Researchers at UCD

Stephen Stewart

Adjunct Clinical Lecturer

School Of Medicine
Health Sciences Centre
Dublin 4




Peer Reviewed Journals

Galvin Z, McDonough A;Ryan J;Stewart S (2015) 'Blood alanine aminotransferase levels >1,000 IU/l - causes and outcomes'. Clinical Medicine, 15 (3):244-247. [DOI] [Details]
Ryan E., Ryan J., Russell J., Coughlan B., Tjalsma H., Swinkels D., Stewart S., Crowe J. (2015) 'Correlates of hepcidin and NTBI according to HFE status in patients referred to a liver clinic'. Acta Haematologica, 133 :155-161. [Details]
Bourke NM, O'Neill MT;Sarwar S;Norris S;Stewart S;Hegarty JE;Stevenson NJ;O'Farrelly C (2014) 'In vitro blood cell responsiveness to IFN-¿¿ predicts clinical response independently of IL28B in hepatitis C virus genotype 1 infected patients'. Journal of Translational Medicine, 12 . [DOI] [Details]
Dyson J, Jaques B;Chattopadyhay D;Lochan R;Graham J;Das D;Aslam T;Patanwala I;Gaggar S;Cole M;Sumpter K;Stewart S;Rose J;Hudson M;Manas D;Reeves HL (2013) 'Hepatocellular cancer: the impact of obesity, type 2 diabetes and a multidisciplinary team'. Journal of Hepatology, 60 (1):110-117. [DOI] [Details]
Stewart S, Swain S; ; (2012) 'Assessment and management of alcohol dependence and withdrawal in the acute hospital: concise guidance'. Clinical Medicine, 12 (3):266-271. [Details]
Chin JL, Nicholas RM;Russell J;Carr M;Connell J;Stewart S;McCormick PA (2012) 'Spontaneous clearance of hepatitis C infection after liver transplantation from IL28B rs12979860 CC donors'. European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 24 (9):1110-1112. [DOI] [Details]
Barrett S, Goh J;Coughlan B;Ryan E;Stewart S;Cockram A;O'Keane JC;Crowe J (2001) 'The natural course of hepatitis C virus infection after 22 years in a unique homogenous cohort: spontaneous viral clearance and chronic HCV infection'. Gut, 49 (3):423-430. [Details]



Current Postgraduate Students

Audrey Dillon, Medicine (MD)   -   Thesis Supervisor