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Michele Harrison

Senior Clinical Lecturer

School Of Medicine

Tel: +353 1 7166326



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Conference Publications

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Research Interests

For my MD thesis entitled ‘Cytogenetic study of ductal carcinoma of the breast by in situ hybridisation interphase cytogenetics' I studied Ductal Carcinoma in Situ, classifying it and establishing the degree of heterogeneity shown. Using Interphase Cytogenetics, I assessed aneusomy in DCIS for chromosomes 1 and 17, comparing these findings to the histological classification. The aneusomy was compared to the ploidy status to confirm that it was not a reflection of an overall increase in chromosome complement.

I am the lead pathologist for a Conway Institute research group studying the mechanisms underlying Taxol resistance in breast cancer and also involved in the identification of novel indicators of disease progression in urothelial cell carcinoma of the bladder.

My involvement in both the breast and bladder cancer projects connects the ongoing projects in the Conway with the Mater Hospital. This includes accessing, pathological workup and histological grading and staging of all cases: to date a total of 400 breast carcinomas and 500 urothelial cell carcinomas have been studied. Evaluation also includes identifying areas for laser capture dissection microscopy (LCDM) and for coring for the construction of tissue microarray platforms.

Mater College Grant
Cancer Research Ireland (CRI)



Internal Collaborators

Dr. Amanda McCann-  Senior Lecturer/Group leader
Dr. Breege Gilmartin-  Lecturer/MD student
Mr. George Keatin-  Senior technician
Mr. Alo McGoldrick-  Senior technician
Dr. Jenny Orr-  Post-doc
Ms. Maria Prencipe-   Post-grad
Ms. Barbara Flynn-  Post-grad
Ms.Emma  Post-grad
Ms. Maria Meehan-  Post-grad
Dr. James Smith-  Post-grad