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Valerie M O'Brien



My main areas of research and teaching interests are child welfare, systemic family therapy, counselling social work, psychotherapy and qualitative research methods. I am a  social worker and registered systemic psychotherapist & supervisor.   Within child welfare, I have  researched and published in the area of kinship and relative care, adoption, service delivery models, care planning and family group conferencing.

I draw extensively from systemic ideas in my research, teaching, supervision and consultancy work.  I continue to utilise the ideas and scholarship of the Fifth Province Associates comprised of Dr Nollaig Byrne, Philip Kearney and Dr Imelda McCarthy.   I worked alongside Dr Imelda McCarthy at  University College Dublin until her retirement. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to continue  collaborative relationships with the  Associates.

I am committed to public service and to the idea that the  academic has a responsibility to give back. As a Social Policy, social work and systemic family therapy academic, there are many opportunities within which to contribute.   I  served on the Irish Adoption Board, as a Board Member  from 1998 - 2010. Through this service I helped to shape adoption policy and practice in Ireland. This is an area of work that continues to be of particular interest. I was appointed in March 2013 by the Minister of Children and Youth Affairs, Ms Frances FitzGerald in 2013 to become part of the Implementation Group of the HSE Alternative Care Services, through my capacity as an independent academic. Arising from this commitment, I also serve as Board Member on a number of professional associations.

Teaching is close to my heart and in particular the opportunity to use technological innovation. I recently obtained a Cert in Education Technology and previously completed a certificate in Curriculum design and problem based learning. Striving for teaching excellent remains an important goal.
Last but not least, I  continue  to stay connected to clinical work through an association with Clanwilliam Institute Dublin, a well known agency dedicated to systemic family therapy, training and supervision. Remaining a level of direct involvement enhances teaching, research and in turn provides an opportunity to bring research informed /evidence into the clinical field.


Honours and Awards

Year: 1978.
Title: First Year Examination Scholarship
Year: 1995.
Title: Open Post Graduate Scholarship UCD.


Association: Family Therapy Association of Ireland , Function/Role: Board Member 1991 - 1996. Vice Chairperson of FTAI 1994-1996 during legal incorporation as a limited company.
Association: Irish Association of Social Workers, Function/Role: Board Member of Sub Committee Child Care 1987 -1991.
Association: European Association of Family Therapy, Function/Role: FTAI Representative 2012 -
Association: Family Therapy Assoc of Ireland , Function/Role: Board Member 2012 - current
Association: Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP) , Function/Role: Board Member 2012 - current
Association: Irish Foster Care Association , Function/Role: Board Member 2012 -2015
Association: Social Workers in Foster Care : Irish Associatin of Social Workers , Function/Role: Vice Chairperson 2009 to 2012; Board member 2012 - current

Conference Contributions

*; *. [Oral Presentation], Relative Care : One day national conference organised by British Association for Adoption and Fostering. Manchester, 2002, Manchester .
*; *. [Oral Presentation], Manchester BAAF Conference Relative Care Typologies 2000, Manchester .
*; *. [Oral Presentation], European Psychotherapy Conference : Chaired Plenary Fifth Province. Dublin, 2000 , * .
*; MWHB From Research to Practice : An Evolving Assessment Model. [Oral Presentation], Cork- IFCA European Conference Presentation with Mr. Kevin OFarrell , 2000, Cork .
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*; *. [Oral Presentation], North South Conference An Overview of Practice Developments in FGC, Belfast. 2001, Belfast .
; Fostering into the Future Relatively Speaking. [Oral Presentation], IFCA National Conference 1997, * .
O'Brien, Valerie; (2011) Provided two days research training to systemic therpists. [Keynote Address], Organising Research in Systemic Practice, Clanwilliam Institute Dublin , 10-JUN-11 - 11-JUN-11.
O'Brien, Valerie ; (2011) Adapting to the Challenges in the Assessment of the Kinship Home. [Plenary Lecture], Social Workers in Foster Care, Dublin , 19-MAY-11 - 19-MAY-11.
O'Brien, V; (2010) Applying A Systemic Perspective to Enhance Contact Arrangements in Kinship Care. [Invited Lecture], Social Workers in Foster Care, SWIFC, Dublin , 22-APR-10 - 22-APR-10.
O'Brien, V ; (2010) The Potential of Problem Based Learning in Training Systemic Psychotherapists. [Plenary Lecture], Supervision and Systemic Therapy :Clanwilliam Institute, Dublin, , 06-MAY-10 - 06-MAY-10.
O'Brien, V; (2010) Problem Based Learning and Social Work Education. [National Refereed Conference Paper], All Ireland Schools of Social Work, Dublin , 04-FEB-10 - 05-FEB-10.
Dr Valerie O'Brien ; (2008) A Commentary on SWIFC Research : Issues in Future Foster Care Service Delevery. [Keynote Address], Irish Foster Care Association National Conference, Galway , 23-MAY-08 - 23-MAY-08.
Dr Valerie O'Brien and Dr Joyce Pavoa maguire; (2008) The Extent to which the Hague Convention 1993 Offers a Framework for Resolving Ethical Dilemnas in Intercountry Adoption. [Invited Lecture], Irish Association of Social Workers National Conference  : Ethical Issues in Social Work, Dublin , 18-APR-08 - 18-APR-08.
Dr Valerie O'Brien ; (2008) The Implications of the Forthcoming Hague Lesislation for International Adoption Practices in Ireland. [Keynote Address], International Adoptive Parents Conference, Dublin , 25-JAN-08 - 25-JAN-08.
O'Brien, V.; (2008) Decision Marking in Assessment Practices. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], 2nd International Conference on Research in Adopetion UEA, Norwich , 05-JUL-08 - 10-JUL-08.
Dr Valerie O'Brien ; (2008) Training Supervisors for Practice: Challenges and the Contribution of New Frameworks. [National Refereed Conference Paper], Supervision Practices in Mediation, Dublin , 22-MAY-08 - 22-MAY-08.
Dr Valerie O'Brien ; (2006) Moving Forward and Reconnecting with Therapeutic Base¿. [Keynote Address], Celebrating Innovation – Therapeutic Work with Families and Children Conference,, Dublin , 09-SEP-06 - 09-SEP-06.
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*; (1999) Understanding Networks of Relative Care and FGC: An Irish Perspective. [Invited Lecture], Columbia School of Social Work : 1999, * , 10-DEC-99 - 10-DEC-99.
O'Brien, Valerie (1998) Working with Families Week Long Module. [Oral Presentation], UNICEF sponsored professional training programme for social pedagogues and social workers, 1998, * , 27-MAY-98 - 29-AUG-98.
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O'Brien, V; (1993) *. [Oral Presentation], Ireland, International Childhood Adversity Conference - Fostering And Systemic Thinking 1993, * , 27-JUL-93 - 30-JUL-93.


Committee : Family Therapy Association of Ireland.
Committee : Family Therapy Association of Ireland
Committee : Family Therapy Association of Ireland, Registration Sub Committee
Committee : Family Therapy Association of Ireland, Ethics Sub Committee
Committee : The Irish Adoption Board, Ministerial Appointment
Committee : UCD Post Graduate Committee, Psychotherapy.
Committee : UCD : Communications, Development and Alumni College Committee, UCD
Committee : UCD : Teaching and Learning College Committee, UCD
Committee : UCD : Ethics Research College Committee, UCD
Committee : Adoption Authority of Ireland,


Employer: University College Dublin
Position: Director of Post Grad. Higher Dip in Social Policy.
Employer: Fostering Resource Group
Position: *
Employer: Eastern Health Board
Position: Community Care Social Work
Employer: Western Health Board
Position: Community Care Social Work
Employer: *
Position: Management Training
Employer: Nenagh Social Services
Position: Casework / Community Projects.


Year 1997 Institution: National University of Ireland
Qualification: PhD Subject: Fostering the Family : Kinship Care
Year 1985 Institution: London School of Economics
Qualification: CQSW Subject: --none--
Year 1985 Institution: London School of Economics
Qualification: M.Soc.Sc Subject: Social Work and Social Policy
Year 1982 Institution:
Qualification: BSocSc Subject:
Year 1989 Institution: Family Therapy Programme Mater Child Guidance
Qualification: Diploma Subject: Family Therapy
Year 1992 Institution: Family Therapy Supervision Programme Mater Child Guidance
Qualification: Diploma Subject: Systemic Supervision
Year 2007 Institution:
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 1985 Institution:
Qualification: MSocSc Subject:


Client: National Care Planning Project
Client: Minister for Children and Youth Affairs

Outreach Activities

I am an executive member of the Family Therapy Assoc of Ireland 2012 -2104.

I am an executive member of the Irish Council of Psychotherapy.

I am an executive member of the Social Workers in Foster Care (SWIFC): a subcommittee of the Irish Association of Social Workers. 
I continue to be involved in systemic practice as a therapist, supervisor and trainer at the Clanwilliam Institute Dublin. Direct clinical work is essential to the development of my research work in the area of sytemic practices, family and child welfare issues.

I completed my term as member of the Irish Adoption Board on the 31st Oct 2010. I was first appointed in 1998 and therefore I have serviced 12 years on the Board. The Irish Adoption Board is a quasi judicial body. The main functions of the Adoption Board  are as follows 

  •  to make adoption orders,  
  • to grant declarations of suitability for intercountry adoption,
  • to adjudicate on applications for entries to the Register for Foreign Adoption and
  •  to decide if case documents can be available in respect of people involved in search and reunion.

The Board meets one day per week to conduct the business.

Member of the Research Development Advisory Group at the Office of the Minister for Children 2005- current.

Ministerial Appointment as Member of the Irish Adoption Board, Ministerial Appointment,  1998 -2010 ; 3 terms

Ministerial Appointment to  HSE Implementation Group for Alternative Care 2013 -

Journals Edited

Child And Family Social Work: Reviewer.

Other Activities

Presentation to the Vietnamese Adoption Central Authority, Hanoi - An Overview of Intercountry Adoption Practies in Ireland. 18/10/2005 - 25/10/2005
Ministerial Appointment to Irish Adoption Board 01/02/1998 - 30/10/2010



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Newspaper Articles

O'Brien, Valerie (2010) The Lost Generation of Mother and Baby Homes. Newspaper Articles [DOI] [Details]
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Book Reviews

O'Brien, V (1999) The World of Foster Care: An International Sourcebook on Foster Family Care Systems. Book Reviews [Details]
O'Brien, V (2002) Permanent Family Placement for Children of Minority Ethnic Origin. Book Reviews [Details]

Technical Publication

O'Brien, V ; (2000) Preperation Course : Intercountry Adoption and Prospective Adoptive Parents. Technical Publication [Details]
O'Brien; (2003) Train the Trainers : Towards a Conjoint Training Programme for Intercoutnry Adoption. Dublin: Technical Publication [Details]
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O'Brien, V ; (2004) An Analysis of the Section 20 Reports Provided under the 1991 Children's Act in respect of the Mid Western Health Board. Technical Publication [Details]


Research Interests

The areas of research that I am interested and involved with are as follows :
Child Welfare and Protection,  Kinship Care, Domestic and Inter-Country Adoption, Family Group Conferences.  Conceptual frameworks offered by Social Policy, Systemic Therapies and Social Work Practices are used.

Qualitative Research Methods : teaching and practice. 

 Systemic Family Therapy and Consultation, Post Modern and Social Constuctionist Approaches re Skills Training, Continued Professional Development utislising a Systemic Framework applied to broad areas of child and family welfare, protection and support.

Research Projects

Sponsor : Dept. of Health & Children
Title : Toward an understanding of the Information Seeking Behaviour & Research Utilization of Social Workers
Start Date / End Date : 08-SEP-08 / 07-SEP-11
Sponsor : Adoption Board
Title : Guidelines for Mediation Agencies
Start Date / End Date : 22-NOV-02 / 21-MAY-03
Sponsor : Eastern Health Board
Title : Family Group Conference Pilot Project: Phase 1. Training and Evaluation
Start Date / End Date : 01-JUN-99 / 31-JUL-00
Sponsor : Dept. of Health
Title : Review of Foreign Adoption Assessment Procedures
Start Date / End Date : 23-NOV-98 / 22-FEB-99


Internal Collaborators

Dr Marie Keenan : School of Applied Social Science

Counselling Social Work
Through this work, Marie and myself are working to enhance a systemic base for Counselling Social Work. We aim  to assist  social workers through our teaching  to develop couselling therapeutic and analytical skills. This is  aimed at understanding  the complexity of the work that they undertake and to provide them with a framework for assisting with meaninglful and successful interventions.


External Collaborators

<< I am currently collaborating with:
Dr Joyce  Maguire Pavao, CEO of PACT, Boston and Assoc Professor in Mental Health at  Harvard.

Title : Intercountry Adoption : From Ireland to the USA and Back Again
We are exploring  intercountry adoption  practice  wherby children were sent  from Ireland to the USA in the 1950's up to the early 1970's to be adopted and the turnabout of this practice now arising from American children been adopted to Ireland. 

Professor Gary Mallon, Hunter College, New York

Title : Child Welfare Practices in Ireland and the USA : A Comparative Perspective 
 We are exploring a number of smaller areas : assessment and suitability for foster and adoptive parents.
Kinship practices and family decision making models.
Dr Imelda McCarthy : Retired Faculty from UCD

Title : Application of Fifth Province in Child Welfare and Protection  Practices
 We are building on how an evolving fifth province model continues to be useful with complex systems.

Professor Robbie Gilligan : Trinity College Dublin 

Title : Children in Care 

Robbie and I are co writing a chapter for a book to be published by Palgrave in 2014 aimed at exploring Irish Social Work Practice in light of international trends.