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Miriam Tosetto

Senior Research Assistant

School Of Medicine
St Vincent's Hospital
Elm Park
Dublin 4

Tel: 2214916


2001-2002 Bird Foundation Europe Onlus Institute for Rare Diseases ¿M. Baschirotto¿, Vicenza, Italy Scholarship - Research and Diagnostic on rare diseases.


2004 -at present Centre for Colorectal Disease, Education & Research Centre, St. Vincent¿s University Hospital, University College Dublin

My role would include the coordination and management of day to day activities of the colorectal research group. This involves the organisation of the lab, bio-banking and lab maintenance as part of a multi-disciplinary centre. I am also involved in development and setting up of multiple research projects within the group



Conference Contributions

Tosetto, M., Allen, L. T., Dawson, K. A., and Gallagher, W. M. presented by M. Tosetto.; (2003) Cell-biomaterial interactions: evaluation of biological responses to chiral polymers. [Poster Presentation], Irish Association of Pharmacologists 14th Annual Meeting, Dublin , 10-OCT-03.
Tosetto, M., Allen, L. T., Dawson, K. A., and Gallagher, W. M. presented by M. Tosetto.; (2003) Cell-biomaterial interactions: evaluation of biological responses to chiral polymers. [Poster Presentation], 3rd Annual Conway Institute Festival of Research, University College Dublin , 10-SEP-03 - 11-SEP-03.


Year 2004 Institution: UCD
Qualification: MSc Subject: Pharmacology on cell-biomaterial interaction
Year 2000 Institution: Universita degli studi di Padova
Qualification: BSc Subject: Chemistry: Specialising in Organic-Biological chemistry



Peer Reviewed Journals

Dunne MR, Ryan C;Nolan B;Tosetto M;Geraghty R;Winter DC;O'Connell PR;Hyland JM;Doherty GA;Sheahan K;Ryan EJ;Fletcher JM (2016) 'Enrichment of Inflammatory IL-17 and TNF-¿¿ Secreting CD4(+) T Cells within Colorectal Tumors despite the Presence of Elevated CD39(+) T Regulatory Cells and Increased Expression of the Immune Checkpoint Molecule, PD-1'. Frontiers in Oncology, 6 . [DOI] [Details]
Gibson DJ, Elliott L, McDermott E, Tosetto M, Keegan D, Byrne K, Martin ST, Rispens T, Cullen G, Mulcahy HE, Cheifetz AS, Moss AC, Robson SC, Doherty GA, Ryan EJ (2015) 'Heightened Expression of CD39 by Regulatory T Lymphocytes Is Associated with Therapeutic Remission in Inflammatory Bowel Disease'. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, . [DOI] [Details]
McDermott E, Ryan EJ;Tosetto M;Gibson D;Burrage J;Keegan D;Byrne K;Crowe E;Sexton G;Malone K;Harris RA;Kellermayer R;Mill J;Cullen G;Doherty GA;Mulcahy H;Murphy TM (2015) 'DNA methylation profiling in inflammatory bowel disease provides new insights into disease pathogenesis'. Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, . [DOI] [Details]
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Noonan, S,Martin, P,Maguire, A,Biniecka, M,Tosetto, M,Hyland, J,Sheahan, K,O'Donoghue, D,Mulcahy, H,Fennelly, D,O'Sullivan, J (2012) Correlation of markers of oxidative damage and circulating IL6 levels with survival following treatment with bevacizumab in metastatic colorectal cancer patients. Abstract [Details]


Research Interests

UCD Medicine Research Group: Colorectal