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Tomás Barry

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Medicine

Tel: +353 1 7166693



Peer Reviewed Journals

Tobin, H., Klimas, J., Barry, Egan, M., Barry, T., Bury, G. (2017) 'Opiate use disorders and overdose: Medical students' experiences, satisfaction with learning, and attitudes toward community naloxone provision'. Addictive Behaviors, . Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Barry, T; Headon, M; Glynn, R; Conroy, N; Tobin, H; Egan, M; Bury, G. (2018) 'Ten years of cardiac arrest resuscitation in Irish general practice'. Resuscitation, 126 :43-48. [DOI] [Details]
Barry T, Conroy N, Masterson S, Klimas J, Segurado R, Codd M, Bury G. (2017) 'Community first responders for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest'. The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, (8). Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Barry T, Conroy N, Headon M, Egan M, Quinn M, Deasy C, Bury G (2017) 'The MERIT 3 Project: Alerting General Practitioners to Cardiac Arrest in the Community'. Resuscitation, . [Details]
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Klimas, J., Tobin, H., Egan, M., Barry, T., Bury, G. (2016) 'Primary Care - A key route for distribution of naloxone in the community'. International Journal of Drug Policy, 38 :1-3. [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Barry T, Bury G (2015) 'Advisory External Defibrillator Availability in General Practice'. Irish Medical Journal, 108 (7):212-213. [Details]