Researchers at UCD

James O'Neill

Senior Clinical Lecturer

School Of Medicine



A graduate of University College, Dublin (1995), Jim trained at the Mater Hospital, Dublin and at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA, before returning to Ireland in 2004 to take up a post as consultant cardiologist in Mullingar. In 2006, he joined the Mater Cardiology Group and took up the post of Consultant Cardiologist at Connolly and the Mater. His main sub specialty interests are heart failure and transplantation. He is Hon. Assoc. Clin. Prof of Medicine at RCSI and Hon. Senior lecturer at UCD. He is Module co ordinator for RCSI Graduate Entry Medicine Cardiology Curriculum at RCSI. In 2014 he led an observational study of anticoagulant practice and is currently developing a database of the outcomes of cardiac transplantation in Ireland. 



Peer Reviewed Journals

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