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Denis Evoy

Clinical Associate Professor

School of Medicine
Dept. of Surgery
St. Vincent's University Hospital
Elm Park
Dublin 4

Tel: 353 1 2694533


I am a Consultant General Surgeon with a special interest in breast, endocrine and melanoma surgery. I have practiced at St. Vincent¿s University Hospital and with the Merrion Unit of Breast Check, the National Breast Screening program, since April 2005 and also at St. Vincent's Private Hospital.I am an honorary Senior Lecturer with University College Dublin and I have a teaching and training commitment to undergraduate and post graduate trainees to fellowship level.I am an ATLS course director and have a significant surgical training commitment.

I am a past president of The Irish Hospital Consultants Association and am currently Chairman of St. Vincent's University Hospital Medical Board.

I am attached to the Breast Endocrine service in St. Vincent¿s University Hospital, Ireland East.  The unit has a focus on breast cancer and is primarily focused on the diagnosis and treatment of more than 500 new cases of breast cancer a year in conjunction with the Breastcheck program.  Multidisciplinary care is completely intergrated within the group.

There is also a specialist focus on endocrine and melanoma surgery and a strong clinical research component.




Association: Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, Function/Role: Member
Association: Irish Endocrine Society, Function/Role: Member
Association: Society of Irish Breast Surgery, Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

O'Reilly EA, Aucharaz N, Kelly G, Al Azawi D, Prichard RS, Evoy D, Rothwell J, Geraghty J, O'Doherty A, Skehan S, Quinn C, McDermott E. (2013) The value of isosulphan blue dye in addition to isotope scanning in the identification of the sentinel lymph node in breast cancer patients with a positive lymphoscintigraphy: A randomised controlled trial (ISRCTN 98849733). [Poster Presentation (Refereed)], San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, San Antonio, USA , 10-DEC-13 - 14-DEC-13.


Committee : Medical Board, St. Vincent's University Hospital

Journals Edited

Surgeon: Reviewer.



Peer Reviewed Journals

Boland MR, Prichard RS;Daskalova I;Lowery AJ;Evoy D;Geraghty J;Rothwell J;Quinn CM;O'Doherty A;McDermott EW (2015) 'Axillary nodal burden in primary breast cancer patients with positive pre-operative ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration cytology: management in the era of ACOSOG Z011'. European Journal of Surgical Oncology, 41 (4):559-565. [DOI] [Details]
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Other Journals

Dillon, M.F., Mohd, Nazri S.R., Nasir, S., McDermott, E.W., Evoy, D., Crotty, T.B., O'Higgins, N., Hill, A.D.; (2006) 'The role of major duct excision and microdochectomy in the detection of breast carcinoma' BMC Cancer . [Details]

Conference Publications

O'Neill T, Fitzpatrick P, Evoy D; (2005) Breast Cancer in South East: presentation and management Sir Peter Freyer Surgical Meeting 2005 [Details]


Research Interests

Focus is on clinical research, breast, melanoma and general surgery.

UCD Medicine Research Individual Investigator 


Internal Collaborators

Prof. John Crown
Prof. Brian Kirby
Dr. Giuseppe Gullo
IBIS Chemoprevention Study