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Therese Herlihy

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Medicine
Health Sciences Centre
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7166532


I coordinate the MSc Ultrasound programme and I have a keen interest in developing the role of ultrasound in medical education. Some of this is achieved through novel teaching techniques such as ultrasound simulation and scanning in the anatomy dissection lab. I also try to introduce more ultrasound into medical research.

I keep up my clinical skills through session in the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and St. Colmcille¿s Hospital, Loughlinstown. I spent August 2013 in a hospital in northern Sierra Leone where a colleague and I trained local healthcare workers on the basics of radiographic technique, anatomy and image acquisition. I co-led a large fundraising campaign for the hospital during the Ebola Virus outbreak.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2015.
Title: Best Scientific Paper Presentation Award 2015

Conference Contributions

Herlihy, T (2014) Imaging in Sub-Saharan Africa. [Oral Presentation], The Irish Institute of Radographers and Radiation Therapists Annual Conference, Dublin , 11-OCT-14 - 11-OCT-14.
Hendy, E; Grehan, J; Herlihy, T; Rainford, L (2015) An eye-tracking study investigating radiographers¿ visual search patterns whilst reviewing x-ray examination request forms. [Oral Presentation], European Congress of Radiology, Vienna , 04-MAR-15 - 08-MAR-15.
Herlihy, T; McGee, A; Rowland, M; Burke, B; Rainford, L; Maher, M (2016) The practical considerations of research scanning using ARFI elastography: A healthy pediatric liver cohort investigation. [Oral Presentation], International Pediatric Radiology, Chicago , 15-MAY-16 - 20-MAY-16.
Herlihy, T (2016) The role of the radiographer in ultrasound; The Eurpean model. [Oral Presentation], International Pediatric Radiology, Chicago , 15-MAY-16 - 20-MAY-16.
Herlihy, T (2016) Clinical indications for new ultrasound technological features. [Oral Presentation], International Pediatric Radiology, Chicago , 15-MAY-16 - 20-MAY-16.


Committee : European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS) Medical Imaging committee


Year 2011 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MSc Subject:

Journals Edited

Ultrasound: Reviewer.



Peer Reviewed Journals

O'Reilly MK, Reese S, Herlihy T, Geoghegan T, Cantwell CP, Feeney RNM, Jones JFX (2015) 'Fabrication and assessment of 3D printed anatomical models of the lower limb for anatomical teaching and femoral vessel access training in medicine'. Anatomical sciences education, . [DOI] [Details]

Conference Publications

Maughan, E; Quinn, D; Herlihy, T (2015) Turning Inflammation into Information. The role of Ultrasound in the imaging of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease British Medical Ultrasound Society Annual Scientific Meeting [Details]
Fitzgerald, N; Buckley, K; Herlihy, T (2015) Emphysematous Pyelonephritis British Medical Ultrasound Society Annual Scientific Meeting [Details]
Green, Y; Walsh, M; Herlihy, T (2015) Ultrasound of a twisted Teratoma British Medical Ultrasound Society Annual Scientific Meeting [Details]
Kinston, M; Carpenter, L; Herlihy, T (2015) Simply A Ureterocele - On Transabdominal Pelvic Ultrasound British Medical Ultrasound Society Annual Scientific Meeting [Details]
O'Halloran, J; Herlihy, T; Macken, A; Rainford, L; Lambert, J; Sheehan, G; Mahon, N; Lawler, L; Mallon, P (2015) Enhanced, not Inhibited Monocyte Cholesterol Efflux Characterises Untreated HIV Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) [Details]
O'Donnell, M; Quinn, D; Herlihy, T (2014) TV scanning: an appendix to the full story! British Medical Ultrasound Society Annual Scientific Meeting [Details]


Research Interests

I have scanned 3D models of the femoral artery and vein that can be used for teaching purposes. I have also assessed the thickness of the intima-media layer as part of a wider study on HIV. I am currently doing my own PhD which involves measuring liver stiffness with ultrasound in patients that have received new treatments for hepatitis C. I recently received a 50,000euro grant from the Irish Hepatitis C Outcomes and Research Network (ICORN) to support my research.

UCD Medicine Research Group: Diagnostic Imaging 




Modules Coordinated

201500   RDGY40070     Radiography: Vascular Ultrasound 2
201500   RDGY40050     Radiography: Abdominal & Gynae US 3
201500   RDGY30170     Radiography: Diagnostic Imaging: Vascular
201500   RDGY40040     Radiography: Abdominal & Gynae US 2
201500   RDGY40080     Radiography: Vascular Ultrasound 3
201500   RDGY40030     Radiography: Abdominal & Gynae US 1
201500   RDGY40060     Radiography: Vascular Ultrasound 1


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BMUS (British Medical Ultrasound Society)

NEMUS (Northern Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Group)