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Liam Shiels

Research Assistant

School Of Medicine




Peer Reviewed Journals

Jarzabek MA, Amberger-Murphy V;Callanan JJ;Gao C;Zagozdzon AM;Shiels L;Wang J;Ligon KL;Rich BE;Dicker P;Gallagher WM;Prehn JH;Byrne AT (2014) 'Interrogation of gossypol therapy in glioblastoma implementing cell line and patient-derived tumour models'. British Journal of Cancer, 111 (12):2275-2286. [DOI] [Details]
Rani S, Corcoran C;Shiels L;Germano S;Breslin S;Madden S;McDermott MS;Browne BC;O'Donovan N;Crown J;Gogarty M;Byrne AT;O'Driscoll L (2014) 'Neuromedin U: a candidate biomarker and therapeutic target to predict and overcome resistance to HER-tyrosine kinase inhibitors'. Cancer Research, 74 (14):3821-3833. [DOI] [Details]