Researchers at UCD


Oisin O'Connell

Assistant Professor/Clinical Lecturer

School of Medicine
Mater Misericordiae Hospital
Eccles St
Dublin 7

Tel: 01-8032000


Consultant Heart and Lung Transplant Physician in the Mater Hospital


Dr O¿Connell works full time as one of only 2 full time consultants nationally with a full time commitment to the medical management of Heart and Lung Transplant patients.


The Irish Heart and Lung Transplant Centre currently performs the 3rd highest number of transplants per head of population in Europe and has some of the best reported post-transplant survival rates internationally with a 5 yr post lung transplant survival rates of over 75% in lung transplant patients. In 2015, the program performed over 50 solid organ transplants, between heart and lung transplant patients, including the first ever combined heart and lung transplant in Ireland. It also performed the first case of an ex-vivo lung perfusion reconditioned lung, which was successfully transplanted into a young patient with Cystic Fibrosis.


The Transplant group in the Mater runs an internationally renowned research program, with international presentations across medical, surgical and microbiological fields, and currently our microbiologist is the President of the European Society of Heart and Lung Transplant society.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2008.
Title: North American Clinical Fellows Presentation Honorary Bursary
Year: 2009.
Title: 1st Prize 9th National Cystic Fibrosis Meeting
Year: 2009.
Title: HRB Honorary eGrant
Year: 2009.
Title: 1st Prize Best Oral Presentation
Year: 2009.
Title: 1st Prize Best Clinical Presentation
Year: 2010.
Title: Ainsworth Scholarship Recipient (10,000euro)
Year: 2010.
Title: Allen Hanbury Travel Bursary (2000euro)
Year: 2010.
Title: Irish Thoracic Society Research Fellowship (100,000euro)
Year: 2010.
Title: 1st Prize 10th National Cystic Fibrosis Meeting (1st of 23 presentations), Killarney February 2010 (1,000euro)
Year: 2011.
Title: 1st Prize 11th National Cystic Fibrosis Meeting (1st of 25 presentations), Killarney February 2011 (1,000euro)
Year: 2011.
Title: European Cystic Fibrosis Society Young Investigator of the year Award
Year: 2012.
Title: European Society of Internal Medicine (ESIM) Scholarship, Kusadasi, Turkey
Year: 2013.
Title: 1st Prize Irish Thoracic Society Case Presentation of the year 2013: on 'Pulmonary Strongyloides and the evaluation of Pulmonary Micronodularity' on CT thoraces.
Year: 2013.
Title: Irish Representative ¿Battle of the Specialist Registrars', Ireland and North of England Thoracic Society Meeting
Year: 2014.
Title: 1st Prize Oral presentation National 'Rheumatology meets Chest' Oral Presentation (1st prize from 8 accepted oral presentations).
Year: 2015.
Title: Joint 1st Prize Annual Clinical Poster Presentation ($250 prize) for Cancer research at MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston, Texas (1st out of 43 poster presentations)
Year: 2015.
Title: Jeffrey Lee Memorial Fellowship ($5000 prize) for Lung Cancer research at MD Anderson
Year: 2016.
Title: International Society of Heart and Lung Transplant travelling scholarship
Year: 2016.
Title: American Thoracic Society Oncology program committee abstract scholarship


Association: RCPI, Function/Role: Member
Association: Irish Thoracic Society, Function/Role: Member
Association: National Clinical Centre for Information Officers, Function/Role: Council Member
Association: Irish Hospital Consultant Association, Function/Role: Vice President June 2016 to present


Committee : IHCA
Committee : National Cystic Fibrosis Scientific Steering Committee

Journals Edited

Respiratory Care: Reviewer.
Bmc Pulmonary Medicine: Reviewer.
American Journal Of Respiratory And Critical Care Medicine: Reviewer.



Book Chapters

O'Connell, O (2016) 'Bronchoscopic management of hemoptysis' In: Unknown (eds). American Association of Bronchoscopy and Interventional Pulmonology Textbook. Unknown: Unknown. [Details]
O'Connell, O; Egan, J (2016) 'The Evaluation of disease severity/staging for prognosis' In: Costabel, U; Crestani, B; Wells, AU (eds). Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, European Respiratory Monograph 71. Lausanne, Switzerland: ERS. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Vial MR, Ost DE;Eapen GA;Jimenez CA;Morice RC;O'Connell O;Grosu HB (2016) 'Intrapleural Fibrinolytic Therapy in Patients With Nondraining Indwelling Pleural Catheters'. Journal of bronchology & interventional pulmonology, 23 (2):98-105. [DOI] [Details]
O'Connell OJ, Rodriguez-Vial M;Ost DE;Jimenez CA;Grosu HB (2015) 'Bronchoscopic Management of a Benign Obstructing Pedunculated Tumor'. Annals of the American Thoracic Society, 12 (11):1715-1717. [DOI] [Details]
O'Connell O, Magee CN;Fitzgerald B;Burke L;Plant WD;Plant BJ (2015) 'A CF patient with progressive proteinuric renal disease: a CF-specific nodular glomerulosclerosis?'. NDT Plus, 3 (4):354-356. [DOI] [Details]
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O'Connell OJ, McWilliams S;McGarrigle A;O'Connor OJ;Shanahan F;Mullane D;Eustace J;Maher MM;Plant BJ (2012) 'Radiologic imaging in cystic fibrosis: cumulative effective dose and changing trends over 2 decades'. Chest, 141 (6):1575-1583. [DOI] [Details]
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O'Connell OJ, Egan JJ (2014) The burden of disease and the need for a simple staging system in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Comment [DOI] [Details]
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O'Connell O, Lynch T;Motherway C (2007) An added benefit of bilateral blood pressure monitoring during carotid endarterectomy. Other [DOI] [Details]


Research Interests

I have been accepted as one of the National collaborators in a Cochrane review for Compliance strategies in Transplant patients.


I am currently the first author on the largest endobronchial ultrasound study in the world (over 1500 patients), evaluating a novel formula for stratifying the risk of malignant mediastinal lymph node involved by EBUS in non small cell lung cancer, in collaboration with Prof David Ost, MD Anderson, Texas, Prof Lonny Yarmus, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Dr Franceisca Almeida, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland and Prof Michael Simoff, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit. This paper has currently been submitted to Lancet Respiratory Medicine.


Other interests and projects include:

1.                   Ex-vivo lung perfusion studies: improving organ donor utilisation rates using a novel ultrasonic nebulizer to aid reconditioning of explanted lungs

2.                   Cystic Fibrosis Original research: National collaborative project on the Lung-Gut microbiome post-transplant in patients with CF

3.                   Developing National Heart and Lung Transplant Guidelines: 140 page document nearing completion of which I am the first author.

4.                   Cancer incidence in Heart and Lung Transplant patients in Ireland- collaborative project with Dr Fergal Mallone

UCD Medicine Research Centre: Rare Diseases



Recent Postgraduates

1.Currently supervising UCD MD Thesis student Dr Andre Pozza


2. Funding for a second MD student starting July 2016 for Dr Jana Kleinerova sourced



Teaching Philosophy

I believe in consultant led teaching for under and post graduate medical students, with an emphasis on developing problem solving skills and on developing empathetic doctors who understand their role not just as leaders but also who demonstrate empathy and understanding with their patients.

Innovation & Leadership

I am the primary Investigator and have submitted local ethics approval for a novel interventional bronchoscopy technique (electrospray by Profector) to study endobronchial airway tumours.


Internal Collaborators

Prof Jim Egan, Mater Hospital

Dr Fergal Mallone, Dermatologist, Mater Hospital

Dr Margaret Hannan, Microbiology

Ms Karen Redmond, Transplant Surgeon

External Collaborators

Prof David Ost, MD Anderson

Prof George Eapen, MD Anderson

Prof Lianne Singer, Toronto General

Prof Luis Angel, University of Texas, San Antonio

Prof Barry Plant, Cork University Hospital

Prof Martina Vasakova, Charles University, Prague