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Matthew Lawless

Adjunct Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Medicine
Mater Hospital
Eccles Street
Dublin 7

Tel: +353 1 7164597


Dr. Matthew Lawless graduated from NUI Maynooth with an honours B.Sc. degree in 2000 and obtained a PhD in Medicine from the Department of Medicine, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2004, with Professor Gerry McElvaney. This research was awarded the Sheppard's research medal prize, from the Royal College of Surgeons, Beaumont hospital and a Health Research Board project grant for liver research. During this time he was directly involved with a leading large-scale clinical trial with the University of Florida.

In 2004, Dr. Lawless was appointed senior postdoctoral fellow and lecturer in liver immunology at Trinity College Dublin and St. James Hospital, with Professor Suzanne Norris. He developed his own Experimental Medicine research group focused on the understanding of endoplasmic reticulum stress and epigenetic factors in the liver. Dr. Lawless has international expertise in liver cancer assoicated liver diseases including hepatitis C, hereditary haemochromatosis and the childhood liver cancer Z Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. In 2008, Dr. Lawless was awarded an M.Sc. in Healthcare Management from the Department of International Healthcare Management, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
In 2008, Dr. Lawless was appointed to the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Department of Health and Children. Dr. Lawless expanded his research themes in chronic liver disease and immunomodulation associated with the development of Liver Cancer. 

In 2010, Dr Lawless was elected to fellowship with the Society of Biology
in London. In 2012, he was awarded Lecturership with UCD
School of Medicine and Medical Science. Dr. Lawless's academic involvements include the supervision and co-supervised of several undergraduate and postgraduate students to competition of B.Sc., M.Sc., M.D. and PhD degree. His research has been extensively published in numerous high impact journals including Hepatology, the Journal of Immunology, with authored book chapters on these themes. Dr. Lawless serves as an expert reviewer and Editoral Board Member for leading international journals including Gut, British Journal of Haematology, Cytokine, FASEB, World Journal of Hepatology, Annals of Hepatology, Journal of Hepatology and the International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. He has presented his research findings and won awards both nationally and internationally at several diverse internationally well-recognised conferences.                                                                  




Committee : Trinity Research Staff Association (TRSA)
Committee : Molecular Diagnostics Committee, International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC)



Book Chapters

O'Grady, S; Lawless, MW (2015) 'Liver cancer (Hepatocellular carcinoma)' In: Gray, SG (eds). Epigenetic Cancer Therapy; Translational Epigenetics. Amsterdam: Elsevier. [Details]
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Peer Reviewed Journals

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Published Reports

Sinead Boyce, John Britton, Daithi O' Corrain, Alison Donnnelly, Margaret Fine-Davis, Abigal Ruth Freeman, Gemma Irvine, Avril Kennan, Matthew Lawless, Adriele Prina Mello, Tim Yeomans (2006) Contract Researchers in Trinity College Dublin: A Frontline Perspective. TRSA, Position Paper, Trinity College Dublin. [Details]


Research Interests

My main laboratory research interest is liver biochemistry and my group focuses particularly on hepatitis C infection and other central cofactors (particularly genetic) that may influence patient prognosis in the evolution of end stage events such as liver cancer. Together with a group of close collaborators both nationally and internationally this research has developed into an international research program with an established track record and interest in liver diseases in particular hepatitis C, hereditary haemochromatosis and the childhood liver cancer Z Alpha-1 antitryspin deficiency.                      

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin Foundation Ltd.
Title : Liver Cancer
Start Date / End Date : 04-OCT-13 / 14-DEC-15

Recent Postgraduates

Mr Jun Zhao, BSc, MSc