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John Francis Boylan

Senior Clinical Lecturer

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Peer Reviewed Journals

Murphy N, Gaynor KU;Rowan SC;Walsh SM;Fabre A;Boylan J;Keane MP;McLoughlin P (2016) 'Altered Expression of Bone Morphogenetic Protein Accessory Proteins in Murine and Human Pulmonary Fibrosis'. The American journal of pathology, 186 (3):600-15. [DOI] [Details]
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Conference Publications

Nichol A, O'Croinin D, Naughton F, Boylan J, McLoughlin P; (2008) Buffered Hypercapnia worsens E coli induced Lung Injury in vivo American Thoracic Society International Conference [Details]
Nichol, A., Naughton, F., O`Cronin, D., Boylan, J., Laffey, J. Mc Loughlin, P.; (2006) Buffered hypercapnia worsens lung injury in endotoxin induced lung injury College of Anaesthetists [Details]
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Loughrey, JPR,Laffey, JG,Moore, BJ,Lynch, F,Boylan, JF,McLoughlin, P (2003) CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE Interleukin-1 beta rapidly inhibits aortic endothelium-dependent relaxation by a DNA transcription-dependent mechanism , pp.910-915 [DOI] [Details]
McCrory, C., O'Connor, J.J., Boylan, J. & Hannon, V (1996) Effects of desflurane and halothane on isolated rat aortic smooth muscle Anesthesia & Analgesia USA, [Details]


Fr¿¿hlich S, Murphy N;Boylan JF (2013) ARDS: progress unlikely with non-biological definition. Editorial [DOI] [Details]
Boylan, JF,Kavanagh, BP; (2008) Emergency Airway Management Competence versus Expertise?. Editorial [Details]


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