Researchers at UCD

Ruth O'Connell

Senior Technical Officer

School Of Medicine
Health Sciences Centre
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7166611



Peer Reviewed Journals

O'Connell RA, Carberry J;O'Halloran KD (2013) 'Sternohyoid and diaphragm muscle form and function during postnatal development in the rat'. Experimental Physiology, 98 (9):1386-1400. [DOI] [Details]
Skelly JR, O'Connell RA;Jones JF;O'Halloran KD (2011) 'Structural and functional properties of an upper airway dilator muscle in aged obese male rats'. Respiration, 82 (6):539-549. [DOI] [Details]
McMorrow C, Fredsted A;Carberry J;O'Connell RA;Bradford A;Jones JF;O'Halloran KD (2011) 'Chronic hypoxia increases rat diaphragm muscle endurance and sodium-potassium ATPase pump content'. The European respiratory journal, 37 (6):1474-1481. [DOI] [Details]
Young O, Crotty T;O'Connell R;O'Sullivan J;Curran AJ (2010) 'Levels of oxidative damage and lipid peroxidation in thyroid neoplasia'. Head & neck, 32 (6):750-756. [DOI] [Details]