Researchers at UCD

Frank Lyons

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

School Of Medicine




Peer Reviewed Journals

Lyons FG, Al-Munajjed AA;Kieran SM;Toner ME;Murphy CM;Duffy GP;O'Brien FJ (2010) 'The healing of bony defects by cell-free collagen-based scaffolds compared to stem cell-seeded tissue engineered constructs'. Biomaterials, 31 (35):9232-9243. [DOI] [Details]
Curtin CM, Cunniffe GM;Lyons FG;Bessho K;Dickson GR;Duffy GP;O'Brien FJ (2012) 'Innovative collagen nano-hydroxyapatite scaffolds offer a highly efficient non-viral gene delivery platform for stem cell-mediated bone formation'. Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.), 24 (6):749-754. [DOI] [Details]
Lyons FG, Gleeson JP;Partap S;Coghlan K;O'Brien FJ (2014) 'Novel microhydroxyapatite particles in a collagen scaffold: a bioactive bone void filler?'. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, 472 (4):1318-1328. [DOI] [Details]



Research Projects

Sponsor : Enterprise Ireland (EI)
Title : TendoVitte: TendoVitte: novel handheld closure device for orthopaedic surgery
Start Date / End Date : 01-DEC-14 / 31-MAY-16
Sponsor : Enterprise Ireland (EI)
Title : Direct soft-tissue healing and attachment to highly porous tantalum metal in reconstructive orthopaedic surgery - Feasibility Support
Start Date / End Date : 02-JUL-15 / 22-SEP-15