function/Role: Liaison Officer, Ireland
Association: General and Adolescent Paediatric Research Collaboration, UK and Ireland, Function/Role: Co-Investigator
Association: European Society for Paediatric Research, Function/Role: Council

Conference Contributions

Molloy, E (2015) Neonatal brain injury and systemic inflammation. [Oral Presentation], National Children's Research Centre Seminars, Dublin , 12-MAY-15 - 12-MAY-15.
Molloy, E (2015) Cutting edge: How to translate research into clinical practice. [Invited Lecture], Neonatal discussion Forum, Wales, UK, Wales , 08-JAN-15 - 08-JAN-15.
Molloy, E (2015) Workshop: Co-leader: How to get published. [Oral Presentation], Pediatric Academic Societies, San Diego 2015, San Diego, USA , 25-APR-15 - 28-APR-15.
Molloy, E (2015) Paediatric research in 2025. [Oral Presentation], Irish Paediatric Association of Anaesthetic and Critical Care, Kildare , 17-APR-15 - 18-APR-15.
Molloy, E (2015) Translational Paediatrics. [Oral Presentation], Translational Paediatrics and Child Health Forum, TCD, TCD , 04-DEC-15 - 04-DEC-15.


Committee : Clinical Advisory Group, National Clinical Programme for Rare Diseases, RCPI
Committee : Scientific Review Group, Temple Street Children's Hospital
Committee : Children's Research Forum, Trinity College Dublin
Committee : Academic Advisory Working Group, National Paediatric Hospital
Committee : National Clinical Advisory Committee in Neonatology, RCPI
Committee : Research Committee, RCPI
Committee : Academic Advisor, Irish Paediatric Association
Committee : Research Committee, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin
Committee : Executive Management Committee, HRB Perinatal Clinical Trials Network
Committee : MRCPI, OLCHC
Committee : Ethics Committee, OLCHC
Committee : Executive Committee, Academic Paediatric Association, UK and Ireland


Year 2000 Institution: UCD
Qualification: PhD Subject: Medicine
Year 1993 Institution: UCC
Qualification: MB, BCh, BAO Subject: Medicine

Journals Edited

Neonatology: Reviewer.
Acta Paediatrica, International Journal Of Paediatrics: Reviewer.
European Journal Of Pediatrics: Reviewer.
American Journal Of Perinatology: Reviewer.
Journal Of Pediatrics: Reviewer.
Intensive Care Medicine: Reviewer.
Journal Of Perinatology: Reviewer.
Clinical And Experimental Immunology: Reviewer.
Archives Of Disease In Childhood: Reviewer.
Pediatric Research: Co-Editor.
Pediatrics: Reviewer.



Peer Reviewed Journals

Molloy E., A.J. ONeill, J. Grantham, M. Sheridan-Pereira, J.M. Fitzpatrick, D.W. Webb, R.W.G. Watson.; (2001) 'Gender differences and immune function'. Irish Journal of Medical Science, 170 (1):39. [Details]
O'Neill, AJ; Doyle, BT; Molloy, E; Watson, C; Phelan, D; Greenan, MC; Fitzpatrick, JM; Watson, RWG; ; (2004) 'Gene expression profile of inflammatory neutrophils: Alterations in the inhibitors of apoptosis proteins during spontaneous and delayed apoptosis'. Shock, 21 (6):512-518. [Details]
McHale S, Thomas M, Hayden E, Bergin K, McCallion N, Molloy EJ (2008) 'Variation in inspiratory time and tidal volume with T-piece neonatal resuscitator: association with operator experience and distraction'. Resuscitation, 79 (2):230-233. [DOI] [Details]
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Waters, A,Hassan, J,Degascun, C,Kissoon, G,Knowles, S,Molloy, E,Connell, J,Hall, WW; (2010) 'Human Cytomegalovirus UL144 Is Associated with Viremia and Infant Development Sequelae in Congenital Infection'. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 48 :3956-3962. [DOI] [Details]
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Other Journals

Molloy, E.J., O'Neill, A.J., Doyle, B.T., Grantham, J.J., Taylor, C.T., Sheridan-Pereira, M., Fitzpatrick, J.M. Watson, R.W.G.; (2006) 'Effects of heat shock and hypoxia on neonatal neutrophil lipopolysaccharide responses: altered apoptosis, toll-like receptor-4 and CD11b expression compared with adults' Biology of the Neonate . [Details]

Conference Publications

Molloy, EJ,El-Khuffash, A,Bieda, A,Jelinek, MM,Baley, J (2009) AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PERINATOLOGY Elevated Iron Indices in Preterm Infants: Association with Male Gender , pp.7-11 [DOI] [Details]


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Morris, I,Molloy, EJ (2008) Albumin administration in the management of neonatal hypoalbuminaemia. Letters [DOI] [Details]


Research Interests

Neonatal Brain injury and systemic inflammation

Neonatal & Paediatric Sepsis and immunomodulation

Paediatric Medical Education: simulation

Prematurity and Innate immune function



Our research group aims to delineate perinatal and early neonatal inflammatory responses in health and disease. We have established longitudinal cohorts of infants with neonatal encephalopathy and preterm infants as well as neonatal controls in order to explore the role of early inflammatory changes and developmental outcomes. We have studied the role of activated monocytes and neutrophils in neonatal diseases and the use of immunomodulatory agents such as vitamin d and activated protein c.

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Persistent inflammation and neonatal brain injury
Start Date / End Date : 01-JUN-13 / 26-JUN-15
Sponsor : National Maternity Hospital
Title : Persistent inflammation and neonatal brain injury: association of systemic and cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers with MRI
Start Date / End Date : 01-JUL-09 / 30-JUN-11
Sponsor : National Maternity Hospital
Title : Vitamin D in Preterm Infants: Maternal and Neonatal Status
Start Date / End Date : 01-AUG-09 / 31-DEC-15

Recent Postgraduates

1.                   Theses completed: MD/PhDs Awarded: (7)

a.                                           Dr.Afif El-Khuffash, 2005-7: The Significance of Left Ventricular Function and Pro-B-type Natriuretic Peptide in predicting outcome in preterm infants with a Patent Ductus Arteriosus on Echocardiography. Published papers: 14; Thesis submitted October 2007; awarded October 2008: UCD

b.                                          Dr. Fiona O¿Hare: Systemic inflammation and perinatal brain injury. Commenced July 2009; collaboration Prof Watson, Conway Institute, UCD: Funding NCRC, Crumlin; 2009-2011; Thesis: submitted September 2011; awarded Feb 2013. UCD

c.                                           Dr. Katey Armstrong, Collaborator: Dr. O. Franklin: Neonatal Cardiac function: novel echocardiographic and biochemical markers to predict neonatal outcome; commenced July 2010; Funding NCRC, Crumlin; 2010-2012. RCSI; submitted August 2012 awarded 2013

d.                                          Dr.Hassan Eliwan, The role of activated protein c in neonatal inflammation. Seed Funding NCRC. Collaborator Prof Watson.2010-2012. UCD; submitted August 2012; revisions received august 2013: awarded 2013

e.                                          PhD: Dr. Deirdre Sweetman, Neonatal brain injury on MRI and early EEG: disruption of the blood brain barrier and systemic antioxidants. Funding salary NCRC & CUH for reagents. Collaborator: Prof. Ger Boylan.2011-2013. RCSI. Awarded December 2014.

f.                                            PhD: Dr. Jean Donnelly. ROLO followup study; ROLO Kids: PI Prof McAuliffe: Co-PI E Molloy. 2012-6; Funding FP7 grant, HRB & RCSI. UCD

g.                                           PhD student: Dr. Chike Onwuneme. Vitamin D and Immunodulation in Pediatric sepsis (DIAPERS).2011-2014. UCD. PhD submitted Sept 2014. Awarded: Viva February 2015

2.                   MSc/MPH awarded (4)

i.                                                      MSc: John Quigley. Perinatal Thrombophilia study: pCAT. Awarded 2012

ii.                                                      MSc: Catherine Doughty. sTREM-1 in term and neonatal sepsis. 2009-2010. PI E. Molloy: awarded 2010

iii.                                                      MSc: Eoghan Hayden. The Educated hand in neonatal resuscitation.2010

iv.                                                      MPH: Dr. Joseph Chukwu. Primary Paediatric Care in Ireland: 2009-10.

3.                   Post-doctoral researcher: Dr.Ogenna Uduma. Vitamin D in term and preterm infants and influence on neonatal outcomes. PI Eleanor Molloy 2009-10.


·                     PhD ongoing (7)

1.                   PhD: Dr. Aoife Twohig. Infant attachment in the NICU (PIPPA). Co-PI: Prof. Fiona Mc Nicholas. Funding NCRC 2011-2016.UCD (Part-time)

2.                   PhD: Dr. Saima Aslam. Persistent systemic inflammation in Neonatal Encephalopathy. 2013-6. PI EM. RCSI

3.                   PhD: Dr. Zunera Zareen: CHAMPION study Childhood multiorgan outcomes after Neonatal encephalopathy. Co-PI Dr. Denise McDonald; 2014-7. TCD

4.                   PhD: Dr. Murwan Omer: PRISM: PReterm Infection and SysteMic inflammation and neonatal outcomes. TCD 2014-7 : PI EM

5.                   PhD: Dr. Emer Ryan: PROSPER: PaediatRic Outcomes and Serum biomarker Panel in acutE traumatic bRain injury /concussion to severe traumatic. TCD 2016-9

6.                   PhD: Dr. Mary O¿Dea: Underlying mechanisms in Neonatal Immune metabolic dysregulation, Circadian rhythm and bRain INjury: UNICoRN study. PI EM. TCD 2016-9

7.                   PhD: Dr. Paul Fleming: Probiotics in Preterm infnats: PI Prof Kate Costello: TCD: EMolloy TCD supervisor


·                     Postdoctoral researchers ongoing:

1.                   Dr. Victoria McEneaney: 2015-present: METEOR

2.                   Dr. Lynne Kelly: 2015-present: Gender differences in preterm neonatal outcomes and mechanisms of altered immune function: collaborators: Prof Catherine Greene, RCSI and Mr. David O¿Driscoll

Current Postgraduate Students

Aoife Twohig, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor



Review and Enhancement of Curriculum

Paediatrics and Child Health head of department TCD New modules: PICU, Childrens literature, Law and ethics in Paediatrics, Global Child Health, Simulation National Paediatric Curriculum development


Internal Collaborators

Prof Bill Watson, UCD
Prof Fionnuala McAuliffe, UCD

External Collaborators

Prof Catherine Greene, RCSI

Prof Ger Boylan, UCC
Dr. Eva Jiminez, RCSI
Dr. Sarah Doyle, TCD