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Karina Butler is UCD Clinical Professor of Paediatrics, Consultant Paediatrician and Infectious Diseases Specialist at Our Lady's Children's Hospital and The Children's University Hospital, Temple Street. A member of the national immunisation, the national tuberculosis, and scientific advisory committees of the Health Protection Surveillance Centre, she is a steering committee member of the Paediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS and Infectious Diseases (PENTA-ID), programme committee member for the International Conference of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), the European Paediatric Infectious Diseases Society (ESPID) and the European AIDS Conference (EACS).  In 2014 she organised and chaired the 32nd Annual ESPID meeting which brought over 2,500 delegates from 95 countries to Dublin and saw the successful completion of her global study of short cycle therapy (5 days on/2 days off) for HIV infected children.



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Conference Publications

McMenamin, MB,Jackson, AD,Lambert, J,Hall, W,Butler, K,Coulter-Smith, S,McAuliffe, FM (2008) AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY Obstetric management of hepatitis C-positive mothers: analysis of vertical transmission in 559 mother-infant pairs [DOI] [Details]


Research Interests

The paediatric infectious diseases and immunology group has focussed on clinical research in the areas of paediatric HIV, hepatitis C and RSV infection and is now strengthening the research effort though key collaborations with our colleagues in basic sciences.  My clinical research focuses on developing strategies to improve management of HIV infection in children as chief investigator for 'BREATHER', a global trial that compares short cycle (5 days on/2 days off) with continuous daily antiretroviral therapy for HIV infected children and young people. This study completed in June 2014 and we look forward to presenting the results in 2015.

An exciting development for the team this year has been the continued collaboration with Dr. Nigel Stevenson, Assistant Professor of Immunology at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and his research group in the continued exploration of mechanisms by which the Hepatitis C virus can evade molecular and cellular immune responses and the role of inflammatory pathways in clearance of infection and how this may influence clearance of infection in children.  We have one MD candidate working in this area, soon to be joined by second as we embark on a wider collaboration with the European network for paediatric HCV infection ¿ PENTA HEP ¿ expanding the work to examine the role of the new directly acting antiviral agents in this pathway.

In collaboration with the National Virus Reference Laboratory, and facilitated by a ten year prospectively gathered clinical database on infants hospitalised with RSV infection, the group are now undertaking study of host factors and biomarkers predictive of RSV disease severity in infants.