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Martin O'Donohoe


School of Medicine
Mater Hospital
Eccles St
Dublin 7

Tel: 353 1 8600190


Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon at MMUH

The Vascular Unit at the Mater is a tertiary referral centre for vascular disease serving a population of in excess of 1.5 million.  It provides the full range of open and endovascular surgical procedures in a state of the art hybrid theatre.  The staff comprises 3 consultants (2 with appointments to UCD and 1 locum), 2 SpRs 1 Registrar, 1 SHO and 3 Interns.  We have access to approximately 25 beds. An integral part of the Department is the non-invasive vascular laboratory. This facility is the busiest in Ireland, performing over 12,000 investigations annually with a staff of 5 physiologists.




Association: UCD Medical Graduates Association, Function/Role: Past President and Honorary Secretary
Association: Irish Association of Vascular Surgeons, Function/Role: Member
Association: European Society of Vascular Surgery, Function/Role: Council Member


Committee : Vascular Training Committee, ISPTC

Journals Edited

Annals Of Vascular Surgery: Reviewer.



Peer Reviewed Journals

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Research Interests

Our department continues to concentrate on clinical research. My main interests are in the index procedures in vascular surgery, namely carotid surgery; abdominal aortic aneurysm disease and lower limb critical ischaemia, in particular vein bypass grafts.

We have continued our collaboration with the Neurology and Stroke service at the hospital and as a result have been involved in DUCASS, Biovasc Studies and are about to enrol patients into ECST2.

Since the last round, our Vascular Laboratory Chief has been successful with her PhD under my supervision and has helped to develop our interest in ultrasound assessment following EVAR.

I am about to enter collaboration with the Computer Science Department at UCD to develop a method of simulation for individual complex abdominal aortic aneurysm repair using 3D printer technology. This will involve the creation of patient specific simulation.

UCD Medicine Research Group: Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease 



Teaching Philosophy

The unit provides clinical attachment and teaching to all levels of student from the Medical School. We adopt a hands-on policy and try and involve the students in particularly the operative side of our work. We also accept both national and international elective students.


Internal Collaborators

Prof Peter Kelly
Prof Sean Murphy